Logo Entry for Newbie Resteem Day: Initiative Logo

Thanks for @mudcat36 @davemccoy and @deliberator making this project known as #newbieresteemday . It help us newbies to be initiative.

When i was as fresh as a newbie in steemit:
-During my first post in steemit it was introducing myself I was questionable and don't know tags yet but thanks for heartwarming welcome :)
-But in my second post i was down and disappointed that it has only 5 upvote and in my other post only few had noticed.

But because of some steemians really believe in my talent i kept on posting and my reputation is now 39.

So here is my logo contribution for Steemit Community and thanks for supporting.
Untitled design (1).jpg
I choose this color because it was my favorite color, then the a globe puzzle because it symbolizes as to reunite.

For newbie's :

  • keep on explore
  • view tags
  • leave a comment on a posts

Truly Yours,

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Thank you :)

very cool @frellarong ... love this... keep it up and love that you are part of this wonderful movement.

You have been resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday ... I made today my #newbieresteemday, and invite you and others to do the same. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

I resteemed for you... good job and I'm so glad to see your progress and happy you stayed here with us. Keep on improving and thank you very much for such a thoughtful and creative entry!!!


Thanks to you who give us motivation like that :)

Still remember your first post. See how far we’ve come.


yeah thanks for the support always :)


You’re welcome

Wish Granted!

0.2 sbd transformed to $.66 upvote
Gratitude for @earthnation alliance
Lila-wish-genie service terms

Love, Lila-Wish-Genie

Now this is what i like to see, someone telling others that they just need to keep trying. Believe in yourself, and you can get the followers and comments dropping on your posts.... Plus the upvotes, those are nice too 😉


Yes that's true because some newbie, number one problem is the upvote and didn't had notice.

Well done frell. Keep it up! @frellarong

I also joined this contest my friend. This entry of yours is the best one. More power!


nice my friend same with yours :)