[2016-10-15] Ned Scott Seminar at Oslo Steemit Hackathon: "(...) one of my favourite ideas going into this project, was the idea that we are going to create this pegged instrument - the SteemDollar"

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In this video, I have found very interesting few sentenses said by @ned, interesting especially in relation to words quoted in post of @krnel - Ned on SBD: "Does the community want to continue to be paid out in Steem Dollars?", so I've prepared short transcription of those words:

I am not a navite English speaker, so in case I made any mistakes, please point it out, I will correct the transcription. Any help with further transcription will be really appriciated.

Transcription (small part):

at 2:06:45

(...) So, so, one of my favourite ideas going into this project, was the idea that we are going to create this pegged instrument - the SteemDollar, it's goint to be pegged to US dollar, one of the classic problem in the bitcoin space it's been volatitly and we've seen this problem, you know, present itself as people gone out and tried to do marchant intregrations with bitcoin and one of the things which happend is that a lot of marchants will do the integrations and accept bitcoin, but what happens is, when they do a transaction, when they recive bitcoin they then cashout into dollars or some other commodaty or asset or currency, that they think will be more stable or they will be more comftable holding. (...)


  • Day 1 - Project Presentations
    • 1:51:55 - introduction ( @clains & @spectral)
    • 1:54:23 - @xeroc - author of Piston
    • 1:57:35 - @cass - designer of BitShares and a lot of projects related to Steemit
    • 2:02:10 - @furion - at that time, lead developer of SteemQ
    • 2:05:14 - @ned - CEO and co-founder of Steemit is talking about another idea for incentivized market making model for SteemDollar
    • 2:12:12 - next persion is talking about Norwagain housing market and ideas related with that
    • 2:18:40 - Hans is talking about Identity Layers
    • 2:20:40 - Glen is talking about collaborative creation of media
    • 2:24:20 - next person is making short introduction of chart library


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