PRESS RELEASE - A Call To Action, WHISTLE-BLOWER Letter To Senate Judiciary, Informing on Bad Faith Acts Of Nominee Colm F. Connolly

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Back in 2008, Laser was able to convince then Senator Biden to block the Judicial nomination, of President
George W. Bush, of Colm Connolly (see )

Laser Haas (noted by Twitter journalist @An0nKn0wledge to be a “serial-whistleblower” in RICO cases of -
Mattel, Fingerhut, Kay Bee and eToys resulting in $5 billion dollars of frauds benefiting Goldman Sachs)
now seeks to inform the Senate Judiciary Committee, by a 3-page letter, concerning alarming acts of bad
faith by law firm’s former partner, Colm Connolly (who President Trump has re-nominated to
become DE District Court Judge).  

Laser Haas is whistleblower in the eToys Racketeering cases protected by corrupt Colm Connolly.

As court appointed fiduciary, via his company Collateral Logistic’s, Inc., (“CLI”), Laser Haas blew the whistle
on a million dollar bribe offer by Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital (secret) attorneys of Morris Nichols Arsht
& Tunnell (“MNAT”) and Paul Roy Traub, where MNAT was both Laser’s/CLI court approved counsel and
eToys Debtor’s counsel; and Traub Bonacquist & Fox (“TBF”) was eToys approved Creditors’ attorney who
failed to disclose numerous conflicts of interest of direct links to Barry Gold (subsequent CEO of eToys)
and Goldman Sachs. 

In 2005, Laser’s efforts for justice resulted in MNAT confessing undisclosed connections to Goldman Sachs;
and Paul Traub confessed Barry Gold was a personal partner of Paul’s and a paid member of the TBF law
firm; which should have resulted in the removal of MNAT, Barry Gold and TBF from the eToys – along with
arrest, indictment and prosecution for racketeering conspiracy of Bankruptcy Ring crimes. 

But there were no investigations or prosecutions; because MNAT’s partner, Connolly, was prosecutor!  

To this very day, Colm Connolly, Paul Traub and MNAT continue with many overt acts of malfeasance and
misfeasance, obstructing justice, to assure continuous cover up their RICO enterprise criminal conspiracy
that includes the on-going criminal conspiracy of their reducing the sales prices of eToys, to Bain
Capital/Kay Bee – whilst failing to disclose that they are all directly related to Bain/Kay Bee! 

These organized crimes may have led to the downfall of Bain Capital’s Toys R Us (where Bain is a creditor)! 

Twitter Journalist, @An0nKn0wledge (Aaron Kesel) reports on Wall Street Racketeering by Colm.

Activist Post/Twitter Journalist @An0nKn0wledge investigative series on Wall Street Racketeering cases
main stream media declines (apparently - billion dollars per year in advertising revenues Sachs/ Bain
have control over). 

You can see reporter’s story on “Trump Nominates Racketeer for Federal Bench”
Here’s background story on “Retroactive Racketeering Romney Killed Toys R Us”

Original Press Release posted at Democratic Underground..

Things are moving forward slowly but surely.. next is a letter to Congress lawmakers to see what they think about all this rampant fraud.

All a trail that eventually leads back to Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs, Mitt Romney, Paul Traub, Marc Dreier, John Ashcroft, many convicted Ponzi scheme runners even the illusive Tom Petters. Never has a bigger Ponzi story been told than has been written below and its all on the blockchain as evidence.

It's not over yet and there are way more stories to tell. I did tell you that this series would continue into next year.

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This is a great article. Awesome evidence. I like your bio "... I care about the truth", it really shows in your posts. Upvoted!

This article is great. I write for Quniverse News. I am making my blog a steemit news feed with our content and these kind of articles.

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