Saved From Our Cat

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This little bird got caught by our cat, Fifi.

I believe it is a Chickadee. Luckily for it, I managed to save it from death and pried it from Fifi's mouth. We took some photos then released it.

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That's a beauty and you're a hero!

That's one lucky bird. They usually get pretty 'cathandled' in the process. Not sure what kind of bird it is, but it's got some serious mohawk in yellow going on. Nice work saving the little one. They need all the help they can get.

Wow! Fifi is a crack! Luckily you arrived in time to save that innocent creature from the clutches of Fifi. I think you should give more food to Fifi, hehehe.

Lucky little bird.

Really sorry for the bird ... may the bird be all right ... thanks for sharing..

I wish you took him to doctor for animals before you released but thanks for saving it from hard teeth .

Check out the male Golden-crowned Kinglet. His tiny size, pointed little bill, and that distinctive pattern on his head, are key features. The female doesn't have that crown at all. That's pretty special that you got to hold one, even though I'm sure he wasn't a happy bird. He looks in good shape, so nice job in rescuing him! Fifi is a fast cat!

I was really surprised she caught it.

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