Raising Tadpoles (Day 127) - Hands, Gloves, and Handy Gloves

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I've been considering picking up a pair of long rubber kitchen gloves to use while I'm removing the aquarium decor prior to feeding the frogs each day. Coupled with a pair of cheap cotton glove liners, I won't even need to wash my hands until the end of the cleaning as opposed to the multiple hand and arm washes required currently. This would be especially beneficial in the case of another incident where I cut my hand, such as when I took out the air conditioner after I found it was filled with black mold two weeks ago. Without any elongated gloves, I'm forced to simply avoid using the injured hand due to the fact that any open wound, regardless of severity, is an infection risk and amphibians and reptiles are known to harbor a number of pathogens such as salmonella. Personally, I always try to wait a day or two after a cut before allowing my hand anywhere near the frogs' water just to make sure the wound is completely sealed before I end up inadvertently infecting myself with anything due to carelessness.

GOPR2474 - Copy.JPG

After the incident with three out of the five froglets passing away just hours apart after their introduction to the 20 gallon tank, I've made the decision currently to continue holding the newly developed froglets in the 10 gallon tadpole tank at least until they absorb their tails, there are currently 2 froglets, with several more on the way within the next couple of days, in the tadpole tank that I'm choosing to hold onto for the time being. Fortunately, I now know from experience that any food they don't eat when I feed them will dissolve into manageable, tiny particles that the tadpoles can feed on and clean up as well in between their daily feedings.

Current Totals:

15 - 10 gallon (Tadpole Tank) [2 froglet, 13 tadpole]
28 - 20 gallon (Frog Tank) [6 froglet, 22 juvenile]

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