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Hello, my steemian friends.

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Today I want to make public an information that I have given a lot of thought to, as you know I have a community in Discord called Mayvileros and I have been there for some months supporting the users who are starting on the platform and those who already have some time using it.

Then I realized that the more I invest of my profits, the more I invest is not enough because the value of the SBD and STEEM kryptom currencies are constantly falling and I don't notice the investment that is made at the moment because it is very low.

Therefore, any profit I am receiving for the posts I am creating is automatically invested to maintain the values of the votes and thus maintain the constant support to the users that I support randomly.

But it turns out that talking to several users I have found that if we all want support and grow up with little Steem Power it is a difficult task and a long-term goal as not everyone has been on the platform for so long and does not have a remarkable vote.

That's why I decided with all the security of helping and the good will with which I am known to request the delegation of your Steem Power, I will not put any amounts on them, the amount is at your expense, according to your judgment.

Currently to give a vote of $0.01 they have to have at least 100,000 Steem Power (or so I have seen according to the calculations I have made).

I have a total of 401,753 Steem Power that would be about 0.04 at the moment (it may go up or down depending on the platform).

The more collaboration you have on your part, the more support you will have, but I will tell you what steps to take for those who wish to support the cause.

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The method by which we will do this is with SteemConnect and the link must contain the following information:

If you change the link data it will look like this:

You can play with the amount of VEST, in the example I set 330,200,000 which would be 162,767 SP (Steem Power).

You can open the link and see that it will reflect this in the following way:

delegacion en proceso.png

Then if you wish to continue with the operation, select "continue" and you will be sent to the next box to confirm your session with SteemConnect in order to continue with the operation.

proceso dos.png

As you continue, you will be receiving confirmation of your transaction and at the end you will be shown this screen indicating that the transaction was successful and giving you an identification of the transaction:

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So, what is the purpose of the petition?

1.- Increase the value of the STEEM POWER with your support.
Give them more money for each vote you give them every day.
3.- To grow as a community, to continue supporting them economically and educationally in this process of initiation.

Which do you prefer?

Give votes of 0.001 or less or contribute something to receive votes of 0.04 or more?

I don't ask for high amounts, but the more people we are, the faster the reward will be.

Let's do the math:

If at least 500 people make a loan of 2,000 Steem Power I would give a total of 1,000,000 Steem power which would be about $0.10 per vote plus the Steem power I have in my account.


That likewise when you decide you want your Steem power back, you should use the same link but setting the amount of VEST to 0.000 and make the request, you expect an approximate 7 days and you will have the SP (Steem Power) back in your steemit account.

Link para des-delegar:


  • You cannot delegate power that is off.
  • You may not delegate power that has been delegated to you, i.e., power that comes with a + symbol before the amount.
  • The SP delegation functions as a donation.
  • The delegate retains curatorial rewards at all times.

ballena divisor verde moradito.png

I hope you will join this initiative and remember that it is better to have a reliable whale at home than several fish in the sea "Finding Nemo". If you wish to inform me how much your donation is so that I can have it noted, you can write to me by Discord or leave it publicly in the comments of this post. Greetings and thanks in advance.

ballena divisor verde moradito.png


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en eso mismo estamos con un grupo de usuarios, si no ves respuesta acá podes unirte a nosotros, te extiendo la invitación a @freedomtribe


Muchas gracias amigo, saludos y feliz noche.