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While Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, the Arkansas prison system and prisoners (via Health Management Associates) profited from selling blood plasma from inmates they knew had high rates of infections of AIDS and viral hepatitis - despite this, they failed to do the most basic due diligence and test the inmates before harvesting blood from them. This blood ended up in the supplies of hospitals around the world, and was administered to patients who then contracted disease.

In 1985 an independent investigation found HMA to be in violation of dozens of points of their state contract, but a Bill Clinton ordered state police investigation found almost nothing; there was no punishment, and the dirty blood continued to enter the supply stream. Some strange cronyism seemed to occur between Health Management Associates, Arkansas Department of Corrections, and Bill Clinton following this.

Was this the beginning of the slippery slope of the Clinton's tit for tat trafficking of human organic material?

What sort of refugees are we letting into our country?

Hillary Clinton's good buddies, the wealthy Isaias family of Ecuador, sought asylum in America after stealing something like $660 million from the nation of Ecuador. The Isaias family has bioscience companies that are amongst the many participating in the trafficking and profiting off of the body parts of aborted babies.

The fight for Planned Parenthood is not a fight about getting the tax payer to pay for birth control, it is a fight to maintain the very lucrative aborted fetal parts trafficking Molech Industry.


Well, besides studying them and doing God knows what with them (cannibalism? stem cell transfusions for the wealthy?), aborted fetal cells end up in our vaccines, in our skin care products, and in a way, even in our food.

You think I'm crazy by now, right? Why don't you do a search query for 'aborted fetal cell derived food flavoring'. It's 'natural flavoring.' Let that sink in. Hate to break it to you folks, but the wickedness goes beyond mere human wickedness; it's demonic.

I don't know if any of you are following the Arkancidal Summer of 2017 body count that just keeps growing, but it's going to point straight back to human trafficking being committed not just for the wicked pedos, but also organ harvesting.

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They eat the aborted fetus in satanic rituals, as they rape children to death.

There is no depth of depavity the controllers of our current paradigm won't sink to. The Clintons are a great example of everything that is wrong with the world today.
Well done for bringing up this subject. It's good to see you posting in the truth section @annie-oakely keep up the good work

Very useful OSINT. Thank you for the contribution.
Resharing @phibetiota
Keep up the good work.

~The Management


I'm happy that you did not vote in another Bush or Clinton! But beware, there's another generation of Bushes and Clintons.