Is Bill Gates Out of His Mind? ´cryptocurrencies have 'caused deaths in a fairly direct way'

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I respect and admire Bill Gates a lot due to his innovative mind, big heart and wisdom. Moreover, Bill Gates has supported some cryptocurrencies projects (ripple for example) and earlier, said some nice things about bitcoin and its technology. However , has he joined the fuders and haters bandwagon? I will remiss if I claim that blockchain technology which is a new technology is not with some limitations- which will be improved, however the advantages the common people are enjoying surpasses the few limitations.

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According to an article in theguardian,

Microsoft founder slams digital currencies as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak reveals he was victim of bitcoin scam

Speaking during a Reddit AMA, Gates argued that “the government’s ability to find money laundering and tax evasion and terrorist funding is a good thing.
“Right now cryptocurrencies are used for buying fentanyl and other drugs so it is a rare technology that has caused deaths in a fairly direct way.” In contrast to cash, which is also untraceable, cryptocurrencies can be used remotely, which removes another avenue of control, he added. Gates also suggested that investing in the sector is a bad idea: “I think the speculative wave around ICOs and cryptocurrencies is super risky”

In light of the afore-mentioned assertion, I agree that there are some limitations with regard to untraceable transactions- however that is what many crypto projects are all about (anonymity and freedom ) including bitcoin. Here are some few points:

Central Governments ,Banks and Big Corporations: Central governments , banks and big corporations are the real causes of deaths in our societies either directly (sponsoring wars, drug experiments , guns / arms dealing, dumping mechanism etc) or indirectly through their greed and governmental control . Moreover, Bill Gates aim might be to at least join his friend fud /hate bandwagon (Warren Buffet) against cryptocurrency-however we will stay strong as a united family and fight against it.

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I wrote a detailed rebuttal to his drivel here

Very good analysis of the issue, upped.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the same people.

Ohh NSA , you are part of the government ..Lol

If you act and talk crazy then people will mistakenly term you as a crazy man/woman. His comment has a crazy tone and agenda in it...even his Softwares and gadgets have limitations that are harmful to humanity..cryptos are here to stay Billy-with all due respect. Thanks for a great post, upped 100%

Your points are good, thanks for your comment

I respect Bill Gates too but I guess they are different ways to look at this. To say they cause death directly is to be very reckless, people don't take drugs because bitcoin exists. people have been dying of overdoses before the creation of cryptocuerencies.

Bill knows that. If all cryptocuerencies were not available today would drug related deaths end. I don't think so. Bill Gates is an intelligent man he knows that. i would argue more people buy drugs using a windows pc than cryptocuerencies does that mean its directly causing death.

I find it hard to believe that Bill Gates believes the garbage he was saying because he's an intelligent man. I believe there is an ulterior motive. We'll know of it soon.

i do agree with the party about cryptocuerencies being highly speculative and risky. I personaly got burned in investing in small alt coins. I would advise people not to invest in any project without proper research.

Good points indeed, thanks for your comment

I agree. We could also blame banks for all those things. Since those who are using drugs, selling weapons etc. are using also cash that is being printed by banks.

He's not out of his mind, he's just self-interested.

Most of his wealth is tied up in Microsoft, one of the top 5 companies in the world by market-cap....

Like any company, the value of shares are partially based on confidence in future earnings and there's only one effect mass adoption of blockchain technology is going to have on the value of Microsoft, and it ain't going to be positive!

Let's face its, mass investement in the crypto sphere would dampen mainstream corporate growth, and doubly/ trebley/ quintuplely with a tech company given the possible disruption in how software innovation is going to be rewarded through decentralised distrubution ledgers...

FUD (and the whole DEATH thing is a pretty desperate example) is a completely rational strategy for Gates because in the blockchain age, it's highly unlikely that the money's going to be gushing in his direction anymore!

I say rational response.... only in one sense... I'd like to see him prove the causal links in his analysis. It'd be easier to prove that GTA 'causes' mass shootings.

Very good analysis of the situation, thanks a lot for your comment.

Bill The Shill

An interesting read, I am really surprised by Bill's world. I'd say, the potential for wealth distribution or democratization shout be scary to those that have acquired vast amounts of it. What I love about technology is that it levels the playing field and the emergence of decentralized technologies should make them scared for only now does it become apparent that we are all the same. Gone is the age of nobles and first class. What invalidates his argument is that all forms of technology are neutral and therefore is dependent on how one chooses to use it but if this is how we are to think, then Windows too much be shut down for all the harm done on it.

Good Point indeed, thanks

I disagree with bill gate statement. Crypto such as Steemit helps people a lot for an alternative digital earning improving the quality of life. If people will commit crime anywhere not only in crypto.

Good point, I agree. Thanks for your comment

yes, you're right on this point

why? explain please


Hello @charles1

Bill saying that about Cryptocurrencies is like Satoshi claiming that Windows is responsible for cyber crimes as majority of the world use Gates software.

Human will always be Humans. I for one believe that technology does not change us, it only exposes our innate nature and character.

Just like you, I was surprised that Gates will say such a thing as I have already marked him as a believer of the power of the Blockchain.

He may had much that statement out of pressure and it is his future actions that will show where his beliefs lie.

P.S I would like to have a chat with you on an Important matter. Where can I reach you ?



Very good point indeed, I agree. You can reach me on steemit chat :charles1

Short answer, yes he is.

Hahahaha, I think that there is a hidden agenda in his fud..hahaha

Seems to me the establishment just doesn’t like the whole crypto currency movement at least, maybe becu#e the control it? And fear that lack of control...

Good point, thanks for your comment

By the same logic both the internet and Windows are evil because they enable porn, drug dealing and pedophiles.

This man is insane. @charles1

Good point indeed, thanks

I had a hard time even starting to read this post because of your first sentence. There is nothing about this man and his wife that are honorable. If he wants to talk about death or crimes against humanity all he has to do is look at his own foundation. He is also a large share holder in Monsanto... a company that has helped to destroy farmers lives all over the world.

Bill and Paul were handed stolen software to create Microsoft, it was a keep it the family thing. Bill's father was a attorney and planned parenthood board member. Bill is just following in the family eugenics business. IMO

They can never pull down our crypto space...thanks for your comment

Absolute control! That seems to be all that drives this point of view Bill Gates has. He is arguing on a political bias that a lot of left-wing politics seems to follow, that we are too stupid to manage our own affairs.

I agree that there are potentially dangerous applications to cryptocurrencies, but I am wondering, what technology today exists that has not been percieved as pottentially dangerous before? Electricity scared the hell out of people and the advent of the computer was no different. In the wrong hands, Microsoft also facilitates life ruining applications.

He is a hypocrit when he says this!

Good point, guess he wanted to join the bandwagon of other will not work out well for them because we are stronger

well for me bill gates is a master of his game and who knows, he and his friends might wanna buy some elyte tokens as such creating fud to bring down the price so they buy cheap! nice one as always

Good point indeed, thanks for your comment

You can say then that any type of currency causes death, because you can buy a gun with cash too, right? Its all about who is using currency and for what purpose.

If we must be honest there's a bit of truth in what he said, unlike cash cryptos is almost untraceable and this makes it difficult for government and law agencies to investigate crimes using cryptocurrency.

But it sounds so wrong coming from bill gates, Firstly he's worth billions and is considered an expert in technology, he doesn't need the money, secondly his point isn't valid enough, he should speak like a professional, weigh in from both angles not just as Microsoft billionaire bill gates.

then the governmet and law agencies will need to evolve, just like money did

Hands down the best comment I've ever heard on this issue.
No better way of saying it.

Good point however his point is based on desperation because the vibe is moving away from their monopoly to the crypo space

Many governments in the world are too naive to cripto the cause of money laundering and other criminal things, in fact this is a challenge administered by the government wisely. because everyone deals with cyberspace the use of crypto can not be avoided. thank you @charles1, signed @mukhtarilyas #mukhtarilyas

Welcome and thanks for your comment

The US Dollar has caused death in millions of ways

Completely out of his mind.

Hahahaha ..he is just fudding

Everyone can make a predict on crytocurrency. I respect on his statement but perfectly do not agree in all.

Good point, I agree

you could also make a scathing rebuke of all money as well. people do kill for it. I'm all about privacy coins, but I grapple with the concept that it may enable human trafficking and hardcore narcotic trafficking. But then I remind myself that cash $ exists, too. And it's not like criminals transact in USD, too. Oh wait, they do.

I really enjoy her on the Talk

Good point indeed, thanks

Once one's wealth passes a certain point, one stops being quite human, or so it sometimes seems at least, just sayin'.

Good Point however not all...

This is an illuminating post. I think the elites/bankers/rich who want to maintain control of the world know that crypto is the "people's money" so they will FUD it anyway they can. The exception is Ripple, which is under control of a small few and truly isn't a currency of "the people".
This directly reflects that the reason governments don't like crypto is because taxes are being evaded. The government acts like our money is for them to have. Our money is ours and there is probably no turning back from the empowering that crypto gives the people.

Good Point indeed, thanks

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I can't say anything bcz he is a nice guy. he is just self interested, future planner. I respect him.

Why is he a nice guy?

He may be wrong?

Billy is not really true

very intresting :)

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Amazing post sir....
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You admire Bill Gates? Are YOU out of your mind?

Dont you admire his achievements?

it's amazing bro...!!

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Nice talk we dnt know wat is inside,we ar outside, nt seeing what is going on inside,let live this to the hands of the organization of crytocurrencies and bill gate himself.

What a comment...we all are part of the crypto space and thus have write to our opinion about the fud.

A very, very beautiful for me, I was very fond of her picture 😊

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interesting article .....nice post

what is amazing about the post? did you read it?Bot!!!

Bill gates is a cuck, he never did know how to handle and deal with it properly, so he make back fire.

Kinda not the case with control.

Bill Gates a cuck? I will say no. However self interest is the motivation

The first sentence didn't make sense!

Why? dont you respect and appreciate Bill Gates achievements?

If only Linus had been born a little earlier.