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Hello again, contestants! We made it through Week 9 in spite of freezing temperatures here in New England, and now we're back for Week 10.

For those of you familiar with the party game of a similar name, it's a copy with a twist. For those of you not familiar with the party game Cards Against Humanity, check out the Week 1 post for more details.


Week 9 Summary

Here is the prompt from last week:


There were 22 entries in Week 9! Here they are in vote count order:

@muscarawinemakers, potters and carpenters.Link
@yinterceptan Indian cricketerLink
@newbiegames...a moth of the family Zygaenidae.Link
@mimismartypantsmiddle class businessesLink
@gwilberiol...the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.Link
@sparkesy43A French MusicologistLink
@wingman56Maredudd ap BleddynLink
@isarmoewepolice raidsLink
@hyperboleLiving peopleLink
@justnyzlife with the obliviousness of the natural worldLink
@corpsvaluesdesigning my own game where you battle greater PolandLink
@rebeccabeThe Smurfs.Link
@iamthegraya village and municipality in Jičín District in the Hradec Králové Region of the Czech Republic.Link
@mfunbeeFirst Lego League RoboticsLink
@alrahmanlarge number of birdsLink
@ropagaEuropa's father King Agenore of TyreLink
@ilsaioneRage of Bahamut (anime)Link
@missladybugThe Bedroom PhilosopherLink
@blanchy1905 Oklahoma A&M Aggies football teamLink
@sgbonusSheikh Ibrahim al-Nama'aLink


Week 9 Winners

I suppose that prompt was a little harder than I thought it would be. But still, some gems this week, as always. You all don't disappoint!

My Personal Favorite

I haven’t played Steem Monsters yet. I’ve been designing my own game where you battle
Living people

by @hyperbole. Congratulations! Back to Roman times we go!

The Crowd Favorite

I haven’t played Steem Monsters yet. I’ve been designing my own game where you battle
winemakers, potters and carpenters.

by @muscara. Congratulations! Sounds like Settlers of Catan meets Magic: The Gathering :P

The RNG Award

I haven’t played Steem Monsters yet. I’ve been designing my own game where you battle
police raids

by @isarmoewe. Congratulations!




TLDR; answer the prompt as a comment on this post using words from a random Wikipedia article

  1. No resteem or upvote is necessary, although it is greatly appreciated. If I get paid out more than more than 4 liquid STEEM from these posts, I will increase the number of winners.
  2. Use the Random Article feature on Wikipedia to get your valid list of words (your "White Cards", for those of you familiar with the actual party game). This link will take you to a random article. You can use any word(s) on the screen - intro, nav bar, anything!
  3. Answer in the form of a comment on this post. The format of your comment should be two lines: your answer word(s), and the link to the article you used (see sample answer to this week's prompt below)
  4. If you want to keep rolling for new random articles, that's your decision, although it's not in the spirit of the game. If you get a very short "stub" article or something written in another language, feel free to roll again though!
  5. If you intentionally use a specific Wikipedia article, I can't stop you, but again, it's not in the spirit of the game.
  6. Feel free to add the word "a" or "the" or similar "formatting" words to your answer if it would help it make more sense or sound better.


This Week's Prompt



My Sample Answer

This is the qualifying format I'm looking for in your comment down below:




There will be three shares of SBI awarded as prizes.

  1. One share to my own personal favorite
  2. One share to the crowd favorite (as measured by the number of upvotes, not the dollar amount)
  3. One share to a random qualifying entry

I've also set a small Steem Bounty on this post. All valid entries will qualify. I'd also recommend subscribing to @dustsweeper for maximum benefit.

This contest will run for a week, at which time I'll close it out, announce the winners, and kick off the next round.

Anyway, thanks for playing, and have fun! Here's the random Wikipedia article link again. See you in the comments below!

If Donald Trump were to join Steemit, his account name would probably be @_______.


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The best. The best. Really terrific.

If Donald Trump were to join Steemit, his account name would probably be @_________



Leonid Lazarev
Leonid Nikolaevich Lazarev (Russian: Леонид Николаевич Лазарев, born July 14, 1937) is a notable Russian photo artist and photojournalist.

If Donald Trump were to join Steemit, his account name would probably be @possiblyinvasive



hahahahah! YOu are possibly correct!



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I think it fits pretty well ;)


Lots of potential answers in that page: "Highly Unsubtle", "just dreadful", "A Tiny Man", "a gigantic and unsubtle literalized metaphor" :D

If Donald Trump were to join Steemit, his account name would probably be @_______.

Aphrodite's Child

Congratulations to our winners @hyperbole, @muscara & @isarmoewe


Thou hast my most gracious appreciation, I thankee, verily.

Oh my! I've missed quite a few. Can I take your mention above to mean that you play M:tG and Settlers? If so, let's play online.

And, um, the random link I got was this one:

So I will have to use the obvious:

If Donald Trump were to join Steemit, his account name would probably be @Pence.

If Donald Trump was to join Steemit, his account name would be


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If Donald Trump were to join Steemit, his account name would probably be @_______.
Red's Good Groove

Thanks for giving us this opportunity!


Red's Good Groove
Red's Good Groove is an album by American jazz pianist Red Garland with a quintet which was recorded in 1962 and released on the Jazzland label.


Yeah, I got nothing. After such a great one last week. And thanks for that one - I really appreciate your choice.

You have excellent taste.

I did debate using 'American' instead (for this week's), but neither option seemed great.


Haha, always enjoy your entries @hyperbole. I think you've won my top pick at least twice now.

"Champion" is pretty good, I can dig it. Reminds me of this prank call, haha. "Who is 'Champ'"?


Thanks for the contest, I missed a couple of weeks there!

Unique Feature Id,_Sistan_and_Baluchestan

(Gimme a break - that page was too damn random!)

oh ho ho ho....

I got a good article with lots of good ideas (Satan, the devil, sinful flesh, wickedness, evil forces), but I'm going to go with "person believed to be possessed"


That I landed on the "International Fellowship of Reconciliation" on Armistice Day has me wondering how random the random feature is on Wikipedia is.

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