3D Planter Printed By My Hubby

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Planting Pot Made By Our 3D Printer


Have you heard of 3D printers?
My husband had wanted one for a long time and after months of research he bought one and set it up in January of this year.

He has been able to use it to print some new plastic parts that have broken or worn out on items around our house and garage!
My son Daniel, @d-pend, and I think he should make a Steemit account and post about it... So far he hasn't joined Steemit!

Anyway, this is a planting pot and tray that he printed out in grey plastic. (PLA) He then spray painted it to give it this brown textured stone look and feel!



I had fun planting these 4 cactus plants in it a couple of days ago!


Little lizard friend that my husband printed to hang out with the cactus.

3DGardenPot6 (2).jpg

Have A Blessed Day!


July 12, 2018
All original photos taken by me


That is really interesting as a hobby @violetmed. I heard about 3D printers but I didn't have a real use for them. Our house is tiny but still I think my son John would love to make his own art work on a 3-D printer.

What is the make of the printer you guys bought?

One of the good things about Steemit is we soon find a community of people who have similar interests and hobbies. I found some things about writing, art, music and spirituality that I would never have thought about until I met Daniel. Another good friend on Steemit is from Texas like you guys @janton. I love to read his stories. Your husband would find plenty of friends here. As a programmer he may also find Steemit to be a programming playground. I think Steemit is what you make of it. I bet if your hubby tried it for three weeks he would know for sure.

His 3D printer is a TEVO Tornado. You have to have some patience to print things out on a 3D printer and you have to know how to transfer your ideas on paper to the program to be able to print them. Anyway, I was a programmer right out of college and I'm always asking my husband details on how the 3D printer gets all of the information from the computer. Someone else designed the planting pot and lizard that my husband printed.
Oh and Daniel wants his Dad to try to program on the Steemit Blockchain in addition to posting on Steemit! :)

Not as easy as it looks.

With you guys all on Steemit there may be a great awakening. And in this one Daniel is right of course:

Oh and Daniel wants his Dad to try to program on the Steemit Blockchain in addition to posting on Steemit! :)

I don't have any free time but I have a couple ideas for useful programs to add to the steem block chain. Daniel seems pretty busy too.

Yes, he is! 😃

That is really cool! A 3d printer is on my want list. The local library in my hometown had one for awhile that any guest could use, but last year when I visited, it was gone. I guess either it proved too expensive, or library guests abused it. Too bad. So... I have to buy one.

Haha, yes it seems like you would have to have someone in the library showing people how to use it and set it up. The above planter took 19 hours to print the planting pot and 11 hours to print the tray! My husband has had to deal with problems printing some things on his 3D Printer - good thing he is an engineer and a computer programmer!

Whoa! You should get him to join, and they you can build an entire 3D-printed GARDEN, with butterflies, plants, pots, etc. That would be an interesting variation on the blass sculpture garden you posted about a few times. With 3D-printing you could created totally new, "alien" forms of life. That would be totally out of this world...

Hmm... very interesting ideas. He might like the idea of creating some new, "alien" forms!

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Wow tell him I miss him and he's got it going on! I didn't know that 3D printers were already attainable for us commoners. What a cool dude! I can't wait to see more.

Will do and if your band ever makes it to Dallas, let us know! We'll come see you! Of course I still wish you and Dan could play together again for old times sake! And yes, it's fun to see what Larry can make with the 3D printer!

We will some day soon. He is only 5 hours away! I plan to go to Boone asap

Wow, I am impressed, I love how the planter came out. your cactus are going to love their new home. How much fun is he having with his new printer. ;-)

Yes, he is having fun with it! I keep telling him we could start a little side business with it!

I have always wanted a 3-D printer @violetmed. We've always said 'wait until the technology gets better', but here are still sort of waiting. Expense and materials have stopped us. Is the material used expensive ? recyclable ?
I have more recently started looking into those 3-D pens that you can sort build line drawings into 'sculptural' shapes.
Besides printing broken or missing bits and pieces it's just for 'pleasure' so that's why we haven't got one yet. I need to justify the expense.
Thank you for sharing the planter, it was very interesting to see and you plants and lizard look great !

3D printers will eventually revolutionize manufacturing. Instead of starting with a block of something and cutting away, they build using only what they need so they are less wasteful. I wish my father had lived to see them. I think your hubby did a great job!

Thank you so much!

Looks like a little bee hive (for giant bees)!

It does! :)

I've been stung twice recently, so I'm giving bees the silent treatment :)

Not fun!

Wow awesome .... Work from your hubby @violetmed those work really came out great... I've read sometimes ago about 3D printer's but haven't use it myself, it will be a nice thing to have one but it will be highly cost because of the quality of work you share here.... And I wonder time taken to had this job done! It would be nice if your hubby could join... steemit too... Never knew @d-pend is your son his been doing great work here.. am sure you and your son will bring your hubby here.. I would love to have this 3D printer's too someday in the future....

One of my coworkers has a 3D printer, and he made all his Christmas gifts last year. He even made a small replica of the Targus (think I spelled it right) for his girlfriend who is a huge Doctor Who fan.
This planter and lizard are both super cool, and yes, keep working on getting him on Steemit! 😉

My husband has printed all kind of cute little things! My son just set an account up for him! We will let everyone know when he starts posting!

That is so cool Love the planter and now a 3d Printer is on my wishlist lOL

Yes I have seen them and they can make just about anything lol. Really cool and good job.

Wow looks so cool 😍

Please say thanks to your husband for such a wonderful creativity. As I am designer and use 3D printer for our official use but never thought that it can be used for such beautiful work.
I appreciate.
Thanks again.

Oh my that is so cool! I would love to see the other things you got printed :)

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nice picture mam..

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