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RE: Music Industry: The Gate To Hell - Justin Bieber Speaks Out About Pedophilia & Abuse In Hollywood

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I know this sort of thing goes on in Hollywood but this is just sensationalist crap. If this really happened Justin Bieber wouldn't dare speak a word of it, to anyone. Do you really think they'd let him just walk out of there and spill the beans at a church group? By spreading this kind of nonsense story you're just making a mockery of the fact that this really does happen.
It's hard enough for ordinary people to believe that this happens at the top, but when you claim that the biggest pop star in the world has spoken out on it when there is literally no proof that those words came out of his mouth, then the masses will never believe anything along those lines again. Kind of convenient for the perpetrators don't you think?


Have you heard of #pedogate?

Yes I have, and like I said I know it happens, not only that it happens but that is in institutional, they run the system with it. But this is a fake story, made to sound true and appeal to the 'truth movement' to gain traction. And people like Alex Jones and David Icke are shills, they'll lead everybody down the rabbit hole to nowhere... Don't worry I'm a belieber too (excuse the pun) but after years of looking into this stuff I've learned you've got to be careful what you believe. Until I see a video where Justin Bieber is publically saying this I'm calling it bullshit.

Amazing how propaganda can cut two ways.
We do always have to be careful with spreading misinfo and all of us have times when we accidentally fail. Especially if we care about a topic such as this.

Cory feldman too:

Well spoken guy ,knows what he is talking about

First time I've seen this...a bit shocking, but not surprising.

Exactly what I was thinking. Did a quick search and it all points to this being fake. The source of this rumor is apparently some small, random, sensationalist website.

I'm not saying shit like this doesn't happen, I'm sure it does. But spreading uncomfirmed bullshit like this doesn't help. It just makes it harder to tell the truth from the lies and shit.

Im very glad to hear u say u are glad things like this do happen.

But yes it does hurt everything so best to stick with the facts.

I'm so glad someone said this. I thought Steem would be free of stuff like this...

Thank you for posting this comment, I was going to post something along the same lines.

@sirwinchester, if you claim that you do care about the victims of such acts, can you respond with evidence (not unverified stories) which you found to confirm the claims from your post? I hope you can appreciate it is difficult to understand how you think you are helping by spreading this information but you don't make the effort to verify it.

Nah. They don't kill everyone. They can make ppl look or sound broken.

I wonder why Bible class? Is something related of benefit? I believe that someone got this scared experience, they would talk to their close friend, rather than in a class with many people they can not ensure they would protect us

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