The nature beauty at dusk [115]

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This is from me to you

The nature beauty at dusk [115]

If we love nature, we will always keep nature and not destroy nature, so that this nature can we inherited for the next generation, and we can also enjoy the beauty of nature every time

The beauty of twilight is one of the natural beauty that we can enjoy in every day, with different shapes and beauties, as seen in my post picture

Although only a nature scenery simple, I hope you can enjoy it, I want to share all the beauty that is in my village with you, hopefully all these photos can entertain you and also can make you like it

the beauty of nature at dusk is always different every day, visit my blog every day to enjoy the natural beauty at dusk time that I present to you

all Photo taken in my village aceh - indonesia
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I hope you loving it


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very beautiful my friend @riostarr
We do not inherit the Earth from our fathers... We're borrowing the land from our children.
We must keep its beauty for them (our children) ...
Because this Earth is the property of our children, not ours.

what you are saying is true, many thanks for have visited my blog

Pemandangan yang sangat indah. Semoga pandangan kita dalam menatap masa depan se indah pemandangan yang @riostarr posting

terimakasih untuk kata-kata bijak dari anda teman

Wow!Excellent photography.You are really creative photographer. Please stay with photography. how the beautiful natural view is! Very color full also. this place is good to traveler.

I'm so glad you liked my work, many thanks my friend

You are welcome my friend, I have a new post, do not forget to visit ya, let me add the spirit in steemit.

bereh that lagoe,,,,nyan neukaloen ulikoet na long inan,,,,hahahah

haha, paken hana rob rob teman rakan

Indah sekali alam di aceh

terimakasih atas pujian anda teman

Subhanallah indahnya

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