Some of the top NavCoin proposals so far

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Even though the NavCoin community fund is still being voted on, the proposals & ideas have been flowing in.

There are lots of great proposals! But here's just a selection of some of the ones that have been submitted by the community.

Ledger Nano S integration


Proposed by: Kirkjufelling

Idea: The Ledger Nano S is the most popular multi-currency hardware wallet available, making an integration with the Ledger device would be a great addition for the community - particularly with Cold Staking being a planned feature in the near future. A developer has been found, who will do it for $5k USD, and the details are being refined for the activation of the Community Fund.

Link for more information:

NavCoin billboards


Proposed by: Cyber Pan

Idea: Taking inspiration from the atheist bus campaign in London that made the headlines, Cyber Pan proposes a similar approach for NavCoin - a bold bus campaign designed to get attention.

Link for more information:

Carbon Neutral NavCoin


Proposed by: Craig MacGregor

Idea: This proposal is designed to offset the carbon footprint of the NavCoin network, making NAV the world’s first carbon neutral cryptocurrency. In the proposal, Craig does some math to figure out how much electricity the entire network uses, as well as the ecosystem around it, and then how many carbon credits need to be purchased to offset this. This proposal is great for the environment and a good PR opportunity!

Link for more information:

Translating the website into Slovak, Czech, and Polish to attract new audiences


Proposed by: Rastislav Durove

Idea: According to Rastislav - “I would translate the whole navcoin webpage to my native language (which is Slovak language), which would open the ideas and technology described therein to approximately 3 millions of active citizens in Slovak Republic. This goal can be further extended by translating the webpage into Czech language and Polish language as well, which would greatly increase the visibility of the navcoin community (counting in 30 millions of new target individuals) “

Link for more information:

NavPay giveaway

Proposed by: The Chemist

Idea: As a viral marketing campaign, the idea here is to incentivise downloads of the NavPay wallet, by giving users 1 NAV to get started (once they’ve downloaded the app). This is a great way to show newcomers just how easy it is to use NavCoin!

Link for more information:

What else is happening?

It's great to see so much excitement, and people getting involved with the future of NavCoin! And with the upcoming Hackathon, there will be even more proposals available for the community to discuss - so make sure to get thinking, and get involved!

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