Azuma Bag - a Japanese Eco Bag / 日本のエコバッグ、あずま袋

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I wanted to try to make an Azuma bag (あずま袋, Azumabukuro) for years as it is made in a geometrically interesting way with a narrow long fabric. It is said Japanese people in Edo period, more than hundred years ago, mimicked western bags with what they had and made this bag.

Last weekend finally I made two.


I used leftover slim long fabric from sewing my daughter's blanket cover. If you were a sewing fan, you might have this kind leftovers in your leftover box ;) You can combine two or more different fabrics too.


Here is a brief explanation how it's made.

IMG_7105 1.png

What motivated me to make Azuma bags was my question to veggie nets sold in super markets as an alternative to plastic bags.

The photo is from a news release on REWE's website.

It may be better than to use one time use plastic bags. But these nets look like made of synthetic fibers that releases micro plastic to water when they are washed. Some bio stores have cotton ones though.

So I made with Azuma bags with cotton. Veggies and fruits fit well in the Azuma bags.



Original Azumabukuro has wide shape but as I thought it is more convenient to have depth, I arrange the pattern. It can be done by cutting fabric in parallelogram instead of rectangle. The left one in the second photo made of parallelogram shape fabric.


Short side of the fabric = w * h / SQRT(w^2 + h^2)
Long side of the fabric = w * h / SQRT(w^2 + h^2)
w: width of bag, h: height of the bag
**The fabric in rectangle shape to fit in the parallelogram. Seam is not included.

I bring them to market tomorrow and how it works. I may introduce Azuma bags to local eco market organizer if it works well :)






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Hmm.... I wonder if I have such long scraps of fabric...

Another idea: if you use "seasonal" fabric, you could save yourself the hassle with wrapping the christmas gifts...
looks for the Butinette catalog

You can combine few scraps. Matching patterns and colors is a fun part too. Using it as a gift wrapping is an interesting idea. I may think about some for upcoming holiday season :)

This is such a clever and intriguing looking bag. I love the structure of it and that it is eco-friendly. For those that need more space it looks like it could be altered to make a bigger bag?

Lovely job on this! You’ll have to let us know what the market organizer thinks of it :)

The structure attracted me a lot. Bigger one might be nice too. I try to make one when my daughter doesn't have to be on my arm ... ;) ;) I'm still a back pack mama to be ready to carry her anytime ;)

I like these bags!
I have been trying out crochet vegetable nets for shopping, but they are not easy to manage - fruit especially wants to escape!
I have just resurrected my sewing machine after many years, this is the perfect project to try out 😊

Crochet veggie bags nets are nice too. Patterns on Raverly tempted me many time to make one ;) I found an English tutorial to make it:

Have fun @shanibeer!

Again something I had to share with my friend Silvia and she (and me too) loves your bag. THis is such an uncommon but cool style. The geometry of the folding looks so complicated at the first glance, but hopefully we will manage :-D Silvia makes small drawstring bags for the veggies, but the design of your bags is much more unique.
I have to confess, that I still seldom have a coin for a shopping wagon and so I simply put everything (mixed together) in a big bag or basket (which I brought) Up to now, nobody complained 🙏😂


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I like this design, thanks for sharing how you made it! I think I will try to make a couple with your instructions, thanks!

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Perfection! Thank you @akipponn for sharing this pattern, great use of cotton scraps and then once it’s worn out, it’s good for dusting or cleaning. I’m going to do this! 🌊🌙