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I’m happy to announce that @Ned has been introduced to the beautiful work of @bearone , @sevinwilson and @phelimint , the SilverSteemCoin I promised I had Special Plans for earlier today:

I gave @Ned my coin as he was gracious enough to create this wonderful platform and patient enough to take a photo with me.



After receiving my beautiful SteemSilverCoin I headed to San Francisco for the Steemit Meet Up.


This was a point of interest at the CVS next door to the Meet Up. Cashless society seems to be coming faster than any of us excepted!

Note: CVS does not accept STEEM as payment.... yet.


As Goldmatters, pretty much anything with the word “Gold” in it seems to always catch my eye.


There was a nice, engaging crowd at the meet up. Many asked me questions about Goldmoney, which I was happy to oblige!


A very attentive crowd, enjoyed listening to Ned speak about Smart Media Tokens. Super interesting stuff!


One of the highlights of the night, Hawaiian pizza! I’m not sure what more one could want from a Steemit meet up.


Here I meet Ned in person for the first time. Ned is soft spoken, thoughtful, polite, and gracious . I think he is a great guy, in a addition to being such an innovator and so forward thinking .


Ned meets the Goldmoney Gold card!! I especially loved this part.

Earlier today I wrote this blog promising Special Plans for my SteemSilverCoin .... and now everyone knows what they were!

My SteemSilverCoin was destined for greater things, like Neds pocket. Ned was super impressed by the coin and and seemed pretty excited about it.

I was thrilled to push #Steemsilvergold along and to help spread the word about Goldmoney at the Steemit Meet Up in San Francisco.

What an awesome night.

Thanks so much @Ned for talking to me!

Thanks for reading,



To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here:

I am on a personal mission to spread the word about Goldmoney through any means necessary. Goldmoney allows individuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

Read more:


Super cool move @goldmatters -- way to walk the walk!

Thank you ! I was excited to do it:)

My best... again!

Thanks @goldmatters

If you are reading this you are part of the resistance.

Wow man! That's awesome, I'm totally blown away. That must have been an awesome experience. My mind is really blown the think @ned has one of our Steem silver rounds!

@phelimint, I know where one of the extra rounds should land!

I'd bet #steemsilvergold peeps would contribute... I would/will

It’s such a beautifully crafted round, I was very happy to share it with him. Fantastic work :)

Hahah are you fan girling too @Phelimint?

I wondered if @Ned got one of our coins :) Great job @goldmatters! Very awesome of you ❤

@goldmatters I am SUPER STOKED that you did this with the STEEM Silver Round and gave it to @ned. I am so grateful the STEEMIT exists for all of Humanity. To earn while creating content and commenting. Count everyone in and welcome them when they get here.

Wow man <3 You Rock man ! @goldmatters <3 Thats really best move
#Steemsilvergold Rocked <3

I was thrilled to push #Steemsilvergold along and to help spread the word about Goldmoney at the Steemit Meet Up in San Francisco.

You did it man !

Gold money gold card Gold on <3

🍕 thanks for sharing these updates and details with us!

Thank YOU for reading! Damn i should have brought you some pizza

How awesome is this! Goldmatters has gone viral now!! Resteemed to my 3700 goldbugs.

This is the steemsilvergold blog post of the WEEK. It's nice to see your generosity in giving a millionaire money!! Obviously, it's the meaning behind it that's even more valuable. Great post... except now I want Hawaiian pizza and it's the middle of the night here.

Thank you for reading and the kind comment :)

I'm at a loss for words here, I'm just going to say wow!

Wow is good!

oh my gosh, you met ned too! Now we must all meet together for dumplings and... gold nuggets!

I am SO there! Lets do it :) thank you @sweetsssj :)

I’ll provide the gold nuggets if you provide the dumplings! These are for you! 70E5CBB7-5325-473C-B302-C07B7175116C.jpeg

Wow this is awesome! From such a simple idea from a few members in the community to the final product in the hands of the owner. So cool to see the translucency of the community. I can't wait for the steem meet-up in my city in a few weeks. Think a few members will be bringing their steem silvers :)

I would love to see that!

5th of November. Brace yourself :P

which city?

Adelaide, South Australia. We have big, silver balls. You'd love it.

ned is too in love with gold money :)

I sure hope so !!

That I should one truly amazing super steem coin. I bet Ned is long to love it as I wish I could have one of them.

Hopefully one day we will have CVS and other ATM machines accepting bitcoin. It seems like an inevitability and I can't wait to see it in action.

I hope you had a great time at the meet up @goldmatters! :)

Thank you for reading, it was a lot of fun!

Probably the best picture I've seen since joining steemit, goldmoney to the rise !!

Yes yes and yeS!

Best thing of the steemit today wow man you met Ned :D

Thanks for check it out:)

This is awesome! I am glad @ned is aware of what this platform is able to accomplish! I am not sure if he is a stacker or not, but it looks like he was very intrigued by this coin! I really appreciate you doing this!!

You are welcome :) I had to sacrifice my awesome coin but it was well worth it for the good of the community! He was stoked about the design and he was staring closely at it. He really liked it!

That's awesome to hear man, and totally no sacrifice. I happen to know where there's a far more. ;)

Fanatastic!! Let get these some more exposure:)

It was a hell of a sacrifice I must say! The design was pretty impressive! I still can't get over the fact that he is aware of the coin!!

Hey man, Do you mind if we use your photo with Ned and the coin in the our Pheli Mint Social Media, Newsletter and website? I'm still so excited about this.

Yes please feel free! I would love to help the community as much as possible:) feel free to tag @Goldmoney and you might get a like or retweet ;)

Also, FYI Ned has a twitter account and its @certainassets , you may want to tag him also

Great thanks for much, It's first thing on my list for the morning. I'm still so excited by all this!

Hey you guys...this was designed by momi @bearone, reminding everyone!!
Still awaiting mine.

Yes, amazing design!

Couldn't agree more :)

😁😁 I love you lola @immarojas. I'm sure no one forgot darling ❤❤

I'm still waiting for mine too. I'm pretty sure I'll be hearing about how I should have gotten more than 5 coins for the rest of my life 😁

Haha definitely should have more than 5, for me twas ok.

very nice gold money

Thanks fore reading

Nice..looking forward for your success

What i did want to say
Thia its a crazy nice news guys hehe
Good work @ned

Tomando un poco de tiempo para entender steemit, el apoyo de personas que se integran para mejorar las cosas, un aplauso para @Ned por su aporte. se ayuda, se aporta, conoces a millones de personas de todo el mundo y se disfruta. seguiré pendiente de su evolución en todos los aspectos.

Te felicito por tomarte en tiempo para responder cada conversación...

Thanks for reading! I only wish I spoke more Spanish!

oh ok I do not know English but my Google translator helps me.

i hope oe vote for me or follow me

Incredible Brother master @goldmatters who met with CEO of Steemit Brother Master @net

I like that title!!

Love the creativity! best wishes.

Thank you so much

Wow, this is so great. Thanks for sharing this update with us. The Hawaiian pizza there looked really good.

Yeah that was definitely one of the highlights:)

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WOW that is awesome, thanks for sharing that .

Thank you, it WAS awesome

wow thats super cool post : ) and pics

Thanks for all this! Pardon my newbiness, but how do I find out about local meetups? I would have totally met you guys in San Francisco...

Thank you for keeping us all up to date my friend, cheers.

Thank you for reading @silverbug!

I like your Gold Card. And every time I wonder what a Ned is young and beautiful! :)

Thank you for reading:)

a wonderful meeting there, wonderful people both of you are :)

Thank you for reading!

So many in people in many ideas that someone can see floting in the air/// this looks great! Congrats @goldmatters and good for @ned too

Thanks for check it out :)

Really cool! That must of been awesome meeting Ned!

It was, great guy to talk to

Now to find a replacement coin...good luck! Those Steemit rounds are HOT right now!

i'd bet @goldmatters will wind up with one ;)

Lol I know!! Didn’t want to give it up but for @ned its okay :)

Congratulations! That sounds like an incredible time. Meet the CEO, present him with the Steem coin. Lots and lots of pics.

Had to get the #steemsillvergold out there:)

wow what a cool picture that was with Ned really awesome :)

Thank you , the picture turned out really well

Very cool steemit meet there and the Hawaiian pizza looks delicious :)

Yeah that was one of my favorite parts

No way! U met Ned, gave him the mew silver round and had Hawaii pizza!!! Some guys have all the fun 😊 This is so cool on so many levels, I wish I had of been there. So this was just a regional meet up or what, whatcha guys talk about? Ok last u know if anyone recorded this? Thx for promoting Steemit, #steemsilvergold and real money my friend 👍😎

Oh and to answer your questions: 1. I talked to Ned about Goldmoney :). 2. I did see a number of people filming on their phones, I would imagine someone has posted this on steemit somewhere. He gave a presentation and answered a ton of questions

Yes it was awesome , thanks for reading! I think these meet ups happen at various locations. I heard about it and signed up, check here:

thats look great, people attend there and most importantly they asked about goldmoney to know how it works, really it has good vision and should running successfully of goldmoney. i am not flatering people ensure my word by get together.

Thank you I agree

It is very cool

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WOW! That is pretty amazing! Well done @goldmatters, well done!

Great idea passing it on to ned im so so excited to get mine they look so good!

Was sorry to give mine up but felt it was worth it for the exposure

oh definately its amazing promotion for the steemsilvergold group well done! :)

I love to read all your writing

Thank you again

Been drinking a lot of that gold peak full leaf brew ice tea lately! I thought it was exclusive to South Korea.

Really cool!!

Please follow me! I will also

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Awesome! I love awards! Especially when they are gold

Sounds like a fun time. I hope to have or attend a steemit meetup around NC.

The more the better

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@golmatters it's really Amazing to see you with @ned. I feel it's really great experienced for you to learn something new from @ned! I wish I could meet up to @ned in fututre he such a great guy and well personality.

Thanks! Yep hes a great guy!

Great post. Awesome opportunity to meet @ned and talk steem and Gold., can’t wait for my coins to arrive down under.

Thank you! Well worth the wait :)

Amazing work brother. What a privilege and honour that must have been. People like Ned his team yourself and the wonderful Steemit community changing the world one heart at a time. I am truly inspired thank you. Cheer$;)

Thank you! It was very much an honor!

Read this whole thing the other day, upvoted, and only now realized it was written by you with @phelimint's new silver coin. Man that's pretty awesome you presented it to Ned. Great way to represent #steemsilvergold.

Thank you! It was a great moment :)

So cool! Love that coin.

The coin is so awesome! Hard to let it go

wow awesome shots, it's great to see that you meet in person with ned scott CEO and no doubt he is great person, i watched his interviews and he is super cool, i hope you gained some good knowledge from his speech, i am also super excited about the silversteemcojn, Stay awesome my friend and thanks for sharing

Thank you! Yeah hes a very nice person :)

Wow, what a great gesture and the #steemsilvergold thanks you for that. Now if youre in a generous mood could you send one my way??? Hahaha. But if I can't get a coin, I'd definitely take some of that pizza instead

The pizza was fantastic!

Waoo nice to read this thanks for wonderful sharing.

Thanks for reading

wow what a great moment that would have been for you amazing :)

Hello from Norway @Goldmatters
It looks cool that you guys have Steemit meetings.
I was wondering if thees meetings are for invites only or can a fellow steemian from Norway hook up if he is in town some day?
It would be great to see how you do things at thees meetings since some of us up here in the ice, frost and rim country have talked about doing something similar.
I am planing a trip to the US some time in 2018 and if there are any meetings around in the States that are held on regular basis it would be great to get some feedback on that.

Kindest regards

power up flammer.jpg

Hello! This is how I found out about the meetup: I hope there will be one around you soon:)

hello guys.,.
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I want to said again, i love this gold money and amazing system your prosses.

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this is wonderful post, hope you enjoyed the moment.

Incredible, GOLD fever jumped over to Silver. But what Amazing this happened. Goldmoney rules, but good to See silver is possible as well.
Thanks for this informatieve and good post.

Thank you! Goldmoney offers both gold and silver :)

what about crypto?

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Wow was a moment unique betwen two mind shines , live the gold and the cryptocurrencies the future is near

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for reading

@golmatters it's really Amazing to see you with @ned. I feel it's really great experienced for you to learn something new from @ned! I wish I could meet up to @ned in fututre he such a great guy and well personality.

He’s pretty awesome