Needleworkmonday March 16, 2020- finished a hat

Morning! I finished a hat last week and continued to make progress on the huge throw blanket I am working on.
I was in a training class for Tuesday and Thursday and that gave me some time to work on the hat.

I also spent some time working from home and as usual, the cats helped a bunch.


I am in my office today, probably the last time for a few weeks as I'm hoping to work from home much of the ready of the month. :)

Nothing much going on, just work and avoiding other people. I've been playing once a week in this awesomely fun online Rpg that my Black Shield friends are running. It's called Away Team and each game is about a random team being sent on a mission. Since we never know who is available to play, the teams change a bit every game.
My character is Dsve1.3.1.9, a Artificial being/robot with a bad habit of attaching myself to new and unusual tech. :)

Happy #needleworkmonday


Hat looks cute and cats even cuter. They really seem to be good at excel :-DDD
I still have not tried online RPG... right now it would come handy, as we have quarantine right now. I hope you stay well!

They are very good at Excel! I'm working from home for the next few weeks and will be hanging with the cats. I'm going to try and talk some friends into running more online games. We have a gaming Discord if you want an invite.

Uhhhh this is so lovely, but I guess I would explode because of English and shame overload. I guess you do this with headset/camera? And I really have problems to understand spoken English and I won’t speak about my pronunciation... I already wrote that I presumably sound like a Nazi villain who has a vocabulary of 300 words... So, yes I want, but I do not dare 😱 And we have a huge time difference or?

The time difference would definitely be an issue. And I totally understand the concerns about talking. Maybe someday we will figure something out and do a live Discord meetup. Perhaps a knitting and tea group video meet to wave at everyone. :)

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