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Hello again, contestants! We made it through Week 8 in spite of the incessant campaign ads and calls (if you're in the USA anyway) and now we're back for Week 9 and a little peace and quiet after Tuesday.

For those of you familiar with the party game of a similar name, it's a copy with a twist. For those of you not familiar with the party game Cards Against Humanity, check out the Week 1 post for more details.


Week 8 Summary

Here is the prompt from last week:


There were 19 entries in Week 8! Here they are in vote count order:

@sparkesy43region of New South Wales, AustraliaLink
@isarmoewejunior cricket and hockey team[s]Link
@fromageteam of around 135 actors and 96 creatorsLink
@muscaraa women's hockey teamLink
@corpsvalues"one-sided wrestling war” to “harass, scare and discourage (him) out of the business”Link
@ropagagifted but weak diplomat.Link
@justnyzTen competitors, all men, took part in 13 events in 5 sports.Link
@kingzeroa mechanized infantry brigade of the Italian ArmyLink
@wingman56social activistLink
@sgbonusHouri( virgin hahaha)Link
@blanchyHarsha KhandeparkarLink
@stwblla country song written by country guitarist Zeb Turner and music publisher Fred Rose.Link
@girlbeforemirrorrosary of clear white light emanated from the eastern Buddha field and entered the womb of his wife ... a mystic dance while gazing into the sky. Immediately the house was filled with the finest food and drink and the richest garments with which to clothe themselves - thus giving great satisfaction and pleasure to all the guests.Link
@mimismartypantsconcerned citizensLink
@hockneytemple of Lord Shiva with Lord Ganapathi.Link
@introvertathomeBritish psychic.Link
@blockurator15-day disabled listLink


Week 8 Winners

Some of your answers were very clever, others were downright random (in a funny way!). It was tough to pick, but I went with the most useful.

My Personal Favorite

My Steemit marketing idea: new accounts will now come with a complementary
team of around 135 actors and 96 creators

by @fromage. Congratulations! If that doesn't help newbies get Curied, then they are truly beyond hope.

The Crowd Favorite

My Steemit marketing idea: new accounts will now come with a complementary
region of New South Wales, Australia

by @sparkesy43. Congratulations! That's actually not too far from what the US government did a couple hundred years ago with homesteading...

The RNG Award

My Steemit marketing idea: new accounts will now come with a complementary
concerned citizens

by @mimismartypants. Congratulations on winning this two weeks in a row!




TLDR; answer the prompt as a comment on this post using words from a random Wikipedia article

  1. No resteem or upvote is necessary, although it is greatly appreciated. If I get paid out more than more than 4 liquid STEEM from these posts, I will increase the number of winners.
  2. Use the Random Article feature on Wikipedia to get your valid list of words (your "White Cards", for those of you familiar with the actual party game). This link will take you to a random article. You can use any word(s) on the screen - intro, nav bar, anything!
  3. Answer in the form of a comment on this post. The format of your comment should be two lines: your answer word(s), and the link to the article you used (see sample answer to this week's prompt below)
  4. If you want to keep rolling for new random articles, that's your decision, although it's not in the spirit of the game. If you get a very short "stub" article or something written in another language, feel free to roll again though!
  5. If you intentionally use a specific Wikipedia article, I can't stop you, but again, it's not in the spirit of the game.
  6. Feel free to add the word "a" or "the" or similar "formatting" words to your answer if it would help it make more sense or sound better.


This Week's Prompt



My Sample Answer

This is the qualifying format I'm looking for in your comment down below:

Russian Nationals.



There will be three shares of SBI awarded as prizes.

  1. One share to my own personal favorite
  2. One share to the crowd favorite (as measured by the number of upvotes, not the dollar amount)
  3. One share to a random qualifying entry

I've also set a small Steem Bounty on this post. All valid entries will qualify. I'd also recommend subscribing to @dustsweeper for maximum benefit.

This contest will run for a week, at which time I'll close it out, announce the winners, and kick off the next round.

Anyway, thanks for playing, and have fun! Here's the random Wikipedia article link again. See you in the comments below!

I haven’t played Steem Monsters yet. I’ve been designing my own game where you battle _______.


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winemakers, potters and carpenters.


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I haven’t played Steem Monsters yet. I’ve been designing my own game where you battle

A French Musicologist

...a moth of the family Zygaenidae.

Whoop whoop!! I'm on a role here!!! Let's try for a hat-trick!!

Congrats to @fromage and @sparkesy43 as well!!!

And thanks @dollarsandsense for my prize!!

Here’s my entry for this week as well:
middle class businesses

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...the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

complementary region of New South Wales, Australia

This is amusing in a tragic way, to a New South welsh woman who has found it almost impossible to house her family. NSW has seen it's first downturn in real estate in a very long time. This is feasible, the banks have used every other tactic to avoid the inevitable. When the GFC hit everyone else, our bubble just kept ballooning. We were seemingly immune due to... I think the claim was trade with China and Chinese property investment.

I have enjoyed the contest. Sorry for my overly inclusive response, I got carried away and wrote a much longer one which I didn't post, that became a little too wrong even for me.


I understand what you mean about the housing market. In Hobart there is a severe rental shortage with ridiculous numbers of applicants for pretty much any property that hits the market. It's crazy.

a village and municipality in Jičín District in the Hradec Králové Region of the Czech Republic.řice_(Jičín_District)

Europa's father King Agenore of Tyre

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I haven’t played Steem Monsters yet. I’ve been designing my own game where you battle
Sheikh Ibrahim al-Nama'a


Sheikh Ibrahim al-Nama'a
Sheikh Ibrahim al-Nama'a is an Iraqi imam. He has a close following in the city of Mosul. He has been cited as an Islamist whose preaching had a political purpose against the occupation in Iraq.

Living peopleúl_Morales

Y'know, as opposed to that other game, the one where you battle the dead guys.

I haven’t played Steem Monsters yet. I’ve been designing my own game where you battle _______.

The Smurfs.

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Congratulations to @mimismartypants and @fromage as fellow prize recipients. Some great entries across the board this week


Thanks!! Congrats to you as well!! You making a habit of winning 😜

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