Music Industry: The Gate To Hell - Justin Bieber Speaks Out About Pedophilia & Abuse In Hollywood

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Recently, Justin Bieber was all over the news for abruptly cancelling the rest of his "Purpose" world tour.

While his fans and media were angry at him, he never stated a reason for his decision publically - and now, it seems like we finally know the real reason.

In the last few months, Justin had become a more active Christian and a regular member of a bible study in Beverly Hills.
Last week, he then shared a horrific story with the other bible study members, explaining why he felt that he had to quit his tour and take a break from the music industry.
He was attending a party with many other producers, power agents, and different important figures in the music industry.

A young boy had been brought to the party for the sexual gratification of the industry elite, and he was encouraged to sexually abuse it.


Justin Bieber outside of the Montage in Beverly Hills

“I didn’t want to do this. I really didn’t. They said this kid was drugged, it was horrible,” Bieber said, explaining that it was made clear to him that he would gain entry to the 'business side of the industry' if he 'joined the club' by passing the initiation rites.
"I wouldn’t just be a performer, I’d be a mogul. That path would open up for me, like it did for Jay-Z.
It’s the difference between being a millionaire and being a billionaire."

As shocking as these details are, they really show the dark side of the music industry.

Justin was encouraged to take his career to the next level and 'join the club', just like Jay-Z and many others.
Although he had heard rumours about these kinds of rituals in the industry, Justin stated that he hadn't been confronted with it before on a personal level.

“To join the club I’d have to do bad things to this poor kid. But then I realized that even that wasn’t enough for them. I’d also have to kill this little child. They said this kid was raped by a few different guys. They said he was bleeding. I got out of there but I heard he died and that haunts me.”

Several other sources have confirmed similar pedophile rituals.

When you look up the "Bohemian Grove Club" in L.A. which Alex Jones actually uncovered several years ago, you will find a lot more information about these rituals.

They drug young children and bring them to parties, then asking celebrities to abuse them sexually.

If the person asked to abuse the child doesn't agree, he gets threatened with his own life.
But then if they do agree, the whole act gets filmed - and that's how they get you.
Having a celebrity committing a crime like this on video is putting a huge pressure on them, and they can then be blackmailed for the rest of their lives.

These poor children are drugged and then not only raped, but later on also killed under shocking circumstances.

They are purposely being tortured and experience fear of life so that there's Adrenaline in their blood - which these cannibals then drink to make themselves feel stronger.


Rumours and statements about Pedophilia and child abuse in Hollywood have always been there, but are often disposed as conspiracy theories or just not taken seriously.

Now, it seems like finally more and more Hollywood stars are speaking out about it.
Famous Hollywood Actor Ashton Kutcher has explained in this video how Pizzagate is a real threat, yet his statement never made it to the mainstream media.
Movie Star Elijah Wood has also stated years ago that there was an "organized pedophile mafia" in Hollywood. This was a very brave move because he was essentially risking his career and his life by exposing this.
Although his story was covered even in some mainstream magazines, most people were still disposing his claims as overly dramatic.

The world isn't fair. There's always an elite group of people who have brutally taken control and only care about making profit and reigning the world as they'd like it to.

There's actually a brilliant scientist who has discovered a way to create free electricity - I know him personally. He wanted to file his patent for his invention which could save millions of lives, but he was drugged by this organized "Mafia".
He was purposely infected with a very serious disease that will eventually lead to an early death. And all of that just because they wanted to prevent him from making an innovation public that could change and save millions of lives!

Even Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington, who recently committed "suicide", might have been killed purposely afterall.

He was also working on uncovering several cases of child trafficking, and wanted to make his findings public.
He had worked on this with his close friend Chris Cornell, who also died of "suicide" earlier this year.
Bennington was a loving father of 6 kids and had bought a new home shortly before his death, so killing himself at this point wouldn't have made much sense.

This may be a difficult topic to digest, but it's important to forward this message to the public as more and more artists in Hollywood are risking their careers and lives to expose this scandal!

Images: 1, 2, 3, Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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I know this sort of thing goes on in Hollywood but this is just sensationalist crap. If this really happened Justin Bieber wouldn't dare speak a word of it, to anyone. Do you really think they'd let him just walk out of there and spill the beans at a church group? By spreading this kind of nonsense story you're just making a mockery of the fact that this really does happen.
It's hard enough for ordinary people to believe that this happens at the top, but when you claim that the biggest pop star in the world has spoken out on it when there is literally no proof that those words came out of his mouth, then the masses will never believe anything along those lines again. Kind of convenient for the perpetrators don't you think?

Have you heard of #pedogate?

Yes I have, and like I said I know it happens, not only that it happens but that is in institutional, they run the system with it. But this is a fake story, made to sound true and appeal to the 'truth movement' to gain traction. And people like Alex Jones and David Icke are shills, they'll lead everybody down the rabbit hole to nowhere... Don't worry I'm a belieber too (excuse the pun) but after years of looking into this stuff I've learned you've got to be careful what you believe. Until I see a video where Justin Bieber is publically saying this I'm calling it bullshit.

Amazing how propaganda can cut two ways.
We do always have to be careful with spreading misinfo and all of us have times when we accidentally fail. Especially if we care about a topic such as this.

Cory feldman too:

Well spoken guy ,knows what he is talking about

First time I've seen this...a bit shocking, but not surprising.

Exactly what I was thinking. Did a quick search and it all points to this being fake. The source of this rumor is apparently some small, random, sensationalist website.

I'm not saying shit like this doesn't happen, I'm sure it does. But spreading uncomfirmed bullshit like this doesn't help. It just makes it harder to tell the truth from the lies and shit.

Im very glad to hear u say u are glad things like this do happen.

But yes it does hurt everything so best to stick with the facts.

I'm so glad someone said this. I thought Steem would be free of stuff like this...

Thank you for posting this comment, I was going to post something along the same lines.

@sirwinchester, if you claim that you do care about the victims of such acts, can you respond with evidence (not unverified stories) which you found to confirm the claims from your post? I hope you can appreciate it is difficult to understand how you think you are helping by spreading this information but you don't make the effort to verify it.

Nah. They don't kill everyone. They can make ppl look or sound broken.

I wonder why Bible class? Is something related of benefit? I believe that someone got this scared experience, they would talk to their close friend, rather than in a class with many people they can not ensure they would protect us

Yeah, Good post! I was first drawn towards this by Alex Jones & David Icke.. Then everything clicked into place.... My memories were drawn back to David Soul's confessionary 'casting couch' testimony. The only thing that surprised me is how long it has taken for the victims to be believed.

True. Things like this have been going on for so long, yet most people still dispose it as fake or conspiracy.

It's just so outlandish. To think people do such things.

Wikileaks and Comet Pingpong was what woke me. James Alefantis and his sickening instagram account.

This is all true, and much worse. However much like pizzagate, this is a distraction for very serious deep state takeover activities in the USA.

Hmm, good point. I can't confirm if that's true but it would make sense.

The entire entertainment industry is full of unconscionable people and Piranas. I am happy that JB is finding balance and peace in his life, that will make a better and more focused artist and a role model entertainer if he ever decides to return to the industry.

Yes, he made an official statement that he needed a break for his own good and his mental health. Let's hope he can stay away from the dark side of the industry and just continue sharing his music.

Pedophiles exist, but it's to uncomfortable for people think about. It's not healthy to think about it. That's why it's probably good for people to deny it's happening, because it's traumatic for them and it will cause you to go insane until you stop thinking about it. That's why people freak out and have nervous breakdowns, shit like this. True story. I think this is a plausible accusation though and I've seen other things about this to the extent that if it is true, let's get some evidence. If everyone here is a blockchain computer genius, hackers and whatnot now's the time. The technology exists to just show the world the truth and take the devil down. I don't believe in the devil but I do believe in pedophiles. Retinal cameras, wifi readers - maybe someone could just invent a really powerful microphone that picks up really high frequencies and just read the wifi coming from these very famous Hollywood people's mansions. The point is these people are easily identified and persistent invasion of privacy for the purpose of ridding ourselves of this might be a good use of someone's time. If this is made up though stop making people think about it. It's like fingernails scratching our minds.

A word of caution. Never tell anyone what you're doing. Never, or as little as possible expose your own mind to the negative content. I'll expand on this. There are so many little clues, but we saw those, that's not what anyone needs to see or hear, it just makes their imaginations go, which in turn makes them feel crazy and sick. You want irrefutable evidence, not hard to program a computer to catch things like this so you don't have to expose yourself to it. The effect that you want on the end viewers of your reporting is blood rushing into the face followed by a cold sweat and swift decisive action. Don't just give the evidence to a person or a small body of law enforcement officials. Make it public, make it permanent, on the blockchain. Otherwise people will deny it. They will never believe it, because that's I don't know that's the way it is. It's a healthy response in a lot of ways because it protects their minds from the thoughts. You can look at this response in smaller circles when one member is a pedophile. The closest family relations know what's going on and dissociate it. You can even hear cases where the person like the mother say walks in and literally sees it happening, but it's such a shock that her brain shuts down and she can't even remember it, or at least denies it forever. True story. Anyways don't feel bad if no one believes you, and do not get caught. I hope this doesn't plant an idea in someone's mind who isn't destined for it. For instance I wouldn't do it even though it seems like a good thing to do because I would lose my mind very shortly and kill myself. I know myself around this issue, so after this post I'm going to leave the house and force myself not to think about this anymore right now. Know yourself so you don't end up in a dark room surrounded by newspaper clippings, or the internet equivalent.

Very dark.. very, very dark stuff. I've heard countless things dealing with parts of the upper elite (Hollywood, politicians, etc.) and child abuse. Sadly they have way more power than anybody, and it's basically impossible to truly confront.

Exactly, they have so much power that it's hard to bring the truth forward, or even to stop them since they control everything.

Wow, is the world even worse than we had ever imagined?!
This is insane.
Thanks for making the information available. In these moments I'm always wondering if I'd prefer to not know it. But then I think that this is the only way things can get stopped.

far worse. in fact, our world is ruled entirely by satan.

Well, frankly speaking, this sounds way too unbelievable. If he said this, then it should have become an international news, and not just celebrity news. Justin is not a small celebrity afterall. We should really confirm if he said this, rather than just associate his name with all this stuff.

Ill resteem this in hopes people will look into it further.

Pizzagate is real. Elijah woods coming out about pedophilia is real too. So though im stunned hearing this about justin bieber...but it seems very plausible given everything else going on.

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