Secret Fight Against Steemit?: why Facebooks´s plan against cryptocurrencies will fail

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Few weeks ago, Facebook banned all crypto´s and ICO advertisement (what a silly thing to do) see link via my former post for details: here - claiming to protect us from bad crypto´s and ICO´s (Lol, facebook has its own interest not ours).
Recently, facebook and its dogs (Instagram, whatsapp ) are censoring anything that will promote cryptos including my posts that promotes steemit on their platform.

The conundrum, however, is: do we really believe that Facebook and Microsoft (see my post on Bill Gates fud against crypto´s see link here have our personally / financial interests in their heart? Do they even have any platforms (like steemit ) where common people can earn a decent living blogging or posting things they love or care about? Here are some few points:

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United community: we are unbreakable and will succeed (together) against all odds because we are a strong and united community. In fact bitcoin, Ethereum and especially steem via Steemit have a very strong and dedicated community –people that will always fight against haters / fuders-not with weapon , but with our dtube , Dlive, Youtube videos , interviews and blog posts-counter attacking their fuds and fake news . This strategy has worked and will continue to work in our favor –remember the big fuder : Jamie Dimon (JO Morgan CEO) joining the crypto vibe because he and his allies couldn’t pull it down.

Strong new wave: The crypto movement is like a strong new wave which pulls down and destroy anything that wants to stop it. This is true of new destructive technologies that comes in and eliminate old school technologies (banks and control freak governments). Moreover, history has shown (time and time again) that ideas and true change can never be destroyed so our united message to central governments, Banks, Facebook (Mark Elliot Zuckerberg ), Microsoft (Bill Gates ) and Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet ) is that we are a stronger united team and together we will use cryptos to take over our finances and freedom. Keep steeming to more success.

Do you agree? Send in your comments, resteem in order for your contacts to join the discussion and upvote in order to send in your support.

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yeah. Crypto community is very united and able to face any haters.

I agree...however, did you upvote this post? or just only your generalised comment in order to get more comment upvotes? many people do it and it is not good.

This is so true. There are so many comments I often have the feeling the people did not even read the post at all;)

Good point, thanks for your comment

United we are stronger!!! that is the message to all Fuders and haters ...I agree with you and my faith in this community is stronger due to positive messages from people like you. Thanks , upped 100%

Very good point, thanks

Facebook is a data gathering arm for the .gov 3 letter agencies and also for those interesting in purchasing the data.
They serve their own agenda.
But part of the reason for banning crypto adds is likely the possibility that they will come up with a Facebook coin of their own.

I couldn't agree more on your post. Fuders cannot defeat the momentum crypto has. Thanks for sharing

I would say that Facebook and crew know that the unique model presented by Steemit, dTube, etc really shades light on how they are profiting from people's data and attention. They can't do anything substantial to stop it without causing revolt, so they're trying to protect the hold they have and make the train go for a little longer.

Good Point, I agree.

The road to success, nobody said it would be easy. Those of us who are in the world of cryptocurrencies must understand that we are very broad-minded and eager to undertake in our future. The malloria of the world will be against because they only think of their earnings and not in a team effort. We are on the right path.

Point!!! thanks for your comment

Lol, who uses Facebook anymore...

And I'm posting all my favorite youtubers to start switching to Dtube. The holy inquisition trinity of Facebook, Youtube and Google is dead already. They just don't know it yet.

Lol, you said it with confidence...good point indeed

excellent work dear friend @ charles1
the cryptography is still in its infancy and is already making a lot of noise in the market, a sign that things are going well, imagine the noise it will make when the whole population knows about it, it is estimated that there will be a constant growth during the next five years and millions of people will approach her
Thank you very much for sharing this material
I wish you a great day

You are always on point my dear Jlufer...success

Left facebook 8 months ago and an entire world of opportunities opened in front of me. It was like quitting smoking.

Lol, was Facebook so bad for you? Lol

yes, it was a cause of distress I would say.

Lolz... Why do we always have haters in this world... When Facebookwas the only super dope social media which has billions of participants trumping into the system and making millions everyday... Nobody complained or envy his success and greatest achievement...

Now he is what's to stop crypto... That taged him immature...
Even mark is one on crypto haters... That's bullshit...
Since I have been on Facebook... I haven't gained anything rather than wasting my time and money for subscription...
But here in steemit... Even minuets counts as a blessing to your account.. Just like that..
We are unstoppable... Together we stand, t te air is ours to rule.... Steemit forever

Good point indeed, I agree with you

I find Facebook's decision gives pause to question why they would draw their line in the sand on crypto, when such a move is, as you say, silly. I used to work as a software engineer for a company that created a database on shopping habits. By a simple observation that one person made during a routine visit to a store, an idea was formed. Data collection was simplified by new technology at that time, which was already capturing the necessary data, and along with the data collection method came the idea of how to connect and use it to form a corporation, which then created a physical product that could be produced inexpensively and produce lots of sales.

The wild thing about this, is that the treasure-trove database they built that eventually made them a robust operation and lots of money, wasn't even being used for anything beyond things like restocking, scheduling, and the like. It wasn't one of the most valuable databases then, but it is now, and it is only getting stronger.

Facebook's huge database is very valuable, obviously, but their stance on crypto is not only silly, it begs for an answer as to why they would take this stance in the first place. It just doesn't make sense in terms of their potential growth and survival in the marketplace, and IMO, their position weakens both.

Well analysed , thanks. I think that it is not in their DNA to share revenue like steemit does hence the hate

Ah, yes. The folly of unmitigated greed mixed with an inability to notice they are on the edge of the cliff, with a very strong wind about to hit them.

Certainly their effort will fail.. they are only trying to fight advancement. Facebook and co at a time were the new and reigning development and certainly can't remain so. That's the idea behind advancement: new ideas and developments keeps coming up making the old obsolete.
A great post.

Point!!! thanks for your comment

I hope facebook and microsoft launch an up like steemit. But its CEO are real greedy so no chance of another steemit like platform from them.

Good Point, also their shareholders will not even allow to share their wealth with common people

Thank you @charles1, this was a great post. I don't get why anyone thinks mark Zuckerberg or bill Gates are good guys, with some kind of actual love for humans. Their useless (& fear promoting) technologies, their partnership with corrupt states, even their creepy stares are transparent.

Point, thanks for your comment

You are write crpto community is very powerful

right? Good point

Mainstream social media know how steemit can bring them down and hence they start to protect themselves. But this can only prove that steemit is unbeatable. It is gonna grow stronger and better

Good point indeed..thanks

the days of monopoly and extortion from other social media is over courtesy of steemit weather they like it or not steemit has come to stay and no force external can stop it

Good point, thanks for your comment

better believe it. Crypto people group is exceptionally joined together and accumulated. The street to progress, no one said it would be simple. Those of us who are in the realm of cryptographic forms of money must comprehend that we are exceptionally progressive and anxious to attempt in our future. The malloria of the world will be against in light of the fact that they just think about their profit and not in a collaboration. We are on the correct way.

Very good Point, thanks for your comment

The crypto community will succeed and we'll remain forever

There is no way to stop people around the world to talk about crypto currency even some other social media banned those promotion I still can see some sneak into it and form a big group talk and discuss more about it..Slush pool developer still use the Facebook to get the input from their clients there are more other example..thanks for sharing

Keep an eye out for state-sponsored propaganda. It's subtle but the cumulative effect can massive. It didn't stop after the 2016 elections and this sub is a prime target.

The ban on cryptos will never succeed because they do not have the interest of the masses at heart, rather they are concerned about their own selfish interest.

Good point, thanks

Microsoft, the traditional banks against the crypto. There are many interests of the large multinationals to eliminate them

Zuckerberg is toying with crypto and I feel secretly advocate's it. I feel he's just keeping in line with what the authoroties expect.. for now.

He's interested in the blockchain technology for sure, like most of these types are.

Very good analysis of what other networks do, I had no idea that Facebook censored its users when making comments about steemit (little use facebook). I think it's great how you express the strength that steemit has as a platform and as a community. Many Greetings and Happy Day!...

Welcome and thanks for your comment

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Crypto people beings organization is fantastically joined collectively and accrued. The street to progress, no one said it would be easy.crypto oragnization give to chance to change his life from wright way to wright job

Naysayers should start to face reality, this is a disruptive technology that nobody can either stop or control, it is completely distributed. Steemit is rapidly climbing ranking charts, after velocity software update, Steemit mobile app and SMTs on the Steem blockchain we will start to see the real take off in adoption. Can't wait to see it!

The only one barrier I see here is the learning curve.
It takes seconds to open an account at any "old" existing platform and after confirming one email, it takes second to present your black cat to the world.
Here, it is much complicated, even to get your registration approved takes weeks.
The earning money opportunity is attractive however it takes a long time to achieve a decent monthly amount and as the platform grows up, this long time will be longer.

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I see plenty of squabbles here on Steem. Even people seriously out to destroy others and there posts. And in crypto I see the same. Scammers, hackers, FUD, shitcoins, etc. all manner of nonsense. I just don't see this united front you are talking about. But the technology will prevail, despite our best intentions to muck the whole thing up.

steem communtiy rocks

The people has fear for massive changes, they thought the development of cryptocurrency ruined their platform and their life.

They shall not pass!

Follow me

I'm on your side boss! I like how Steem people united together and passionate about the new wave. I totally want to stick with the new wave!

Mark Zuckerturd.

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I'm new to Steemit. How did you get your subheads bold?

Hi @janicewald for headings use a hash symbol "#" followed by a gap. For example
# Hi will give you this


Check this link for more information about markdown

i don't think that it can drop any effect on crypto markets.

That it, a good example of one of common type of riches. That big company didn't want to be defeated by the age. Every success one must be defeated by the new ones who have better capabilities than the older ones, everything in this world completes each other. Each human have pros and cons.

Each age have its biggest one, and it defeated by age.

Did you know, how trading exist? Because every human have pros and cons.

I think, it is an unhealthy competition.

Dare to be defeated by age, as you dare your children better than yourself. Enjoy your life, and go away from your stress caused by fear of defeat.

Hi;) thank you for your post. Facebook and as you named them: the dogs;) have their bad sides, BUT in their case- they make the rules and that's it. In the world of steemit there is a huge part of manipulation as well, but created by smart users and all of their freaking bots. I used to recommend Steemit with my full heart. I stopped because it is not enough to have good content. Many people even don't look at the content. The trending pages are often full with posts, which get attention for many other reasons. That is the way it is. I understand the game, but the steemit ecosystem has some issues to fix and often very unfair way of paying out for the quality, which is offered. When really low quality content gets really high, it confuses all the new users, they start beaing sneaky with silly compliments to get attention, and consider they can make it work with same quality content too. That is my personal reason to stop promoting steemit till I see positive changes in that order. Most of the users I see as high quality content had their curve with $ going very down, all the sneaky users had the reversed thing- they doubled their curve. That is not ok. Let's be honest about it, if you are lucky that some powerful users vote for you, you win. If they don't it is just another plattform to share content and yes your content is not sold to others. I was super happy at the beginning with the whole idea of Steemit, but I am questioning it very much at the moment.

I boosted a post on facebook with a Steemit link a few weeks ago and they approved it.

Facebook is the big brother who wants to eat all the food. Not all crypto ads are frauds. Facebook must also realize that that there many non-crypto ads on its platform that also frauds- so why pick on crypto only. Crypto is here to Zuckie must just get used to it.bit chic.jpg

every thing you write it all on the basis of full of knowledge and educated, I am amazed to brother @charles1,and this is good news for all readers

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Greetings from Poland !