I am new here and I got flagged :/

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I just joined this website yesterday because I friend invited me and told me a lot of good things about it.

Let me tell you it wasn't easy.

For starters I couldn't get the signup page to accept my pone number for verification. I am not in the US and wasn't sure how to input the info. Some instructions would be helpful.

So I decided to close the browser and do some other stuff. After some time I tried it again but this time it wouldn't accept my email. It told me that the email was already taken...bummer!

I wasn't ready to quit so I used another email address and this time I was able get the thing to accept my phone number.

Moving forward.

I setup my account and decided to post something to test it out...the only thing I got was some weird message in red letters that said something like "tx < bla bla bla" (the bla bla bla means that I don't remember the rest).

Crap! When my friend said it's in Beta he really meant it.

I decided to give it a rest and I tried it again later. So I wrote I quick post to see if I could get it to work (I just put in the words "this is a test") and it did work this time...cool!

Hours pass...I go to work...I come back home...I log in to my account and the first thing I see is that my test post was flagged with no explanation. What gives? That's how you great new members here?

Not a great start.

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Add a few more tags if you can: #steemit. I've had other friends who are unable to sign up as well with similar problems. Thanks for sharing. This is how things will become better, and welcome to the community!!

I added the steemit tag. Thank you for your advice!

Also, there are a few trolls here probably working for FB trying to take things down. So, sorry that your first post was flagged.

I'm sorry you had that first experience. Good post you made about it though. You may want to follow @sykochica and @steemitguide for good tips.

Thanks for the tip I'll make sure to do that.

You may want to join in on this conversation about peoples' opinions of the most helpful Steemians. Good way to find help. Click here

FAQ Guide is just completed:
Part 1

Part 2

And this will be really helpful too.
Free Post Template to Offer Newbies: Making Onboarding Easier

Sorry to read that you had problems. It's good that you wrote about that, instead of giving up. Now that you're here, keep writing and don't forget to upvote other people's posts.

Welcome aboard.

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