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RE: Ned Scott and @theoretical of Steemit Explore Oracles on Steem

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a superlinear rewards curve creates a strong incentive for those who have a large amount of STEEM to self-vote and collude

Isn't it exactly the opposite way? Linear curve incentivizes self-voting, that's why it is now so frequent...


That should help clarify it ;-)

Superlinear is not the same as linear.

How about explaining what Superlinear is. Because it's the first time I hear the word. And the word makes no sense as you can improve on linear. Something which is linear can't be made more linear. Either you are linear or you are not.

Plot me a graph so I understand it.

We have a linear curve now and we have much self-voting and upvote-bot-using now. When we had a superlinear curve there wasn't as much self-voting as now. I think that's what @hr1 is meaning.

Ah, I see. The distinction is between superlinear rewards based on stake and superlinear rewards based on individuality. Superlinear rewards distributed based on individuality is a fundamentally different thing. As was explained in the post, with superlinear rewards distributed based on individuality, a self-vote gets you nothing more than a vote for someone else because your stake is irrelevant. All that matters in such a case is whether the thing you vote on receives more upvotes in the future from many more individuals regardless of their stake.

Now I see:

You call exponential growth superlinear. That's very confusing. Why not use words people understand?

And the opposite of what is needed. Inverse exponential rewards – sublinear as you would call it - is needed to help plankton accounts along:

And would reflect real live articles better. Articles don't become exponentially better. Quite the opposite they get closer and closer to perfect without reaching it.

Linear is proportional to n (which is the same as n^1). The exponential (a^n) is not the only superlinear curve, you can have n^2, n^3, ...

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"superlinear": f = a*x^y, y >= 2, but y can be a real number.

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