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Hello Again Friends

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Natural Ice Art

A cool design formed in a puddle.


Ben and I spent a few hours shooting some ice flows pushed up by the lake.



The lake was open even though it was mighty cold!


My fingers were so numb I almost dropped my lens more than once when sitching to a macro lol.



Ice, Ice, Baby!



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Nice shots.

Oh, yes!!

Ice, Ice, baby! It looks more than cold there. Yikes! No wonder you want to move from the tundra. However, it does make some pretty interesting designs!



Well I will gladly trade my interesting designs for a piece of Camelot! I cant wait!! Just like the Jeffersons, Im movin on up!


LOL! I am not sure they have any apartment buildings there. ;)

Those are some really cool ice photos!

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Ahh, a favorite winter pastime of mine as well. Sounds like Wim Hof would enjoy the water temps you guys are experiencing.


Yes indeed! I had to look him up. Apparently he would be right at home!

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Back to take this home~

Beautiful photos!

So many fascinating patterns to look at... And I love the sunlight through the diamond-like ice crystal!