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With the recent dip that cryptomoney has taken, Steem dollars (SBD), a giant among many has been pulled to it's knees. There are people whose full time job is here on steemit, making posts and comments, encouraging newbies with upvotes, but with this crash in SBD, their upvotes begin to mean less than it used to. It's so difficult now for a newbie steemian to get a good kick out of this community. This however should and will not be the end of this giant for she will rise up in the midst of the ashes and cut down all her enemies. The steemit community will sing her praises once again and the sun will be returned to it's rightful place. If ever there was a time to support each other, it is NOW!
for some who have never experienced the full benefits of this place, they may begin to feel that it is just a waste of time and may find interests elsewhere.

A call to members of the Newbie Resteem Initiative

The newbie resteem initiative is one of the few or should i say many platforms out there that has been organised to help newbies. All you need to do is write a post using the tag #newbieresteemday and your post will be resteemed!
In one of the many groups on discord, I made this announcement and it came as a shocker to them, this showed me that the publicity that the platform has received is not nearly large enough.
I therefore encourage each and everyone that is part of the newbieresteem initiative and that knows what it's like to be a newbie on steemit, to send out posts of the tag's existence!
If we all should dedicate one day to do this, I'm sure our initiative will get better announced.


Volunteer to be a Newbie Resteem Worker

Do you want to support others? do you want to make meaningful impact on the lives of many here on steemit?
This is your opportunity!
A post will coming out soon for people, volunteers who would like to support this movement. Basically, everyone is allowed and encouraged to resteem posts in the #newbiesteemday tag but, we want to have certain people, assigned for that purpose.
We need like-minded, passionate people to join us in this endeavour.

Criteria to Volunteer

  1. You must be a part of the newbie resteem initiative
  2. You should have a large enough following, (100 followers) and above
  3. You should be a regular visitor to the #newbieresteemday channel

See this post by @davemccoy to register
That link is to get you officially registered in the movement. However, if you wish to be a volunteer, drop your comments here. We will do a profile check and announce our workers by the end of the week.


Thank you for the information will be glad to be a part of the community.

you're welcome we would love to have you! @jankos55
do well to see @davemccoy's post to get registered

Glad to see you stopped by the post @ossyjay. Will add you to the member list. It's growing! Very enthusiastic post about the initiative. :)

i will be Glad to be a part of this community !! my next posts i will add the tags

Awesome @diibrour, we look forward to you being our temmate! We want you to succeed because it helps us all to succeed!!! :)

that's we all want ;)

I'm glad you understand that, it is a very important point that takes many here a long time to figure out! Working together in ways that are comfortable is good for all of us as a group!

the problem is i don't have enough followers !!

yes I understand that... I have some tips if you are interested in growing your follower base! Just let me know ;)

Sure that would be great

I’m in for helping out Dave. I started the other day by bringing newbieresteemday to the attention of a minnow and resteemed his post. Just let me know what you want

Awesome Mark... That's the way it starts.. Just looking for ways to help and when you see it jumping in. I also want to work with you on your idea for a contest, I think it could be a way for you to contribute and to also make some new contacts.. You can either message me on discord or reply to any of my comments.. I'm 2 days behind in replying, but I'm hoping to make a big dent in catching up tonight.

I’ve sent you a message on discord Dave. Just reply when you can. Cheers

Very good @ossyjay! That's the way to get the word out!!! Perfect, simply perfect :)

ps... I understand your point about SBD going down, but have no worries we actually benefit by it going down because we increase our power relative to others faster when that happens. I will explain if you like, but trust me I hope it goes down to $1... Some amazing things happen if that happens, have faith ;)

Thanks! @davemccoy
Yeah I heard something about decrease in SBD means increase in steem power
I would appreciate an explanation if you could and thanks for the resteem! :D

Ok, I will be happy to. It is complicated to explain so I will do it in steps.

The calculation for how we earn SP is based on the price of steem. The lower it goes in price, the more of it you get with each $1.00 of upvote. To give you an example of how the calculation works (simplified):

a $1.00 upvote will payout the following to you as the "author"

1.00 x 75% = 0.75 then divide by 2 for sbd and

divide by 2 and then also by the price of STEEM for the amount of SP

so here's the math:

1.00 x .75 = 0.75 /2 = 0.375 SBD
1.00 x .75 = 0.75/2 = 0.375/4.21 (current price of steem) = 0.089 SP

Before I explain anything further... Do you understand this? If so, then tell me how much you would get (in both SBD and STEEM) for the same $1.00 upvote if the price of STEEM went to $2.00

Yes I do! I see now that the lower the price of steem, the more the steem power that comes to you. So for STEEM price of $2.00, we would have:

1.00 x .75 = 0.75/2 = 0.375SBD

BUT FOR STEEM POWER, it would be:

1.00 x .75 = 0.75/2 = 0.375/2 = 0.1875 approx 0.188 SP!

Good perfect ossyjay...

Now what would you get if the price of STEEM plunged all the way down to $0.50? And if you would be so lucky as for that to happen, how much faster would you grow when you compare the $4.21 to the hypothetical $0.50 price of STEEM?

You're almost there... ;)

okay... if STEEM was at $0.50, I would get 0.75 SP on a $1.00 post. Now, comparing that with a 0.089 SP outcome when STEEM price was at $4.21, growth rate equals...


wow... a whooping 842.7% increase in growth rate!

Tell me I'm right

$4.21 price of STEEM = 0.089 SP

1.00 x .75 = 0.75 /2 = 0.375 SBD
1.00 x .75 = 0.75/2 = 0.375/4.21 (current price of steem) = 0.089 SP

$0.50 price of STEEM = 0.75 SP

1.00 x .75 = 0.75 /2 = 0.375 SBD
1.00 x .75 = 0.75/2 = 0.375/0.50 (0.50 price of steem) = 0.75 SP

Yes you are exactly right.

Now would you like the price to go higher or lower?

Aww yes!.....definitely lower haha!

Congratulations you have been resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday's top posts for the day! ...

We invite you to use our tag to connect with more of our members. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

          Nice post. Yes with the slight downturn in SBD/steem price votes monetarily are not what they used to be. But then again it is still monetarily speaking more than a FB like, or YT thumb, or what ever twitter uses. I think most people just appreciate the vote, money amount does not matter to much, it is the very real recognition that some liked a post or comment enough to reward it, and knowing that new users are limited in the number of times to vote, just makes that little reward all that more meaningful. The prices most likely will recover, the missed opportunities to meet and make new friends during a downturn may never come about again. Like Einstein said "It's all relative", so for all the new users reading this hang in there.

Drives me nuts how many followers I got not voting. I understand the bandwidth problem, but use it wisely.

Im new, I just post and vote. Stay off of other social sites that waste your time curating for others wallets. I’d say the best advice I’ve gotten so far was using the earnings from posting daily to lower up steem! My biggest problem is getting votes, I can get more and more followers. 85 following and not 10 votes on any of my post...

That is exactly right @mattzoidhead... you need many many more followers. If you would like me to give you tips on how to get more, I would be happy to help you. Just let me know and I will help you!

Go ahead, if it is to give you crypto I’ll let you know I’ll vote, comment, and resteem most of your stuff. Resteem only if I really like it.

welcome here and enjoy with steemit

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good job oj! =)

I am the "Tag-Lifter" and you have been resteemed because you tagged your post #newbieresteemday


You have been resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday ... I made today my #newbieresteemday, and invite you and others to do the same. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

Thank you! @ilovepoorpeople
You're doing very good work on steemit and it will definitely not go unnoticed

I'm really just here for the community. If I make some cash at it, then so be it. If not, no big loss for me. I'll still be here regardless.

Very good! @mikeparr, that's the spirit i love to see in the steemit community. I think that if a lot of newbies should think like you, then we would definitely have a lot more active accounts!
We would love to have you at the NEWBIE RESTEEM INITIATIVE If you haven't registered, feel free to do so here

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Thanks for spreading the word @ossyjay! I would also like you to know that I have featured your post in my first Minnow Fridays* which is part of the #newbieresteemday initiative.

Thanks! @wanderlass
I'm happy to know that Minnow Fridays is up and running...yeh!!! and more so that my post gets to be featured :D

You're welcome :)

Hmm.. fascinating. Expecting more well-arranged posts like this next time. Thanks for sharing.

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