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Evening Poppy

... Something I just stumbled over while browsing the catalogue. Shot in 2014 but never processed and published...until now :)

This is an entry for the daily #NaturePhotoContest hosted by @shadalene - Go check it out, here's the introduction post!

Settings42mm @ 1/100s | f/5.0 ISO 100
CameraCanon EOS 50D
LensTamron 17-50 f/2.8
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That's an awesome point of view! You also did an interesting approach to this golden hour shot by focusing to your subject on the foreground.

Congrats! Your outstanding work is featured on the 26th edition of Photocircle’s Daily.

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A really great photo! The bright colors, the picture composition ... wonderful!

Thank you @akinome! :)

I love those kinds of finds. Glad you pulled this out of the archive. It is a lovely shot.

Thanks for the kind words, @onethousandpics!

You are very welcome