ICO Review - Neluns New Generation Financial Ecosystem

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NELUNS is New Generation Financial Ecosystem

In this blog we will understand what Neluns is, how much beneficial it is for you as investor or shareholder.

I have always dedicated my Steemit Blog for reviewing the best ICO projects ever and today I bring you Neluns towards your attention because you will see how unique it is and how popular it is.

Take a minute and checkout the following the snapshot which was taken at the time of writing this blog and is showing the money that they have raised.


This is really crazy amount of money that any ICO has ever raised in their ICO phase. Its around 100 million USD and there are still two days left out.

So guys lets checkout what Neluns is and what they are upto.


It is a New Generation Financial Ecosystem, an Ecosystem which is engaged in banking system which will work in combination with the fiat currency as well as crypto currency. It will also offer us insurance features, cryptocurrency exchanger.

This system will not only help quality development of the influencer, investors and participant of it but will also help inflow of participants and capital that will raise the status of it.

What are the benefits and Features of Neluns ?

icon1-1.png No matter what happens to the crypto currency market out there, meaning whether it is going upside down in the investment, dumping itself or correcting itself, in any such worst cases almost all the coins will dump themselves as well as will correct their prices too. However, #NLS will always stay protected from such events and will have the constant price throughout.

icon1-2.png #Neluns is also conducting the dividend program in which you will be rewarded with the 50% of profit shares and that will be credited to you on three month basis. Meaning every three months you will received 50% of profits for the amount of tokens that you have held during those periods.

icon1-3.png Many of you might be wondering that whether this authenticate service, entity or organisation? Well I would say yes definitely it is the one because they have the physical presence and not only that, they are also coming under the bank category. Meaning they are themselves a bank which will be operating through European zone. It is a Bank itself and it is also having the license for it.

icon1-4.png Of course who can forget about the important service within the U.S. which makes the important decisions behalf of the government the #SEC ( #Securities and #Exchange #Commission). Well, in case of #Neluns they are perfectly fine and have made the announcement of ICO itself.

icon1-5.png #CryptoCurrency #Exchange Neluns is going to have their own crypto currency exchange which will also help to have fiat trades too as discussed in the description of Neluns. The best thing about this exchanger is that it is already #Approved by the U.S. Security and Exchange commission as well as U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

icon1-6.png Additionally as I described above the #Neluns is also going to be one of the best #Insurance #company of all time by adding this feature into their project. This is very unique idea to combine the blockchain project like this and surely it represents the future of insurance companies too.

icon1-7.png You may also ask about its #legal requirements. Well for this purpose they have already made great plans and according to the 1099 tax disclosure form Neluns is a project which is not required to have those raised.


  1. Neluns will allow you to use their services all over the world with instant fund transfers, withdrawal, and deposits.
  2. Neluns is surprisingly similar to traditional bank with debit, credit and American Express cards available.
  3. Whether you love fiat and/or crypto currency ! This bank will allow you to invest money in both the forms.
  4. If you are in need of the loans or want to give away one then also you can do that smoothly over the lending project like Neluns itself via its banking services.
  5. Additionally, iOS and Android applications are available as well.


  1. You can always exchange your fiat and cryptocurrency over Neluns Exchange and have easy buy and sell.
  2. With lightning speed network the transaction will be done instantly, with #bank #guarantee #principle.
  3. You can be worry free about the Neluns security as they have perfect protection from the #cyberattack
  4. No matter what how much load they carry but they will always have the services working with full nodes.


  1. You will have 100% insurance for your trades.
  2. Additional transaction insurance will also be provided by their insurance services.
  3. If you ever stuck at technical issues and feel that you may end up with some technical loss then be worry free as #Neluns has insurance for that purpose too!
  4. Counterparty failed operation protection too.

Neluns Visa and Mastercard bank cards

Checkout the range of #Debit and #Credit cards that will be available from the Neluns banking system.

This is like more than enough ways of getting their services used for our own benefits.


What is the NLS token?

  • Neluns is Security Token
  • Quarterly benefits of holding #NLS token
  • NLS token holding will get 50% profits share.

NLS token distributions

#Neluns team has made proper distribution of tokens and have well thought plans for distribution.

  • Token Name : NLS
  • NLS Supply : 200,000,000 NLS
  • NLS Price : $ 1


12 % of the total NLS will go for the team.
05% have been allocated for the Bounty Campaign
03% have been allocated for the Advisors
80% of which is dedicated for the #ICO sales.


Thank you for reading the article and I hope that you found the detailed info about it here.

If you still have got any concerns, question and need more info then please visit any of the following official links.

Official Links

Website : https://neluns.io
Twitter : https://twitter.com/theneluns
Telegram : http://t.me/TheNelunsChat
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/The-Neluns-2038488129802279
BitcoinTalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4694028
Medium : https://medium.com/@iconeluns
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCap59w27OBC_Cn9nsQxthTA
Vimeo : https://vimeo.com/neluns
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/NelunsProject/?st=JK201PMO&sh=8e3addc0

85 Broad St
New York, NY 10004
(347) 755-4215

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