CONTEST -- What Do You Like to Make?

Play and enter to win half the SBD for this contest. Come on, let’s play!

Contest No. 29 -- What Do You Like to Make?

Hey, everyone! It’s time for our next contest!

For this really easy contest, simply tell us something you like to make. It can be anything!

All you have to do to be eligible to win this one is leave a comment (and upload an image if you want to!) of something you enjoy making.

It can be anything: food, a craft, art, money, the sky’s the limit!

Here is my answer:

I love making these tin can men. I collect junk then assemble it. They are all different and it’s fun to see how they turn out.


The Deadline

This contest will be open for 7 days. When this post pays out in 7 days, the contest closes.

The Prize

The winner will earn half (50%) of the SBD earned from this post!

As the "judge," I have the final say on who wins.

Rules To Play

Be sure to follow the rules or your comment / entry won't count. It's really simple!

  1. Hit Reply and share what you like to make.
  2. That’s it!

You aren’t required to upvote this post, but the more people who do, the more the payout will be.

Winner Announcement

After 7 days when the contest ends, the winner will be either randomly chosen or I will choose a winner. I will announce the winner that day (or the next day in case I get busy or it's late in the day and I'm snoozing).

For this contest, I'll use an online random picker to choose the winner! Your chances are as good as anyone’s!

Spread the Word!

Let your Steemit friends and followers know about this contest so more can play! It's easy and hopefully will be fun.

So, please Resteem this post or link it to promotion groups if you like. Thanks for playing!

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I like to make good looking apps :) Or design them, in my case hehe! Here's an example of app I designed:

Booking App.gif

I like to make cook's happy, by trying there food, and Eating their cookies, mmmm I see cookies up there somewhere, and not just any cookies chocolate chip cookies, and they look like they just came out of the stove all wrinkly and hot looking

My entry is on behalf of Play 4 a Newbie Challenge. All proceeds will go to a newbie Prize Pool and hopefully you will get other players to join in your game too!

Thanks for playing, @bashadow!

Im a world war two buff and lately ive gotten a little back into military modeling
A world war two German King tiger below a kit my friend gave me for a birthday, I was fun to build



I like to make LOVE !!!


I bet you never expected that answer :)

Great competition btw .. All the best !

Just trying to bring you and your followers some humor ... hope you got a laugh from above :)

haha, I actually wondered if anyone would go there.


I don't do it nearly as often as I would like but I do like to bake.

Oh boy, those chocolate chip (chunk) cookies look so good!! I also love to bake, better than I like to cook most of the time.

Thank you. I feel much the same way. I want so badly to cook everything from scratch but recipes are so complicated that I get stressed out and over it quickly. I have to grow my cooking skills one (simple-ish) recipe at a time. I'm more comfortable with baking. I understand it a lot better.

Yes, and actually baking requires being more precise and following the measurements closer. Somehow I like that, I guess!

Tasty looking cookies!!

Thank you. I wish I had some of those right now.

I love making leather works like bags, slippers, purse, souvenirs and many many. It is some I derive pleasure making and I've made several ones like these

Wow, very nice!!

I like to make people smile! :)

My entry is on behalf of Play 4 a Newbie Challenge. All proceeds will go to a newbie Prize Pool and hopefully you will get other players to join in your game too!


That's a great thing to like to do! Great that you're doing the Play 4 a Newbie Challenge!

thank you :)

I like to make my daughter clean up her own mess, lol

She is 3 and still learning how to clean up after herself but she is doing great :)

I am playing for the Play for a newbie challenge


As corny as it sounds, I like to make time, time to help my 2 year old daughter make memories. Whether it's just an hour in the playground, or letting her "help" me do mundane tasks, anything that makes her happy is worth putting off other stuff

Such a good thing to make!

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I like to make notebooks like this..



I love personalizing things.. :) And it also makes me happy to see how they came from just plain papers and turned out be this pretty personalized notebook :)

Thank you. Hehe :)

There are so many things I like to do, it's hard to sum it up to just one, crafts! I love to create things with my hands as it helps me release stress, create and expand my imagination, help me with the decoration of my home, office and even parties! it's pretty nice what we can achieve like this... at christmas i decorate the doors of my house, I also make ornaments that can be hung or used for ribbons of gifts here I leave you some small samples.
Thank you for this type of space, which gives us the opportunity to get to know others and show what we do.
I'm sorry if I make a mistake, I don't speak English, the translator helps me.

me gusta.PNG

me gusta 2.PNG

What fun crafts! I like to craft too!

I love handicrafts as long as the weather allows me, I love to decorate myself, for example my son's parties, prepare all the decorations, for Christmas, and whatever I touch, in Venezuela the situation is not very good, so we have to invent to save! thank you for your feedback

I like to make lip balm :)

Fancy! That looks really nice! Do you sell them, @andysantics?

I'm trying to sell them - just started making them and they are really nice :)

Do you have an Etsy shop? If not, I can give you a code to use and we each get 40 free listings!! Here is my link if anyone wants to use it:

it's a toss up between gardening with my family, and making lumber with my daughter


How fun!! Looks like you have a good helper there.

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Thanks so much!

I like to make money. Here is how I dream of making more and more. From the @SPL here.

my super green pre made smoothie
I make about 10-12 stk 200 gram in a zip lock bag put then in the freezer and take it out when u want it
add 2 dl apple juice

about 200-250 grams

zipper lock bags is the best

About 1 kg of carrots

3 oranges or 1 mango

1 broccoli

200-300 grams of pea

ca 500 grams of spinach

3 bananas

100-200 grams blueberry

a small ginger just a small snippet like half cm brick

What a great idea to make them ahead like that!!

I like to make my own clothes. I would like to learn how to sew with a sewing machine.

Very cool! I like to sew and mostly only sew on a sewing machine.

I like to MAKE my life as stress free as possible by practicing JIU-JITSU and Writing Poems here on Steemit as it helps me to relax. Not sure exactly maybe my Job or some other things but I kept developing alopecia and suffer from anxiety.

Great thing to make, a stress-free life.

I like to make programs :)

I like to make food, as evidenced by the recipes I upload here XD

I also like to make (and eat!) food!

I like to make people think. Help them better themselves, make them laugh, smile, enjoy life. Not look at things so negative all the time.

good greetings and thanks for your peggyhazelwood contest and this is what I like to make friend the electronics.


Oh, looks technical! Glad there are people like you to do such stuff!

thank you very much and I also thank you for motivating this type of successful contests
[-] peggyhazelwood


On behalf of myself — because I am just a little black cat — I just like to make people happy by curling up in their lap and going to sleep while purring.

On behalf of my Human, I'd say he loves to make people happy with food! He's particularly good with the BBQ in the summer, like his pork, peach and yellow pepper kebabs!


Good job, both of ya!

Well normally i am a trouble maker, Lol but there is something i am more passionate about making and that is cup cakes


Hand. Them. Over. YUM!!

I love making food, in general! I enjoy making up my own recipes, too, to add my own touch to basic meals! The easier the better but taste is never forfeited! :)

My entry is on behalf of Play 4 a Newbie Challenge. All proceeds will go to a newbie Prize Pool and hopefully you will get other players to join in your game too!


With the unstoppable proliferation of third-wave cafes, I like discovering new places to eat. I just came across Wicked Snow and their shaved macha ice cream topped with sweetened red beans and mini rick sweetened rice cakes.


That is unusual. I'd never heard of Wicked Snow till now.

Another great contest, @peggyhazelwood.
How do you keep coming up with these original ideas?

I like to make friends ;0)

My entry is on behalf of Play 4 a Newbie Challenge. All proceeds will go to a newbie Prize Pool and hopefully you will get other players to join in your game too!

My team 💪 : @hermannsol, @curatorcat, @chels, @barski


Friends. Great answer. No clue about how I come up with these. Weirdo mind at work, I guess.

the ‘tell the story of your profile pic’ -game from @newbiegames was actually inspired by your games. I got the idea for a while before I put up the contest and was really hoping you wouldn’t come up with that before I had the chance to use it - lol

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Music.... Oh i just love making music so much. It calms me. Its like im in my own perfect world when i put those headphones on. Its just so amazing

I love to crochet, though not an expert yet but i am learning:) I made this 2bennie and a bag

Very cool. What a fun purple!!

I like to make realistic art works with oil color paints. I also love drawing with pencils and ball point pen. Sometime I make craft works like necklace and bangle.
Below is one of my oil color painting of a little girl.


Here's a ball point pen drawing I made


Wow, you are very talented!! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much @peggy

I like to make jewelry, I made this body necklace last december


i like to make people happy.
By way of providing quality and innovative banking services to the active low income individuals in a socially and responsible manner

I like to make clouds photography! Here is one of my capture.

Have a look at my post too.

Thank you! Glad to know that you liked it.

I love to make miniatures in 1:12, 1:24 & 1:6 scales
It's even turned into a "small" business for me.
You would be shocked how many women have Dollhouses and how many men play with action figures! But I digress. Lol

I just simply like making art with the use of my heart. 😂

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