Retroactive Racketeering — Romney Kills Toys R Us PT 2

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 KB, Dreier, Petters, Fingerhut Frauds

It is a public fact that Mitt and his son Tagg were involved with Allen Stanford (who is now doing 50 years in prison). 

Of course, Tagg and Mitt claim they didn’t get any ill-gotten gains; but that appears to be suspect. The Romneys deemed it necessary that their Solamere company hire many of Stanford’s executives (which could be a good way to assure their silence). 

Beyond that, and the cases of Stage, Mattel, and eToys, there are many other instances of Ponzi and fraud schemes. 

Fingerhut was being sued by eToys; but Paul Traub, Barry Gold and MNAT settled eToys v Fingerhut for chump change. Then Traub and Tom Petters bought Fingerhut with money from the Petters/Traub Ponzi! 

Not to be left out of millions to be made, just before the FBI raided Tom Petters Ponzi, Paul Traub flew in and rearranged ownership, with Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital giving Fingerhut $50 Million. 

Intolerably, the feds never seized Fingerhut despite Traub’s documented involvement as the man being in “control” of the Tom Petters Ponzi (see Petters Federal Receiver Complaint against Paul Traub – here). 

Though the feds did seize Polaroid, it was sold back, winding up in the hands of Petters “controlling” partner – Paul Roy Traub. 

(Note: Like Colm Connolly = corruption /cover up for the RICO – the Petters Ponzi has the venal Fed prosecutor James Lackner who had a brother Marty Lackner, in cahoots with Tom Petters Ponzi [that’s a story for another time]). 

Polaroid was seized and sold (in a sham auction to the 2nd highest bidder) for $83 million – back into the hands of Paul Traub’s other friends of the Gordon Brothers. 

Edward Land, the founder of Polaroid, was the guy who funded Gordon Brothers into the distressed asset/retailer business; which meant the plot was to bring Polaroid home. 

Then Gordon Brothers announce Traub is a partner, and they also announced a miracle $2 billion license deal nobody else was made aware of during the sham auction. 

Traub’s law firm of Traub Bonacquist & Fox was forced to disband. Michael Fox went to Olsham Fromme. Traub’s contingency became partners with Marc Dreier; and Harold Bonacquist remained as Counsel to the United States Consulate in Istanbul. 

During the Ed Okun 1031 Tax Group prosecution, Traub worked the Okun 1031 side of the fence and Michael Fox worked the side of the creditors and Trustee.

Okun recieved 100 years; and he claims he was framed. 

Marc Dreier got 20 years in prison. 

As for Tom Petters, he got 50 years in prison; and – as in all other cases – Paul Traub got off ‘Scot Free’! 


Unrelenting Pursuits for Justice

Laser has never relented in his pursuits for justice. Over the years the DOJ, FBI, SEC, many courts and even OIGs’ have responded to Haas, multiple times, promising some sort of resolution. 

As usual, those promises were worthless! 

Though the feds go out of their way to make sure Laser Haas never gets the credit, the facts of the matters are, over two dozen perpetrators were put in jail; and 10 national fraud and Ponzi schemes were shut down (hence, my coin of the phrase – serial whistleblower). 

Be that as it may, Laser got as close to the top of the DOJ, as humanly possible (being a pro seindependent). 

Back in 2004 and 2005, Haas had direct communication with a DOJ Deputy Director (Lawrence Freidman) and Laser received more promises of solutions. 

However, while Friedman was placating Laser, the racketeers were over at KB, pulling another $100 million dollar – conflict of interest fraud. 

On December 22, 2004, there was an Emergency Hearing for eToys/Paul Traub/TBF perjury/frauds; and Friedman replaced the court policewoman, Roberta DeAngelis, on December 22, 2004. 

In Traub’s TBF January 25, 2005 response to Laser’s allegations, Paul confessed intentionally lying under oath; which resulted in a February 15, 2005 Delaware Department of Justice Motion to Disgorge Traub’s TBF, for $1.6 Million (for perpetrating a fraud on the court). 

This Disgorge Motion also was to placate. 

Fixing their messes, the DOJ removed Assistant United States Trustee, Frank Perch, after he wrote the Disgorge Motion; and then Delaware DOJ trial Attorney, Mark Kenney, openly granted Paul Traub’s TBF a purported, immunity, from further confessions. 

As a matter of law, neither Mark Kenney, nor eToys case Chief Justice Mary F. Warpath, have any legal authority – whatsoever – to grant Paul Traub immunity (bankruptcy courts [technically] aren’t Article III venues).

These perversions of justice and fake promises to arrests enraged Haas, who screamed at DOJ Deputy Director Lawrence Fredman. 

Deputy Friedman responded with an email personal promise to Laser (here), that the case was being handled. 

In short, it was all bullshit!  

While Traub was (purportedly) being handled in eToys, for conflict of interest crimes, the RICO gang continuously perpetrated other hundred million dollar frauds,. Including KB (as is documented by Laser’s whistleblowing in the KB case that Taibbi reported on in the Rolling Stone “Greed and Debt” article)! 

To assure the “fixes” were, completely “in”, the racketeers had Colm Connolly as the federal prosecutor, in their back pocket, keeping silent; but that plot was suffering because of Laser’s communications with DOJ Deputy Friedman. 

So, with Frank Perch gone and Kelley Beaudin Stapleton replacing Roberta DeAngelis, other chess moves transpired. 

MNAT openly represented Bain Capital of the $83 million gifted Bain Capital by Michael Glazer, prior to KB being placed into bankruptcy. 

Nefariously, it was Paul Traub who then asked the KB court for permission to be the one to prosecute Glazer and Bain Capital (of course Paul did so without Traub disclosing he worked under Glazer and Romney/Bain at Stage Stores). 

Laser filed proof of the fraud in the KB case, including an Affidavit from the eToys Chairman, which pointed out Traub was betraying his court-approved clients in eToys and KB. 

It was also pointed out that TBF was actually of “Revoked” status by the Secretary of State of New York; which meant Traub’s TBF was lying, all over the place, about TBF being in “good standing”. 

After Paul Traub openly confessed his TBF paid Barry Gold, prior to – planting Barry Gold (illegally) into eToys – DOJ Deputy Director Lawrence Friedman, took the easy way out – throwing in the towel – and resigning. 

In order to aid Colm Connolly’s failure to prosecute, they needed to make sure the United States Trustee program, as Police of the bankruptcy system, would neglect to do their job. 

Clifford White took over as DOJ Deputy Director of the United States Trustee program and the removed Robert DeAngelis was – secretly – promoted to be top bankruptcy cases cop (as General Counsel for the Executive Office of United States Trustee program, in Washington, D.C.) 

Roberta DeAngelis stayed at her cronyism/cover-up post, until – after – the eToys bankruptcy case was closed, in 2015. 

Clifford White and his nefarious agent, Mark Kenney, are still at their posts, betraying the public’s trust (as are Ellen Slights, James Lackner, and FBI Agents Paul Cavanaugh and Scott Duffey). 

Multiple federal courts are – openly breaking the law – to prevent Laser Haas’s day in court. 


Summing up the – Retroactive RICO – Crime Sprees

Colm Connolly was an extremely, visibly corrupt, Federal prosecutor, who buried dozens of Goldman Sachs/Bain Capital cases, from federal investigation or prosecution. 

Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, in partnership with Goldman Sachs, ripped off Mattel, Fingerhut, Dreier, Petters, KB and eToys cases for more than $5 billion. 

Sachs and Mitt, through their attorneys, have done many overt acts to continue the obstruction. 

Due to cronyism and corruption, including Colm Connolly, Mark Kenney, Clifford White III, Roberta DeAngelis, Ellen Slights, James Lackner and several FBI Agents (like Scott Duffey and Paul Cavanaugh) – those related dishonest public servants, also are as culpable/guilty of the homicides – being buried from federal investigation; because of their betrayals of the public’s trust. 

All the while, Mitt’s gang, including Traub, are confident the cronyism and corruption assures they will continue, roaming around, ‘Scot Free’ concerning their RICO crime spree of Obstruction of Justice, Bribery, Intimidation of Victim / Witness, Criminal Conspiracy, Mail and Wire Fraud, Perjury, Scheme to Fix Fees, Retaliation, Securities Fraud, Plots to Overthrow the Governments/ Corruption, Collusion, Theft of Intellectual Property, Bankruptcy Ring Fraud, Destruction of Evidence, Interstate Commerce Larceny, Bank Fraud, and multiple issues of Murder for Hire! 

Do you think, for 1 second, that Romney has/had no idea who Laser Haas is? 


In 2015, Haas sued Romney, personally in Los Angeles, for racketeering, along with Traub, Connolly, Glazer, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs. (See article here.

Perhaps predictably the new lawyers put forth the same old lies. 

RICO only requires that two felony crimes be documented, and the law stipulates the documentation only needs to meet the lowest requisite standard of proof – being “preponderance of the evidence.” 

As noted above, the eToys whistleblower has pointed out over 100 state and federal felony violations; but that doesn’t seem to matter to any federal agent or agency. 

Paul Traub is a key piece. His crimes are well documented far beyond “clear and convincing”; and Traub already confessed to deliberately lying under oath in eToys. 

Beyond all reasonable doubt, Paul Traub and his minions are guilty of perjury, conspiracy, bribery, and betrayal of a court-approved clients’ trust. 

Just because willfully blind courts and federal agents say they don’t care, doesn’t mean the racketeers are to remain, above the law, forever. 

Surely one can’t claim protection by a statute of limitations if the rackets actually own a federal prosecutor! 

As noted above, the RICO Act was made into law, specifically to address, “prosecutorial gaps”; and Laser is pointing out lack of prosecutions – all over the place. 

KB and eToys went in bankruptcy, multiple times; and they are in bankruptcy – again – under Toys R Us; which is now closing all remaining stores, in order to pay its creditors. 

One of those creditors are, none other than Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital; but that flies in the face where there’s a legal standard that 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Neither can Romney, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs claim entitlement to the recompense of ill-gotten gains! 

If any decent federal prosecutor looked at the facts, along with Romney’s retroactive retirement, Colm Connolly corruption and Paul Traub’s partnership in a dozen other frauds and Ponzi schemes – then, not only would Mitt and gang not be able to get any money from Toys R Us closings – Romney, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs would suffer Billions of dollars in fines and clawbacks for past schemes. 

Laser has worked with others to compel multiple law firms to disband or close; and MNAT is (properly) next on the list, to go down. 

Haas notes that he doesn’t care who goes to jail (other than Colm Connolly and anybody else directly involved in the homicides). His goal is to stop the crimes and get paid. 

Laser knows, after the untimely deaths of Marty Lackner, Jack Wheeler, Michael Sesseyoff and shareholder Robert Alber – that is a coin flip, whether or not, the Racketeers will murder – Laser, Paul Traub, or this reproter next is another question. 

Chances are, Paul Traub knows more dirt than even Laser knows, and that makes the “Brown Bag King of New York” a good candidate for the Witness Protection program. 

Speaking Of WISTEC, Traub/Petters already had a pal there, named Larry Reynolds. 

Um, retroactively speaking, we mean, Larry Reserivitz. 

Reserivitz/Reynolds laundered $12 billion for the Tom Petters/Paul Traub Ponzi; but most don’t know about that – due to the fact the Minnesota DOJ (where James Lackner was head of the Criminal Division) keeps lying to the press that the Petters Ponzi was a mere $3.7 billion. 

Larry (Reservitz) Reynolds laundered his $12 Billion while living in Las Vegas, and also being inside the Witness Protection Program. 

As noted above, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital were part of the Petters Ponzi Fingerhut schemes; which originated at eToys. 

Though Mitt is good at destroying evidences, the one thing Willard Mitt Romney can’t escape is his public record of bragging how much Romney is worth. Many times Mitt boasted that he is, at least, worth $250 million, due to his ownership of Bain Capital. It is axiomatic that – if Bain Capital benefited from fraud – then Mitt Romney (and their partner Goldman Sachs) have benefited from fraud. 

Robert Alber was an eToys shareholder who died, after having to shoot/kill career criminal Michael Sesseyoff, in Kingman Arizona; and Jack Wheeler was murdered then had his body placed in a Delaware Dump ini typical mafia style. 

Marty Lackner was partners of Tom Petters Ponzi; and Marty was found dead in his closet; and James Lackner was Marty’s brother. 

That’s Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney James Lackner, who was head of the Criminal Division that never indicted Marty! 

Now Mitt Romney wants to keep his unjust enrichment; and become a senator (or even POTUS), and Colm Connolly has great hopes to become a federal judge. 

Can we really allow racketeers to get away with all these documented crimes? 

Whistleblower Laser Haas has done his job; and, as any of the victims of Stanford, Dreier, KB, Tom Petters, or many other cases too numerous to mention here, can tell you… 

Ponzi/Fraud claw-backs are a bitch! 

A federal task force is needed to investigate and prosecute how deep and wide this racketeering enterprise has infected the federal system of Justice. Especially since disgraced attorney Paul Roy Traub is long standing documented to have committed several acts of fraud many times in a court of law as well as he traces back to Tom Petters Ponzi and many of the other cases of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capitol. 

Who says crime doesn’t pay? Paul Traub has been granted absurd settlements in Dreier, KB, Fingerhut, Petters Ponzi and eToys, by corrupted, willfully blind, federal agents/ agencies; which was due to the fact that the chi bono, in the billions, was for Sachs/Romney/Bain. Meanwhile, the courts choose to continue to punish the victims and whistleblower. 

Should you think otherwise, perhaps you need to see the hundred other crimes this article hasn’t addressed. Upon Laser getting proof of corruption, by Colm Connolly’s resume, Haas filed a report to the Public Corruption Task Force on December 7th (see time stamps here); and, then, several weeks later, that task force was shut down and career federal prosecutors were threatened to keep their mouths shut (See L.A. Times article “Shake-up toils federal prosecutors”). 

Thousands of people have lost billions, federal corruption is rampant, and people have died (including victims and a brother of a United States Attorney). 

When is it enough? – Enough! 

If the Petters Ponzi Receiver can go after Nuns to take back Tom’s gift of a handicap elevator, then the least any decent federal agent or court could do, is claw back Mitt’s 3-car-garage elevator. 

Just sayin….Retroactively speaking. 

[PART 1: Retroactive Racketeering — Romney Kills Toys R Us] **CLICK HERE** 


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