Harvesting Olives

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The olive harvest ,for those who have a few trees is a family affair in much of Greece and a beloved experience for many people here. The ultimate quality of olive oil(extra virgin),-that green elixir, which produced after the pressing-comes from the Greek climate and soil.
Picking by hand with the help of laders, sticks, rakes and nets is the most common method in our places for harvesting these small, but precious green, purple and black fruits.
Before a week,in a sunny warm day, when I went in the countryside in our olive trees to give a hand to my mum and my uncle, actually I just brought two cups of coffee and some sweets(bougatsa) for a break, I decided to take a few photos and enjoy the day in nature.
In a few days ,we will see the results and hope of course to have an olive oil with delicate taste and unique aroma...
















Thank you!!!❣️❣️


It must be a special feeling to be involved in that work!

Indeed, these gatherings are filled with warmth, enthousiasm and joy and the taste of the fresh precious green oil, after the pressing, is indescribable. The people here are proud and very attached with their beloved olive trees, so every minute of the hard work worths!

Would love to be able to get olive oil made from those freshest of fresh olives. So interesting to see the hard work that they do.

I'm so glad you like it!! 😊
When you have the chance, you should try this unique experience and taste the fresh spicy aromatic olive oil!You gonna love it!

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Thank you very much for the honor!!

I absolutely love that first shot! The color of that net and yellow and rust + the little olives. Something beautiful!

I saw exactly your description, I found it intresting and I took the shot.
Thank you so much for your beautiful words! 😊


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Καλημέρα πολύ όμορφες οι φωτογραφίες!!!

Καλημέρα Νίκο!!!Σε ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!!😊

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Thank you so much!!

My family has a few olive trees and I also trying to harvest them for the past three Sundays. I wish I had more time for this refreshing and rewarding experience 😊

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Oh that's great!And you describe the whole experience with the exactly right words, I agree with you!😊(and I wish to had more time, too)
Well,I hope to you and to your family to have many bottles of a silky, aromatic olive oil!😊

Actually is the first time and to tell you the truth from your photos i realized some mistakes i made,lol. We got 35 litres of olive oil:):)

Hahaha, really?!I I made only mistakes and if my mum and my uncle didn't make the hard work, we would never have tasted our olive oil!

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Thank you so much for the honor!!

I love these pictures, I will start the olive harvest on the land in a few weeks, we do it by hand too, The trees on the land are huge and very old, so there is a lot of tree climbing and sore necks and hands xx

Thank you so much!!😊
Haha, I understand you very well, it's a very hard work, but the result is priceless!
I wish you all the best for your harvest!

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