Pinterest Has Become A Platform Which Claims Questioning Vaccines Is As Dangerous as Promoting Suicide & Drug Use!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Community guidelines on Pinterest no longer allows users to provide alternative information on vaccines.


It does not matter whether you are posting your own personal research or testimony on vaccine damage, informing others of past failures of the flu shot or mentioning the exact compounds which make vaccines carcinogenic. Your post will be a target of Pinterest's Pharmaceutical Industry advocating censorship team.

The censorship team will blame you for jeopardizing public safety and encouraging self-harm.


Keeping The Internet Safe From "Disinformation Campaigns"

Pinterest has proved to us that it has been offered and has accepted the propaganda that the vaccination industry is actively attempting to spread to the world.

While trying to remove "disinformation campaigns”, Pinterest itself has actually slid into one of the most vast propaganda campaigns in the history of medicine. The campaign has one motive: to make you believe vaccines are 100% safe and effective.


What Do More Informed Individuals Believe Anti-Vaccination Advice is?

The number one fact I like to personally like to reminder people of: vaccination is not synonymous with immunization. Within the body, immunization will occur naturally. Billions of bacteria, fungi, parasites and virus cells are not being exposed to our body for no reason.

Vaccination is an attempt to force your immune system to respond to pathogens. Using vaccines strains your body with aluminium, human fetal tissue, diseased cow's blood, formaldehyde and many other pathogens with the intention of introducing specific pathogens to an individual's immune system without the guarantee of the effectivity for every person.

The worst part is that heavily vaccinated populations often are the sickest because everyone consumes a varied combination of toxic pathogens routinely.

Back To The Ludicrous Nature Of Pinterest's Censorship

Else than taking down information which directly tells parents to make informed decisions on whether or not to vaccinate their children, Pinterest will also ban any pin which mentions different ways to boost your immune system than vaccines. This includes information on the immune system boosting effects of probiotics, vitamin C, vitamin D, or human breast milk - It can and will be removed for being “anti-vaccine advice.”

If you try and inform the public of dietary and herbal routes to heal chronic illness (namely high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease) you can be censored from the site.

This new protocol of removing potentially life-saving advice on natural immunity (while promoting toxic injections) proves that Pinterest promotes self harm and is actively putting public health at risk.

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VACCINATIONS - Potentially lethal and totally ineffective. "Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity"- Dr Herbert Shelton

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