Textile Upcycled Product of the Week | Dolls

Textile Upcycled Product of the Week

Every week, we profile one of our textile recycled products.

#ecoDesigned Product | Dolls


Why make Dolls?

  • Almost every dolls in the Cameroonian market is imported and this is not doing any good to our economy.
  • The imported dolls are mostly made from plastic and when they get bad, they contribute to plastic pollution.
  • The imported dolls are very expensive and as such, most families can not afford to purchase dolls for their kids.
  • Its fun and creative

The steps involved in the production of our ecodesigned Dolls include;

1. Collection of the textile offucts


2. Shaping and Sizing the textile offcuts to be of same sizes


3. Sewing the offcuts together to produce the #ecodesigned fabric. Once we have the #ecodesigned fabric made, we can now use it to sew our #ecodesigned doll garment.

ecodesigned fabric.jpg

4. Design, cut and sew the #ecodesigned doll garment of your choice and size and then stuff it with textile offcuts.

Our ecodesigned dolls simple and beautiful but give children the joy and fun of dolls.

Our dolls are stuffed with textile offcuts, hence contribute in keeping textile waste out of the environment. As compared to imported plastic dolls that sell at $5 and above, our dolls cost $2 and are recyclable.
When we sell our dolls, we ask our clients to bring them back to us in case they get torn or in case they no longer like it so that we can mend it or repurpose it to always look great. With our @ecodesigns dolls, we are putting on smiles on the faces of children.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-09 at 21.19.39.jpeg

the ecodesigned doll made @mr-greens to smile


By purchasing a Garment from @ecodesigns, you are supporting @thegreens to train women and girls for free in textile recycling and fashion designing as well as supporting us to reduce textile waste pollution via the recycling of textile offcuts and textile waste in the North West Region of Cameroon
WhatsApp Contact: +237 676243136
[email protected]


EcoDesigns is a textile recycling and fashion designing hub of The Greens (@thegreens) that trains young girls for **FREE** in Textile Recycling and Fashion Designing in a bid to reduce female unemployment, inequalities and poverty, promote female entrepreneurship, improve the health and wellbeing of orphans, prisoners and poor people via the donation of free clothes, as well as combat textile waste pollution and climate change. *It’s a branch of The Greens’ Waste Business Hub, a startup incubator that is training young and underprivileged youths to exploit the business opportunities available in the domain of waste, hence nurture a generation of Waste Business Entrepreneurs (Wastepreneurs). Waste Business Hub is currently educating and empowering youths in the recycling of tires, textile and plastic wastes.* EcoDesigns currently has 03 Training Directors and 13 female trainees who are learning fashion designing, embroidery and overlocking as well as how to transform textile trash into textile treasure.

Every week, the hub upcycles 50 pounds of textile waste in a bid to curb textile waste pollution and Climate Change.

Support @ecodesigns

By supporting @ecodesigns, you are contributing to reducing female youth unemployment and poverty, promoting women empowerment and entrepreneurship, improving the health and wellbeing of orphans, prisoners and poor people who can’t afford quality garments, as well as contributing to fight textile waste pollution and climate change. You can support @ecodesigns by;

1. Delegating @ecodesigns Steem power. We appreciate any amount of SP Delegation.

2. Upvoting @ecodesigns Posts

3. Donating @ecodesigns Steem or Steem Dollars

4. Follow, Comment and Resteem @ecodesigns posts

5. Organizing a charity fundraising or Sewing Machines drive for @ecodesigns

EcoDesigns Footer-1.jpg

The Greens Footer.jpg

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The dolls are so cute and pretty! Definitely a great project!! :D

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Aaaawww.... the little girl with the little doll is too sweet!! Nice project and yes, such a good idea to make locally from repurposed material. Do you stitch on faces too?

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Not yet stitching on faces but we have found a way for an artist to draw the face and then we can add synthetic hair waste to the head of the doll so that it looks exactly like the imported dolls. Thanks for the words of encouragement and support @artemislives.

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