Nature Photo Contest for SteemBasicIncome by @phoenixwren

in #nature4 years ago

Hi @phoenixwren,

I have just finished my entry to your competition. there is one things I have learnt during preparing this post.

I started this morning feeling chilled and ready to give this a go, then the computer crashed three dimes during uploading and I have sworn just a little bit to get me through.

However, now that I look at the selection it is rather fun and I think it answers what you are looking for.

  1. White flowers
    white flowers.jpg

  2. Black rockblack rock.jpg

  3. Flowers on a tree flowers on tree.jpg

  4. Fields of brussel sprouts
    field of brussel sprouts by the sea.jpg

  5. Sand

  6. Gnarled tree

  7. Moon


Brussel sprout field by the ocean?!

It's Cornwall, England. I never really thought it was unusual.

It's Cornwall, England.
I never really thought it
Was unusual.

                 - jgnkelly

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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Oh I see. Beautiful place. I wish I can go back there again one day.

It is beautiful. This was taken on the north coastline at a place called Padstow. I have many more photos of the area , which I will put up over time.

Yay, thank you for entering! LOVE that moon pic. Sorry about your computer, I do feel your pain. Technology is the only thing that brings me from calm to foul mouthed monster in .001 seconds. 😂

Thanks @phoenixwren. I am at present learning to meditate while waiting for my computer to function, hopefully I will get a new computer soon!

Nicely done! That's an interesting looking flowering tree... is that some sort of mimosa?


It's ALBIZIA julibrissin, Mimosa. I just love the colour of the flowers.

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