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Last 2017, I experienced a severe pained in my right side back. I didn't know what was the specific part. When I touched it, I weren't able to find it. The pain inside was unbearable. I thought it was appendicitis.

Before it happened, I was drinking lukewarm lemon juice every morning for about six months. There was a time I also drink water with Apple cider. That effort was for removing fats and regulate normality for my blood pressure. I learned that from the internet as well.

° lemon with lukewarm water

A natural way of removing stones in our kidney. It was tested by me, I never knew i had a kidney stone until one of those stones became tiny and drained together with my urine.but one stone stuck in my renal way created unbearable pain

The response of my body was positive. Every time I drank the lemon juice, I removed my peep all the time. I urinate many times a day which is normal to the one drinking lemon juice.. Until one morning the pain under the ribs of my right side happened. I cried for help. I wasn't able to walk even a single step. We went to the doctor, giving me medicine, injected a pain reliever and told me to drink a lot of water. My belly was filled too much water but after a while, I noticed more additional pain. I couldn't sleep, and it was over 24 hours. I stayed in the room downstairs. I drank pain reliever repeatedly bit the pain was there. My employer called a doctor coming to our house. None stop pain and crying made me weaker badly. The medic came and injected me again so I could sleep.

It was already morning and so sleepless, I told my employer to have an ultrasound.
I insisted and told them the pain was not normal. Without knowing the doctor said, it might be a stone and more water to drink is the only way draining the stone.
I kept on insisting that the pain is not normal.

I underwent an x-ray first. There was nothing seen on it. So, I need an ultrasound. The ultrasound technician was a friend to my Filipina friend, who attended me. After the ultrasound, he showed up the result and seen a tiny stone stucked on a very tiny renal way of my kidney. I forgot the term they used. The ultrasound technician felt pity for me. He recommended me for ct scan. He was already sure that a tiny stone will be moved if I drink a lot of water. But it may take a few days to come out. After the ct scan, they told me that there's no need for immediate surgery. Thank God, the following morning it calmed down. It likes nothing happened. Then my boss told me, the stone was drained with my urine.

After one week, I found my skin so dry like a scale of the fish. My legs skin below my knee look so dry and the color was black. I never go to the doctor anymore. I leave it and never think it how bad to see my legs skin. A little bit anxious about it but I just relax and enjoy myself covering it for almost two years. I suspected the medicine they gave me and the pain reliever dried up my skin below or it was the result of drinking apple cider. I forgot that matter. Here in my workplace, I am wearing a long dress all the time.That is why I just ignore it. I regret why I didn't take picture the skin from my knee to my feet. It was so ugly looking it before but now, it back to normal.

How I treat my dry skin?

I have a homemade liniment made up from natural herb

° dried bayleaves
° guayavano
° salt
° olive oil
° alcohol is an option


  1. Cut the leaves into small pieces
  2. Put enough amount of salt to the leaves
  3. Add olive oil to the mixture and soak for two weeks.

Preserve the liniment to a covered bowl or container tightly.

After two weeks of soaking the leaves and salt, use the oil every day before and after sleeping.

I didn't cut the leaves but now I suggest cutting it for better result. The olive oil is running out to this picture. I used it for one year so I need to make a new one.

This helps me back my normal skin. It also eliminates the vein of my limbs. And what happened amazingly, it eased the pain of my knee and joints It takes a lot time but at least I can give my proof, it cured me. I never use any lotion or expensive cream**

Three hits in one shot with my homemade liniment.

In my homeland, we rely on our herbs in the garden and farm. Here in my workplace, I was worried about my health if I depending on pharmaceutical medicine. What I did, I planted the herb in front of my employer's house.

Therefore, I generalized that experimenting and exploring something for our health sometimes make us in danger. Just like my stones that stuck on my renal way. But it was also beneficial to me. Through that pain, I learned the remedy curing my skin problem and pain.

I suggest you try it for your own experiment and say here if it is true or not. I believe the miracle within and thank God for my experimental medicine.

This is my entry for @naturalmedicine and inner block challenge.

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It's me,

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Hmm try ko yan Sis @olivia08

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Dapat map no to bihaton kaysa cge inom mag tambal.

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This really is a lesson that sometimes the path to healing can be very rough and sometimes slow. So glad you are now in good health.

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By the grace of God, I'm fine now. I never knew I had stones. Without knowing it passed through the very tiny renal way( there is a correct term the doctor said to me that I forgot) 36 hours of pain. Did I ask the doctor why not performing surgery? They insisted it will be drained with my urine and the only necessary to do is to drink a lot of water.

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Thank you for sharing you experience with us @olivia08, when we use natural medicine to heal us it does indeed take longer, because it gets to the root of the problem, modern medicine is more about treating the symptoms. The medication that they give really can have some harsh side effects. I never new you could use bay leaves in this way, so thank you for sharing this and sorry that you had to go through so much pain.

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Thank you so much @trucklofe-family and to @naturalmedicine. I love using a natural way most especially the herbal plant. I came from a mountain so I knew what are those plants..

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I love this. It always makes me happy when someone finds a way to treat themselves with plant medicines because pharmaceuticals can be costly or dangerous. Thanks for.sharing your story with us.

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We need to utilize what God has given to us. A lot of herbal plants but people ignored it and just too lazy making the process.

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My husband went through the same thing with the kidney stones stuck in his renal gland It took awhile to get all the procedures done and finally removed the stone through lazer surgery. It left him feeling very vunerable for the pain was so intense.
I can only imagine how you must have felt! Glad you finally got relieve and also found a remedy for you dry skin!

So much pain, I cried and shouted. I told my employer why they did not conduct a surgery? Then they answered that a very tiny stone will just be moved by drinking a lot water. I did and thanks God after 36 hours of crying.

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Oh my goodness! that is a long time to be in so much pain! thank goodness it passed!

My madam slept with, comforted me, gave me water by force. Thank God it moves normally my dear @portersn