Fact: Connecting everyone to the Internet will help reduce world Poverty and increase global Economy

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Many people especially in the developing world were in dark before the advent of the internet, thanks to the founding fathers of the internet, most of us are ( especially those privileged to have 24/7 connectivity ) are better off than before due to its limitless opportunities.

According to Theguardian ,

Bringing internet access to the 4.1 billion people in the world who do not have it would increase global economic output by $6.7 trillion (£4.6tr), raising 500 million people out of poverty, according to a study by PwC.
The report, titled Connecting the world: Ten mechanisms for global inclusion, was prepared for Facebook by PwC’s strategy consultants Strategy&.
Getting everyone in the world online is not as tall an order as one might think, according to the company: affordability, rather than infrastructure, is the main barrier to internet adoption in most areas. More than nine-tenths of the the world’s population live in places where the infrastructure exists to get them online, but the majority of them cannot afford to do so.

The above assertion, is correct even though there are some limitations to wide use of the internet examples, costs ( electricity,laptop , mobile phones )especially if you are from developing countries, addiction to social media / online games, cyber criminals, wide spread of online pornography even to children etc
Conversely, however, there are many upsides to the internet, here are some few points:

Note: There are other things that contribute to reduction of world poverty examples, good governance, improved global heath, peace etc however for the purpose of this post, I will concentrate on the internet.

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More Innovative / educated world: our wold is more innovative due to the internet because learning has no boundaries. In fact, you can register for an online university in USA from Germany, Nigeria , China or Russia . This has led to increase in knowledge which is good for global economies.

Moreover, the internet is the backbone to innovative technologies like blockchain ( which helped many people to earn online via cryptocurrencies) ,anti-crime technologies, family/friends reunion- via social media , improved connectivity via online video,chat and calls etc.

Jobs : The internet has led to millions of job creation and multiplier effects that comes from the jobs. There are millions of online businesses worldwide which has created jobs around the world , reduced poverty and added positively to the global economy.

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Without the internet , we and many people worldwide will not be here on steemit and making money online...kudos to the great founders and thanks for the good posts.

Point!!! thanks for your comment

I agree Ronja1.

The internet also gives the people some kind of freedom. I did want to write freedom of speech but that does not count for all internet users.
Besides that it gives some knowledge back to the people. As long as you have an internet connection it gives you a pathway to almost all available knowledge in the world. Enriching tour life. Let’s 15 years ago the knowledge was in the hands of a limited amount of well educated people, the internet does change give you the chance to educate yourself, giving yourself the chance on a better future!

Good points indeed, thanks

Hi FullCover,
I blogged about the Net Neutrality repeal. Your comments have inspired me to post my article at Steemit under the news tag.

Internet changed everything. Bitcoin is changing how we use money (and the banking system) and blockchain technology can change everything again. I just love disruptive technologies. Don't you?

Good Point.Hhahahah you know that I am a fan of disruptive technologies

The Internet has the capability of ending the current governance of people.
As most of the worlds citizens come online and find the lifestyles and freedoms of the few, they will demand more freedom and choices for themselves.
Governments will have to complete and become more efficient.

An equalization should occur, and hopefully for the sovereignty of people.

Good point indeed hence the censorship / control in some countries.

Hi Bev,
I hope so. That would be wonderful. I sure hope you're right. A better tomorrow.

Yes a better tomorrow to you as well. You seem nice so can you help me with something? I am new here and have been losing money in my wallet since I have started. Is it variable or am I doing something wrong? Thank you for trying to help me.

a good post and useful friend, hopefully the founder of the internet remains successful yes.

Off topic : Why does your tag have Indonesia in it? Just curious because it was the trending topic in hashtag indonesia :) Great post btw, Indonesian government are very reactive instead of proactive to technologies. When the developed nation encourage innovation and work closely with entrepreneurs, Indonesia is plagued with corrupt officials and riggid regulations made by people who do not understand about technology. The ministry of trade is struggling to tax people from online shops because they ignored this technology went by until it's become a giant now. Crypto is discouraged by the government, and this is sad because while the rest of the world are learning and improving, the Indonesian citizens are left in the dust, constantly tailing the products of developed nations.

Very good anylsis of the Situation, thanks for your comment

Currently the internet is in need by everybody. Without the internet then the relationship between humans and other humans beings will break. Not just for money but human relationships around the world will be well established. Nice post @charles1 thank you..

Point! welcome

Bringing internet access to the 4.1 billion people in the world who do not have it would increase global economic output by $6.7 trillion (£4.6tr), raising 500 million people out of poverty, according to a study by PwC.
The report, titled Connecting the world: Ten mechanisms for global inclusion, was prepared for Facebook by PwC’s strategy consultants Strategy&.Great Blog..Loved it and so true.

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Good Point...thanks. Read and upped.

Yeah I saw sir how did you liked the post by the way ? Trying to write like you but I know it's not possible

we are here.only for internat.

4.1 billion people still don't have internet... so we have a lot of room to grow here :)

Good point, I agree.

Internet and other developing technologies are always created with good intentions..

It depends upon the people that how they use them.

I second your opinion that overall, the impact of internet is good on our society. !!!

Good point, thanks

The internet has caused a lot of exposure to people especially those from the developing countries. It makes us to have an idea of where we are and where we are meant to be.

Point, thanks for your comment

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we should be grateful with the development of modern information technology makes the world more advanced world, one of the internet world, with the internet we can more quickly access to the outside world, with the internet to make our insight even wider, well, but it's all up to each person in its use,more education we got from thats, thanks

Loving steemit so far. Keep up the good work, guys.

why? what do you like about the post?

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How about SMTs

wrong topic, I posted about SMT in my former post...moreover, without the internet, we will not talk about steem and smt

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Everything about internet is amazing...
When I wanted to advance in graphic designs and high class art creation, I couldn't find anyone to teach me that here in Nigeria... Especially my city... So what I did was that I login to the internet and made some research about graphics online school... And did you know what... I saw as many as I can... I even became confused on which academy to join...
But really internet has changed my life and the world... I don't even know how information would have be faster with it...

Thanks for such an awesome post... I really love it.. Keep it up

poverty occurs because of laziness

good penjelasannya