The suprisingly ripped Jeans

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The suprisingly ripped jeans steemit titelbild(6).png

I know you expect to read a post about my finished wrap dress… I too expected this. But I surprised myself by tackling a long-time project instead: taking in the waistband of a long-loved jeans.
All of you have seen photos of me and you noticed I am a bit curvier at my backside. Not only do I have a generous behind, I also have a swayback which makes buying trousers and especially jeans a daunting endeavour. Nevertheless, I buy jeans and always hope they will magically transform when taken home. They never do this. Never.

For many years I simply bought too big jeans and let them slide down until my helpful hips stopped them. But now, as I am a bit better in knitting and fell in love with short and tighter sweaters, I wanted some trousers which sit on my waist and not at my knees hips.
As a preparation I watched several videos on how to alter a jeans waistband. Most advised to unpick the waistband and then firstly alter the trousers, then the waistband and at least sewing on the waistband again.

The suprisingly ripped jeans 1.png

Sigh - too many steps. I want it fast, I want it now. I fetched my jeans and thought ‚Why not insert some darts? I already promised your, dear readers, some darts on the backside of my wrap dress.‘ And so it was decided, I will inserts darts at the back of my jeans. I measured the access width of the waistband (12 cm) and divided it into two darts I positioned above the pockets on the back of my trousers. I pinned these darts and killed some of my lovely flower pins while doing this. Jeans is a thick and sturdy material – wow.
Then I simply sewed these darts and tried the trousers on. Perfect. Really. I did not initiate disaster while doing this, I was amazed myself. Originally, I wanted to cut the access fabric on the inside of the darts away, but, who knows… perhaps I will gain weight sometimes, so I let them as they were. This access fabric on the inside of the trousers is not visible and it doesn’t pinch me, so it is allowed to stay :-D
But back to the disaster. The jeans have very small destroyed details. Super small details – tiny tiny – until I snagged on my cupboards handle, after trying the freshly altered jeans on. Now I have a much bigger destroyed detail. So big I no longer would call it a detail. AHHHHHHHH

The suprisingly ripped jeans  3.png

With my waistband perfected and the knee ripped, I became desperate… and saw the wrap dress which is made from this strange stiff and sturdy fabric. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut into the wrap dress for a big enough patch. Naaaahhhhh joking 🙃 I have a big rest of this fabric and as it is so sturdy I guessed it will make a nice patch for the jeans. I cut a much bigger rectangle than the actual hole in my jeans, as the whole area around the knee feels frail. I turned the jeans inside out, pinned the patch and sewed it on. And I loooove it. My first idea was to embroider this hole so that you cannot see the patch, but I like the flower pattern which is peeping out of the ripped area. I will therefore leave the hole open for now.

The suprisingly ripped jeans  2.png

So, this was my #needleworkmonday adventure which only subtle involved the wrap dress :-D

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.


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I've taken up jeans using the exact same method, but I am too skiny now for a couple of darts. I need to go down 3 sizes which is impossible for me to alter. Your pants look great.


Yes, I can imagine that this will not work, if you have to take away too much fabric, it would lead to bulges. My jeans is not really too big, only the fit is not perfect for me. And in your case... three sizes is much, I guess new jeans are necessary 😊

Haha! Those jeans are a perfect fit :) Getting a good fit is so hard with jeans, I was so pleased when they started making low rise waistlines - they are perfect for me.
The patch was a perfect solution, too. I need to do this with two pairs of my jeans that have been relegated to house and garden jeans. I had a tiny hole in a crease in one set and now it has grown into a jagged gaping rip. So far, I have been wearing my gardening apron to hide it, but that solution will not do for long as it increases each time I wear them!
I saw a beautiful fitted top finishing just below the waistline and with a low neckline with a big fold-over collar, it would be perfect with your jeans. Alas, it was in a charity shop that was closed :(


Low rise is also much better for me. I am so short and have thick thighs, so I need to buy bigger jeans. These bigger jeans always rise too high... the popular high raise jeans - I think I could pull them up to my chin :-DDD I still don’t understand why jeans have mostly completely straight lines and no curves.
The growing hole - I now them. I once had such an exemplar which ripped at my backside. Every time I sat down it ripped a bit more...😱😱 And I managed to completely tear of the leg of these trousers. 😂 I hope you find a nice patch for your jeans and that you are able to rescue the jeans.
And the top with a fold-over collar sound lovely 😊 I already wrote this as a comment to another post, but the second hand shops here are not so interesting. I often find the clothes even more expensive than in ‘normal’ shops and I seldom find things in my size 😔
Apropos outfit... are you participating in #memademay19 ? I try for the first time (mostly on Instagram, but if my father is ok and I have a bit of time, I will write about this next Monday - or so the plan) I want to incorporate more handmade items in my daily wardrobe and imagine memademay is a nice inducement.

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Thank you for featuring my post! It is always so helpful to be shared. Thank you for your awesome work 💕

Great way to get a good fit and yet be able to expand them again if needed someday! And the knee patch is very cute. Too bad you broke some of those cute pins doing this project.


Yes, the expanding option is important 😂😂 at least for me. And with the pins. I found them in a bargain shop and I guess they are more beautiful than durable. Or I am too brutal with my tools, this is always a possibility 🙃


At least you use them! My Mom is known for buying pretty things but never using them because they might get damaged... :)


I only have this problem (of not using) with clothes I especially love 🤪 No good either...

Totally get it with the jeans and how they fit. I haven’t found my perfect jeans yet, but one day they will find me. 😊
Love how you fixed that rip with extra cloth! Looks good!

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I thought yoga for maaanyyy years and there was this saying “the teacher will find you, if you are ready” In our case it is the jeans which will find us, when we are ready 😂😂 Obviously this could take some time...


@neumannsalva 😂 it surely will take time....

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Your jeans story reads like a proper adventure @neumannsalva :-DDD
You really gave me a fright with that I 'cut into the wrap dress for a big enough patch'... I nearly jumped... thank God it was only a joke... phew

The jeans look great, well done on taking the waist in so successfully! I'd say it's not as easy as it looks. And that ripped patch on your knee looks really fresh and modern :D
So it's old-new jeans you have now! :-D


Believe me, it was an adventure (I am still a frightened rabbit while sewing) and this da*** wrap dress was angering me a bit so I punished it virtually with this post 😂
Yes, this intaking is tough especially for my sewing machine. It is not very expensive and I guess not made for thick fabric. I watched some videos and the proper process of taking in the waistline is much more complicated... but ok, my method worked too 😁
And I am happy you like the patch. I also found it a nice addition to the jeans :-)


The waist is always tricky even for professionals... every time I hit the shops, I encounter this waist problem - if it fits on my waist, the hip region is too tight, if it's fine around the hips, the waist is too wide... they never get it right for me!!!!

All the best with your wrap dress! Hope you won't be punishing it anymore :DDD

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Ich hab das nicht ganz verstanden, glaube ich. Du hast in diesem Fall eine zu weite Jeans enger gemacht? Oder eine zu enge Jeans weiter? Ich suche für Letzteres eine Lösung und weiß nicht, ob ich jetzt den Bund an einer Stelle aufschneiden soll und dort ein Stoff-Dreieck einsetze?

Sorry für meine lange Leitung. :)

Du gibst wirklich sehr gute Tipps, auch wenn ich sie hier nicht ganz eindeutig verstanden habe. Liebe Grüße!


Ohhh nooooo ich hab die Hose enger gemacht, nicht weiter. Leider habe ich letzteres noch nie mit einer Hose ausprobiert, nur mit einem Rock. Ich vermute es funktioniert ähnlich. Für den Rock habe ich in die Seitennähte jeweils einen Streifen Jeans eingesetzt. Bei einer Jeans müsste es wahrscheinlich ein Keil sein, da sonst die Hosenbeine auch insgesamt weiter werden.
Ärgert mich auch immer wieder, aber weiter machen ist meist schwieriger als enger machen.
Hier ist es gerade etwas zu laut, deshalb kann ich nicht hören was im Video gesagt wird, aber vom anschauen habe ich den Eindruck, dass ist es was du versuchen könntest

Ganz liebe Grüße und ich freue mich immer von dir zuhören (Bild habe ich bekommen, ganz großartig uns spannend... ich schreibe auch bald, leider ist es mit der Zeit grad doof bei mir, da mein Vater so schwer krank ist)


Liebe Grüße zurück!
Danke für das Video, ich habe daraufhin noch ganz viele Näh-Videos geschaut und mich darin verloren. Ja, Hosen weiter machen ist wirklich nicht einfach. Ich weiß nicht, ob ich es versuchen werde.

Wie geht es deinem Vater? Ich hoffe, er kann sich erholen?

Yes, perfect fit, @neumannsalva ! I also like comfortable jeans so I can sympathise ! I love that red top you're wearing in the photos. We're back to drizzle rain over here.


Yes the top 💕💕💕😍 I love this too, although it is not a colour I often wear. I am not sure if it is visible, but it shows hello kitty. My friend Sylvia found it and I love it. And the jeans is much better now, but I still prefer skirts, jersey skirts... with a waistband which is super soft and beneath my bellybutton. I am not made for high fashion 😂

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love your creativity! btw the flower pattern looks great so just leave it there :)


Thank youuuuu 🙏😊 And yes, I will leave the patch visible, I also like the pattern and think it is a nice addition to this jeans.

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Oh this is absolutely awesome. I’m also often stopped with too many steps when confronted with sewing adjustments. Making darts seems like the way to go. I’ll try it out next time :3


Me too, but I have to admit that I am not very skilled in sewing (and I am always frightened to destroy the clothes/fabric) The videos I watched were too complicated for me and as my sewing machine is not made for heavy duty (meaning thick jeans fabric) I thought the easier the better. I did not need to take away too mich fabric and so the darts worked ok. Next time I would make the darts a bit longer, this will be flatter and the seam will be hidden beneath the pockets.
If you ever try this method, I am curious if it will work for you 😊💕

Yay!! You did it!! I remember we were talking about this and you did it!! It looks seamless!! I need to do this for a couple of my jeans too which keeps sliding down as I walk. Thank you @neumannsalva!! 😘😘😘
And the patch is cool hehe. I do that too and simply (literally) zigzag all across the patch.

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Yes I took heart and dared to take these jeans in. They are not my most problematic one, so it was a good starting point. But believe me my alteration is not seamless 😂 Next time when I use this technique I would make the darts longer, this would perhaps result in less bulges.
And with the patch... I guess I have to sew over it as you described so it will be ok, if I wash the jeans. But this has too wait 😂

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Oh happy happy !!! Thank you for choosing my post, this is so helpful and encouraging. Thank you for your awesome work 😍 🌈🌈

Wow! nice fitted, I choose stretchy jeans for it also a struggle to fit when buying.

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