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Just checking in for #needleworkmonday. Some weeks ago I shared a photo of a poncho I am making for my adult niece.


Here is how it looked February 25th.

Well, progress is slow. I spread it out onto two circular needles and my niece tried it on. It fits well, which is good news! But she is really tall and I have miles to go. I haven't met my goal of knitting two rows each day, but I have at least knitted some most days. Multiple family birthdays, sneaking some knitting time on a shawl I started almost a year ago, and working on a flutter-fan belly dance to be performed at the end of the month have all been distractions. And then there are the every day demands of family, work, pets...


Here is my progress as of today. Not too impressive. But I have been giving this some thought. Feeling obligated to work on a project - or to blog for that matter - diminishes the pleasure of the activity, at least for me. I have been working on changing my relationship to these activities and letting go of feeling pressured or obligated, noticing the joy I experience in the process of creating. I think I am making a little progress on this. And that might be more important than progress on a project.


I love your last paragraph--and I agree that maintaining your joy in a project by not putting pressure on yourself IS more important than progress on the project. Wow, I really need to repeat that to myself periodically. I'm really bad about self induced pressure.

I'm also quite intrigued by "flutter fan belly dance" :)

It can be really tough to find time to do what we love and live. It’s something I also struggle with and to add to what @crystalize mentioned in her #needleworkmonday post, marketing and the “office” work takes away from the enjoyment. Thank you for making the time to share. 💐

I can imagine that the marketing might be the least enjoyable part of a creative person's business. My nemesis is chart notes and assessments - you know what they say "the job isn't finished 'till the paperwork is done." Thanks for your comment!

I commend you for working on it even a little bit. We may not always meet our goals but at least you are working on it! It is sooooo hard with all of he demands and lack of time. There is so much I wish I could accomplish but time and lack of energy (due to pregnancy) permits me.

What you have done so far is exciting because it is coming along. Once your niece receives her handcrafted gift it will all be worth it! I love the V shape line designs you added to it!

Thanks for your encouragement! You, my dear, are an inspiration - family, business, pregnancy, but you still find time to create and to mentor your daughter. Amazing!

You are very welcome ~

Awww thank you so much! You are so sweet and that really makes me happy you feel that way about me. I really appreciate that! 😘

Sometimes you just have to take a break from the crafting and work on other projects. And belly dancing sounds like an amazing other project. Plus you know life gets in the way...

Life gets in the way all right. I dream of having a whole afternoon just to work away on a project. But I also know that I need the balance of work, life and knitting

I agree - once you feel you have to do it, it can lose all joy. That's why I politely refuse requests - I offer to teach the requester how to do it. I love making things for gifts - but at my pleasure and behest. Two rows is steady progress, you'll find your flow.

I really like the idea of teaching a requester to make what they want! I will definitely try that... Thanks for the encouragement!

It is beauuuuuuuutiful @redbone!!! It looks so soft, snuggly and cozy. Your design and colors are amazing! Take your time. I repeat, take your time! The beauty will unfold in its own due time and there is simply no rush when creating art like you are doing. Enjoy, share successes and failures, but don't rush or put pressure on yourself. Happy #NeedleworkMonday to you, my dear!

It will be soft and warm - and niece loves it. I really appreciate your comment and encouragement!

Dear friend! Next time also use #artzone and follow @artzone to get an upvote on your quality posts!

@redbone, you're doing really well... It's time consuming and requires patience... I know because my mum knitted my sister and I a poncho each. My sister's had 4 points, but by the time it got to her knitting mine, she did mine with two points : it was tiring and the knitting was really heavy in itself. I remember my poncho dearly ! :)

Thanks for your comment! It's funny you mention how heavy your poncho was, because this one is too. It will be very nice and warm, but it tires my hands out to work on it. It is nice to make something for someone you love, though, and I bet you mum was glad you liked it so much.

yes @redbone... We remember how useful it was at the seaside and how bored she got knitting just plain stitch 'around and around'... I just wish I had photos ....

Hi @, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Fiber Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Join us on Mondays for Coffee Hour at 3pm EDT in the Steemit Fiberartists on Discord.

I think it will come out lovely after finished and blocked...

But I am with you on the blogging pressure. At first on Steemit there was alot of pressure to post, post, post...but as a handcrafter the only way to do that is to either post on things one made long ago, or to rush through projects...
So, I just backed off a bit and I make what I do, when I do. If I finish a needlework project on Friday, I wait until Monday to post it :) or I just post whatever progress I have on it, if there is any.

The joy is in creating, and then sharing it is just a bonus that will hopefully help others along the way :)

Really nice of you to make this for your niece. Needlework is a beautiful traditional craft that harkens back to simpler times. What a wonderful ability to have. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work. It will be a really nice piece.

Thanks for your comment. One of the things I enjoy about knitting is the tradition and helping to keep a craft alive.

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