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Welcome to the fourth issue of ’The NeedleWorkMonday RUN’ (Reports, Updates, News). This is the @needleworkmonday community’s inside look. Here you will be informed of the latest happenings involving our needlework community. There will be no set schedule for these articles as they will be published when needed.

We have some exciting announcements to share with you all! We hope you get excited as well!



50th Curation!


Next week on Wednesday July 17th, we will be posting our 50th Curation Showcase! That calls for a celebration! All posts that are chosen for that weeks’ curation will split the post payout! Also, there will be a drawing for SBI Shares for all qualified #NeedleWorkMonday posts that week! Whoo Hoo! 😃

If you are unsure what a qualified quality #NeedleWorkMonday post looks like, please be sure to read over our FAQs! Be sure to post on Monday the 15th so you can have a chance to be chosen!



2 Year Anniversary!


The @needleworkmonday community will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary this month! The #NeedleWorkMonday tag was created in July of 2017 and has been going strong every since! It has been such a pleasure and a fun two years sharing, learning and growing with you all.

Starting NOW we will be running a contest throughout the rest of this month. The deadline to have your entry in is on Monday, July 29th! Since you can post your entry anytime you are ready, we are asking that you please paste your post links in the comments below on this post or on the original post announcement so that we can find them when it’s time to judge!

Contest Details

We would like for you to come up with a needle craft that commemorates our 2nd Birthday! For example you can crochet, knit or sew a patchwork of a birthday cake with 2 years old. You can cross-stitch the #NeedleWorkMonday logo. You can create something that shows what #NeedleWorkMonday means to you e.g. crocheting a big love or something that symbolizes friendship. You could even add a poem to your entry. The possibilities are endless as long as you use a needle!

Your entry must involve needlework or it will not be considered for the contest!


1. You must use the #NeedleWorkMonday tag as one of your post tags.
3. Your entry must involve needlework! This means using a needle in the creation of your craft!
4. You must paste a link to your every in the comment section below on this post or on the original post announcement.
5. Your entry link must be posted below by the deadline on Monday, July 29th!

You must follow all of the above rules to be qualified as an entrant!

Prizes TBD!

We would like to continue giving SBI Shares (steembasicincome) because it helps your account to grow as well as our community account. For every Share you receive the @needleworkmonday account receives a Share as well. For those that still may not understand what these Shares are, it is basically a lifetime vote that you will receive on your posts from @steembasicincome. The more Shares you have the bigger your upvote will be. Please visit their FAQs to learn more!

However, I would love to hear your feedback on this. Do you like receiving SBI Shares as prizes or would you rather receive Sbd/Steem instead? I will be reading your responses and will determine the prizes and the number of winners that will be chosen on a future date. Stay Tuned!


A special thanks to @marblely for helping me brainstorm and coming up with those brilliant contest entry ideas!

This issue of ’The NeedleWorkMonday RUN’ is brought to you by @crosheille. 😊

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I haven't had a post for #needleworkmonday for a couple weeks. Possibly I will get a chance to get one together soon.

We’ll be looking forward to it ;D

Two years!!! This is amazing and I am so in awe and thankful that this community is growing. I still remember the beginning and how unsure I was... thinking it fruitless to write about knitting, crochet or sewing. It was such a great moment when @crosheille founded the #needleworkmonday community.
This community means the world to me. It gives me an anchor, a reason to continue to write and to learn.
To even more wonderful crafty years ❤️

Your appreciation and participation means a great deal! You give #needleworkmonday such a special joy, couldn’t imagine you not apart of it. It has really grown and made it’s mark here on Steemit and for that I am grateful. Although we’re in our down season (Summertime vacations and too hot for some to knit) we are still active and having a grand time sharing every week! I hope we start seeing some of our regulars back soon.

To more crafty years!! 🥳

Congratulations #needleworkmonday! Thanks to @croishelle to invite me to this community

Thank you!! ❤️

you're welcome

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Hola hasta ahora lee la publicación espero pueda hacer algo antes de la fecha.. De publicar preferiría ganar sbd

Gracias por tus comentarios.

Here's my entry #needleworkmonday | 2 Year Anniversary - Sampler. I can't believe I spelt the tag wrong! Hehe x