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RE: If your not already famous dont bother joining Steemit. WTF!!!!!!!!! coming from a steemit mini whale

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You are not a mini whale. You are at best a mini dolphin. And your posts are not thoughtful, interesting or helpful. They are counterproductive to the development of steem and dare I say even to yourself.

Here is a thoughtful post discussing steemit by someone who does understand business:

How Steemit technology and principles can (and will) become the foundation of the future of management in companies (Featuring new author @sebastien)


@erath , it looks like to me you guys are both Decent sized Dolphins of about the same size. I consider myself a mini-Dolphin. I figure anyone at HERO status is at least a Dolphin. Anyway, I think @juneaugoldbuyer is kinda new here, and might just be a little over excited just like I was in the very beginning.
I know since I joined a little over a month now, there have been quite a few changes for STEEMIT, and that too has led to some confusions and misunderstandings.
Hang in the @juneaugodlbuyer .... it is still very very early in the life of STEEMIT.COM
ps. I posted a few new articles on My Blog Please stop by when you can.
full $teem ahead!

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