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Hey there everyone, welcome to the BookingTeam "What you need to know in the vacation rental industry" blog post! See below for everything to keep you up to date with the vacation rental industry. Enjoy!

Airbnb is buying a scam-fighting background check technology

Airbnb is getting more serious when it comes to keeping fraudulent listings and shady renters off the website. According to Bloomberg, the short-term rental platform is buying Trooly Inc., a startup specializing in background checks to fight off scammers. Airbnb has been using Trooly’s service to authenticate user identities since 2015, but now the company is making its tech an integral part of the platform by purchasing its intellectual property and its engineering team.

Read on: https://www.engadget.com/2017/06/17/airbnb-to-buy-trooly-background-check-tech/

Petition Requesting Investigation of Expedia and TripAdvisor Circulates Among Homeowners


“We urge you to hold hearings on the duopolistic practices of Expedia and Trip Advisor,” states the petition. “Since Expedia bought the host of vacation home rental website of Vacation Rentals by Owners (VRBO), they have bullied the small businesses of vacation home renters. They have sought to take over the control of our properties, and they have imposed a 9% to 12% booking fee on our renters.”

Read on: http://www.vrmintel.com/petition-claiming-collusion-expedia-trip-advisor-circulates-among-homeowners/

What are the best sites to list my vacation rental on?

In the digital age, it seems like there are hundreds of places to list your vacation rentals. However, with so many options, how do you know which ones are truly worth the investment of your time and resources?

Read on: https://bookingteam.com/2017/06/21/what-are-the-best-sites-to-list-my-vacation-rental-on/

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Your post is very interesting to read, At the same time can add my insight .. before I do not understand about aibnb, and I also do not understand how the work aibnb .. in Indonesia have started there are many who lease his place through AirBnB, maybe this would be a great way of performance to earn extra money especially We have got more rooms at home.. thank for you share, hope nice your day..


AirBnB is very helpful for travellers and good for those who rent rooms. I use this service in Thailand - very safe btw


As a traveler myself, I always use Airbnb especially in places where hotels are overpriced. I've had couple bad experiences though


Bad experience is possible too because there are a human factor - on AirBnB some people could be awfull


AirBnB is a very good choice and cheaper than other options in the market.
Have tried it several times and had no issues.
Would highly recommend people to start using it whether you were the customer or the supplier.
Good Luck!


It would be nice to list countries where you can rent or rent a house through AirBnB.


This would be a great feature...


thank you very much..☺


You should be able to find them on their website as you sing up. I use airbnb all the time and it works great


Hale Airbnb👋👋👍🏻👍🏻😁😁

A very enlightening post. The situation in Jamaica is a bit different so the parallel is a bit of a stretch. Thank you for brining it this to light. No knowleage is wasted knowleadge :)




what the heck

Consolidation in the on-line rental business.


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Thank you @bookingteam.com for publishing this post . The industry is believed to be worth $100 billion, with the U.S. accounting for just over a quarter of that — and Research and Markets predicts the global vacation rental market will close in on $170 billion by 2019. Meanwhile, a survey indicates that in the first four months of 2017 alone, vacation rentals startups attracted nearly $100 million in venture capital funding, concentrated in the U.S. and Europe.


hey dude

I've just got out of the Military and am experiencing freedom for the first time in a long time and my plan was to to rent vacation rentals long term. The first place I took to was Airbnb and there was many options that I liked. The problem I had was either the host not approving my long term dates 30+ days or others redirecting me off of the Airbnb site. For the sake of experiment, I did interact with the person off site and of course he was trying to get me into a long term agreement through the place he works. This is exactly what Airbnb advises against. So I started looking around and found Homeaway and I found a great vacation rental on there and the transaction went through smoothly. I do think in terms of user experience and search ability Airbnb has the best app hands down. On the flip side, their fees can be quite ridiculous. For example, for Florida there is a 13% tax on the rental as well as another 7-13% in service fees. So if the vacation rental is $4,000, you c an expect to pay a little over $5,000 which is a painful hike.

I will check bookingteam.com, it may be a huge help, thanks!

It is interesting that the mentioned petition condemns duopolistic practices from TripAdvisor and Expedia and not rather oligopolistic practices from those two plus Airbnb and Booking.com. The dependence on these listing sites has become one of the toughest challenges in this industry, not only for property owners but also for vacation rental management companies, who have seen their margins plummet. There are many ways to overcome what some call the "listing site dependence" and building an independent website is the first step to getting more direct traffic and direct bookings, even if most of the leads now typically come from one of the big 4.


Thanks @orbirental!! And it is great to see you here. We totally agree the bigger picture is a much larger problem which decentralization should hopefully solve. Now, all we need is a decentralized direct booking platform that does not rely on google so that rentals can take back their profits and guests can have much much better deals :)

I love the concept of Airbnb and thanks for sharing the views about these companies. These all are related to travel.. you seem to be a travel freak.. i also love travelling and do share all my experiences and photographs here.. if you wish you can visit @indiantraveller

I'm elated to partake in such informal information pertaining to the Air BNB Agency. The Vacation Rental business is definitely something I will partake on as of Next Month, this Information not only warned me it placed me as well as others intrigued with this ahead of the game in the Business.

Is'nt vaccations the only thing ONE WORKS FOR ???🤔🤔 If yes than why do we forget it in our busy lives ??? Where do we take all our money if it is'nt meant to enjoy. Because I GUARANTEE none takes them with oneself into the COFFINS 🙂

So go for a vacction soon to give urself a TASTE OF LIFE ❤️

It's funny how I recently had someone input fake details ON ACCIDENT from their second FB account and AirBnB went with it. But then again, I love AirBnB and Uber :) but still, it's far from perfect!

I have a vacation rental in the Caribbean. In fact two of them.
Both on Roatan Island. The scuba and snorkeling mecca!!
I'm listed on AirBnB. What can you do for me?

agreed Airbnb is best


Seems like mine... :D

It sucks being Undocumented, I get to see so many cool stuff and yet won't be able to enjoy none of them in the near by future.. all I can say is that you guys that read this commenyt please have fun for me !! enjoy life and steemo on !!

I personally like Air Bnb ;p

Thanks for sharing this information Mr. @bookingteam.com maybe with this team make other people easy to do everything. I am a traveler, when Iam going to anywhere I need this Booking.
Nice job n nice post. Thanks for sharing this post. Very helpful and useful.
Best regard from @joe28


nice picture

Congratulations @bookingteam.com!
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Agreed! :)

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whales are cool

البوست بتاعك رائع و كمان الاسلوب مميز و يتميز بالسلاسة حقيقى

I have to say... not a huge fan.


haha i get it

thank you for sharing

Here in San Diego the hotels are pressuring the City Council to pass laws to try to stop short-term vacation rentals.
We need to stop them, if I own a home it's my property, if I want to rent it out that's my prerogative.. They should just get over it

Thanks a bunch for the sharing of all these news again!

It is so exciting to know that our friend Ken is back on the game. Exciting times for us all, especially reading the part where you share that "Blockpay and Carbon started this week and Stealth and GrapheneJ being resumed next week!"

It is also good to read a news concerning the OBITS as well. I was not aware of it. I just knew somethings were going to be happening in relation to them... I still need to know more and looking forward to it too.

Thanks again for all your great information,

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Just used booking 2 weeks ago on a little holiday!

I'll have a look at the article on your website.
Thank you

I am thinking of renting my current apartment in the future and this information is helpful. Thank you!

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Trooly is actually a new company, good for them that they have been bought at such an early stage!

Nice post. Really useful contact. Thanks for sharing.

I think airbnb is making that right move by officially buying the intellectual property of trooly.com. They have a track record with the organization and it will give them an edge against their competition.

Great content! Upvoted, Followed you! Thank you for posting!

Wow, you have figuratively opened my eyes to rentals. Good on you sir for letting us know about situations like these. Hopefully you provide more great content.

A frequent traveler always looking for good deal and @bookingteam.com here to throw amazing deals and tips.

Keep it up

always good to have insiders of the industry to point you into the right direction
thanx for this post !

Have a good day :)

Great post, thanks for sharing

A very enlightening post. The situation in Jamaica is a bit different so the parallel is a bit of a stretch. Thank you for brining it this to light. No knowleage is wasted knowleadge :)

AirBnB Come with unique Idea in travel Industries

Great stuff @bookingteam.com airbnb is getting serious! Collaborative economy is deffinitelly the futureand identify fraud in advance is the way! Thanks for sharing! :)

This is a great article, I really like the idea of AirBnB but one of the things I can't stand is how this massive hospitality companies are buying people in congress to pass bills against it... If I want to rent my property for a short period of time is my problem. Now in my country the government is putting limitations and making it very hard killing the business and killing the possibilities of travelling for less... this is ridiculous, its just like Uber all over again... Aghh these dinosaurs in government need to retire ASAP!

good to know about this good info.

@bookingteam.com wow! wow! wow! Didn't know, thanks for the eye opener.

It's good to see people battling greed and hunger!

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I really appreciate the work your doing , I am very much inspired and impressed with your post. If you support me to grow up into this network it will be helpful for me as a beginner. If you resteem one of my post it will help me to grow in to Steemit network
Shaheryar Steemit

Thanks, @bookingteam.com. voted&followed. I will check out the site for my valuable vacation :D

i have been known AirBnB for more than 2 years. They are damm active . their responce time is active

thanku for the information

thanks very nice content upload more like this

its about time... thanks for the post

Very interesant

I'm glad they are doing this. I heard a story about a family that booked a 10 day rental and 5 days in the family came home and said "What are you doing in our house?" A scammer knew they were going to be away and rented their place without them knowing. The actual owners took pity on them and let them stay a few days until they could find another place. Scary!!

Good post @bookingteam. i am very happy to read posting like this. Indeed in this day and age it is very difficult to trust anyone. Thank you for giving good news.

Thanks for sharing @bookingteam.com,
I truly love this concept and wasnt even aware of the Expedia thing. This realy is such a huge industry worth billions, and ever growing market not only in America but worldwide. Ever increasing number of vacation rentals startups is attracting huge capital.
Thanks again.

I've used airbnb around the world and both good and bad experiences. This was informative as I love traveling and not staying at hotels. Cheers!!

Now if only they could teach me on how to get all the semen stains out of my bedding after the customers leave. That and the curtains.

Great post keep it up !

This was very insightful. Continuation of a better future for us all!

Thanks for information. Will check out your website;)

Airbnb has been good to us here in Belize

Not sure I completely agreed with this post. As an administrator of a few Airbnb properties here in Cancun I think it is an amazing safe platform for people to travel and know what to expect when they get there. It works both ways too. The guest must be responsible an respectful of the place that they are renting or they will get downrated.

There are probably a few scams out there however no money leaves the Airbnb platform until both parties say they are happy. I personally love Airbnb.

Is this post a scare tactic and advertising ploy for bookingteam.com whoever they are?? I've never really come across an advertisement like this on Steemit before.

Thank you for useful information

Your post is very helpful

Nice post😁

Great post thanks for sharing!

~Nameless Creator

I immediately bookmarked your website to my firefox and memo pad. This kind of company will help us to have a better planning for our vacation trip. I think they really want to help us avoiding the danger of being scam by some flight by night booking sites. Thanks for sharing this post to us.

Airbnb is a great way to lease out a room or a flat you own for vacation for extra cash. What's really best is that you have directly contact with the rentor and if he ruins anything in your flat, you can leave feedback about him as well. In contrast, booking, expedia haven't offered this option, but I think they are slowly getting there. Thanks for the post.

Gr8 work keep it up..👍🏻👍🏻

Upvoted and followed. My folks have been using http://homeaway.com for a few years now, and have been having good success with it.

I already use airbnb during my vacation and I like it so much...thanks for the info

I will keep in mind AirBnB to ask for their service, thanks

Really good to know!



Nice post . Followed

Thanks for the info. Can anyone tell what are the benifits of using Airbnb and just listing yourself?

Awesome travel info, airbnb is definitely making a wise investment

i like your post and i will resteem

Interesting post ! Used airbnb once, and good experience :)

good to know yo! @saysay

The future of vacation rentals is FREE. Why should owners and users pay 15% to 30% to a third party operator like AirBnb?.

Soon the Vacation Rental Business is about to get a new player, an industry changer, charging NO commissioners to owners and NO fees to users.

ONLY Facebook users can join the site and use it. I cannot reveal much more at this stage but It's going to save every user $100's on every stay.

Thank you very much @bookingteam.com
This informations is timely as I plan to use some of my steem dollars to tour the world and send good pictures to fellow steemians. Now I know better how to handle my vacation rentals. Good one...keep it coming...

Thank you for this article. I really hope I can make my once in a lifetime family vacation to the US. Please read it if you have some spare time.

Didn't know of this. Nice to have stumbled across your page. I'll be checkin' it out later today! Thanks so much! Enjoyed.

Very interesting. We love to use AirBnB when traveling to other countries, etc. Always have a positive experience. I worry sometimes not only with the area, but how AirBnB vets other customers. That 'trust' factor is why this industry is getting stronger and stronger. The thing about Trip Advisor bullying small businesses I never heart about! Wow. Thanks!

Interesting post actualy... enlightened story... upvoted

Thanks for doing the legwork!

Sounds good will check it out later

AirBnB is great for people who want have the comfort of home even when travelling, it is great. It is about time they become more serious about frauds and scammers. Thanks for post, it was very helpful.

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