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Turtles are so cool anyway, but these guys are amazing.

Lately, it seems that more box turtles have been on the move around here. Often, as we drive through the Ozarks, we can see them attempting to cross the roads. Not all are successful in their attempts, which can be sad to see. Periodically, we help them cross the street safely.

Although these are turtles and not tortoises, you can see the wrinkles and scales that make them look ancient. Even younger turtles, like one of the ones featured in this post, are incredibly wrinkly and look much older than they are. Earlier today, @brianphobos even caught one while he was in town. You can expect a lot of great content featuring @brianphobos to be coming your way, but for now, I'm just sharing this cool photo shoot with a couple box turtles that Monster Truck and I were recently enjoying. We hope that you like them!


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai

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the turtles is my favorite animal, i love, excellent job man


My favorite animal too! Very cool!


Yeah is great!

Good shots!...:)...

I love my little box turtles. we had a batch born on the homestead this year. We were so excited to find the baby turtles!

I agree Turtles are so cool and I love these shots


Thanks man. We are blessed to have a lot of species in our area!


That is so cool :)

I love the few shots you can see a reflection in the turtle’s eyes. I used to stop and put them on the side of the road, in the direction they were headed. Sad, but cars don’t always clear a turtle when straddling them between the tires. Nice post!

Que lindas se ven las tortuguitas bebes!! son bien interesantes estos animales. Y que impresionante Macrofotografía, captastes esos ojitos de tales especies. Saludos desde Venezuela!!

My favourite animal and clan.... he seems to be smiling for the camera. A wise old soul.