Enjoying Just the Perfect Mothers Day WALK With My Boys.

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I had just the perfect walk with my boys on Mothers Day and the weather was just perfect.
I would like to use this walk as an entry for the cool and my absolute favorite #WednesdayWalk created by the awesome @tattoodjay.
#WednesdayWalk is also collaborated with the [Make Me Smile] hosted by @elizacheng,


I loved this walk because it is great exercise since you pretty much are walking all the way down, from our house and then you are pretty much walking up hill, which is actually pretty steep all the way home.




Plus, the reason I love this walk because it feels like you are in the forest and when it is really hot, like today, you get to walk in the shade, at least in this section.



You can really hear the beautiful birds singing here, when you are walking through here.






Founds some beautiful flowers.



Hope you guys enjoyed our walk, which I also took a video of, but will have to share it some other time.

Love @joalvarez.

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Image created by my beautiful friend @sunnylife.