Lepidoptera in Aceh

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Hallo Steemians

What you see tonight is, a walking caterpillar, above a leaf plant, in aceh forest, after walking searching and searching, this caterpillar is visible today, so I take some pictures, which I will show to all Steemians, Steemians can also see the picture I mean, is below.

Steemians that I respect
Hopefully Steemians can follow my blog post for more upcoming content!
Me too, say thank you very much, to Steemians, have read and seen my blog

I end with a word

Regards from me @sultan-aceh

CameraCannon 1300D
LensEF-S 18-55mm
LocationForest Aceh


Designer body ...

WOW! That is impressive to see so close caterpillar, its eyes are looking like there is no iris and they are blind :)

Do you know what kind of butterfly will this caterpillar turn into?

Pat neh @sultan-aceh
Lon katroh u tempat biasa beh

duk aju ... teungoh neuk manow
leuh nyow,lon tron aju

Long and beautiful caterpillar....So colorful:)

Nice shots.. @sultan-ache

Glad to be back again...to be able to see your amazing works.

photography yang sangat indah kawan.semoga kawan dalam keadaan sehat selalu

Well buddy no wonder they sure are stunning images buddy !

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"

gambar yang sangat tajam, saya sangat menyukainya

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