Preemie hats coming along

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Here are a hat and booties I made for a new baby in our family, about a month ago. A nice warm up for the preemie hats!

The preemie hat challenge is turning out to be fun and kind of informative. My first thought was, "where will I take them?" I live in a rural area, with the closest neonatal unit 75 miles away. Well, I called them and the nurse I spoke to was so enthused! She said they always need hats, gave me circumference measurements request and told me where in the hospital I could drop them off. At that point I wondered how I could get more people involved. There are lots of nice people who knit down at our local yarn shop, so I checked in with some of them. They told me they already collect hats for "Knots of Love" which are sent out to be distributed to preemies, chemo patients and others. They invited me to knit hats for their project. I declined, wanting to make my donation closer to home.

As it stands, I'm on hat #2 and plugging away. I work full-time, so I will do what I can. I love that this challenge has introduced me to a way to donate locally, well kind of locally, doing something I like to do. How are other folks doing?


Hi @redbone, and Happy #NeedleworkMonday! Wow! you have been busy making beautiful things! It is delightful to hear that you are supporting the NICU challenge. So sweet!! Can't wait to see those adorable little caps.

What a nice set you made! I love the colors, so cute!

I am so glad the NICU challenge has introduced you to new ways to donate locally. I am so glad you found a hospital that accepts and needs the donated hats. I hope to make more things to donate to them in the future.

My hats are coming along fine. I’m about ready to start on hat #3. Being a stay at home mom that homeschools I really don’t get a chance to sit down and crochet until the evenings. I’m glad you are still able to plug away even with working full time. Thanks again for your participation in the community project! 😊

Thanks for the reply. Being a home schooling mom, I know your week is way longer than 40 hours. Thanks so much for the NICU challenge. I also hope to keep making little hats and delivering them whenever I get a few done.

Sure! Oh yes my weeks are way longer than 40 hours! It was my pleasure presenting the challenge for everyone. That is so kind of you to want to keep donating. It’s amazing knowing we can use our skills to give to others :)

If you get a moment, please check out the #NeedleworkMonday update for this week. Sorry I am a little late with it. Thanks!

a wonderful set !!!! you have a good heart !!

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