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18 year old me after basic training at Fort Leonard Wood.

I served two tours while enlisted in the United States Army in 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. As a result to my deployments I was diagnosed with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, better known as PTSD.
Being deployed to a combat zone, it puts a real pressure on your sanity. You deal with consistent explosions both near and far, culture shock that has no limits, and loneliness beyond dispare.

I always like to explain a deployment to my civilian friends like this. "It's like prison only you get to eat better." I don't think I'm far off either. You are infused into an environment where your gang will either make or break you. To add, you are constantly on guard, and encompassed by uparmored vehicles or prison constantein wire surrounding your living quarters. If you leave that "wire" you will be shot.
It goes without saying that in those living quarters you are told when to eat, sleep, shit, and work. And the work is, of course, paid slave wages.

I only say this to explain a mind set in which a soldier enters when he is surrounded in war. It's a mindset that once one obtains it can become almost like an addiction in where the withdrawals can become the hallusantions of an action from the past. It's a mindset that is habit forming at best and mind altering at worst.
Well, "Big Pharma" without a doubt loves war I can guarantee it. By my six month being back from iraq I was taking 27 pills a day. Half of those were to make sure I wasn't on guard duty with my personally owned weapon in front of my apartment complex again.
I've seen it left and right. A pill for this and a pill for that. Only numbing the pains and the regrets of conflicting morality rather than find alternatives to creat coping capabilities.
I want to point out here that being diagnosed with PTSD did not mean that I was crazy. The wires in my head were not misfiring at all. I was blocked emotionally and had no way to relieve myself of what I continued to play on repeat. For me I had a burden of guilt. And no reasoning done by a chemically created pill could ever influence me the way that it should be able to.
I was forced into therapy again when I was admitted to the 9th floor of Beaumont hospital in El paso Texas. For the next 3 weeks I met some other soldiers there and we would have 5-6 hour conversations about what crazy shit our prescriptions where doing to us. Some of the other guys there where so comotized that they couldn't engage in conversation with themselves if they wanted to.

The number one subject we would fantasize about was marijuana. We all smoked weed in the military even though it was illegal. One of the guys mentioned that he had read an article where medical cannabis can treat PTSD. our jaws dropped and our mouths salivated. But we all knew the propaganda and knew there was no way for it to be legal for soldiers.
About two months later I was chaptered out of the military, for reasons that I am still trying to upgrade my discharge for, but I never forgot our conversations for the course of those three weeks. It left an indent in me more than any psychiatrist words ever did.
My first day out of the hospital I had a field grade article 15 to adhere too where I was restricted to the barricks with extra duty and half pay. The extra duty ended up holding post at the batallion HQ where they had a computer with internet access, and I did my research. I researched into what was being said about marijuana and it's effects of PTSD. Both for military reasons and civilian reasons.
Here are some sources for you to look into now. I would be lying if I posted studies I found from almost 8 years ago. I have no idea which ones they were now.

There is a common trend that you will see in many of the studies that you will find. Marijuana unlike pills does not cover over symptoms of PTSD. Instead it provides a safer, relaxing way to identify what it is that you deal with from a different point of view. A view that one can obtained from a place of zen if you will. A mind of content within the present.

That night I took what change I had and made some calls. My first joint that night was that with a mission. Smoke and think rather than just smoke to chill. That night I wish I could say was my revelation but I would be a liar as well if I said it was. The revelation was over the course of the next week.
Where my week would consistent of life manipulating strategies to avoid certain smells, noises, and sights, I found myself now in a moment if ignorance. Not ignorant as to the existence of the world around me. Instead I was now ignorant to why I cared in the first place to ignore most of what would normally bother me. It was not full proof. I still had mental slips but not nearly as much as before I smoked that joint. Over time my tolerance became greater and my intake increased as normal.
If it we're a pill I was reffering too this next issue would be that of overdose, but instead what I am talking of is a herb as natural to this Earth as the air in which we breath. You cannot overdose on marijuana. It may feel like it at some point but it will not happen. What will come into play with the increase in usage is the increase in cost.
However, we now have the ability to grow that in which this country was founded on. Cannabis!!! Today a seed can be found for the cost of a dime bag and grown at the cost of natural dirt and water.
So we have an alternative to pills for PTSD right? We have studies from respectable sources that show this wonder drugs ability to cure almost anything in one form or another. But why still federally illegal? Could it be possible that the condition is the desire of big pharma to get rich and stay rich.
After all, this completely 100% all natural medicine is affordable to the poor, grown quickly, easily mass produced, and costs next to nothing to grow.
I argue with experience that this medicine provides an avenue to heal the broken hearted. It is not only my hope, it is my plea that this medicine makes it into the hands of every suffering combat veteran across the world of both allies and enemies.
After all the suicide rate for veterans is out of control and this may be a way of bringing people back to a rational reality. I know it did for me. It's been 8 years since my last deployment and things have calmed down a great deal in my life.
I still know my exits in all buildings. I still check the creases if pockets for the siloettes of weapons and bombs. I still check roof tops and I still Hoover the center of my car when I drive down the road.
None of this is a problem in my oppinion. I think I am one up on many who would become a possible victim in these crazy times. The only difference for me now compared to 8 years ago is that it's not anxiety that drives me to doing this, it is curiosity and saftey that causes me to do this. Techniques that drive me to be safer than your average Joe.

Not a day goes by where I don't think of my time over there. Nor does time go by where I don't reflect on those guys who had my back in the worst time of my life.

For a Side Note.
The very purpose of this article was for a steem page with a contest about a personal natural medicine story.
I only found it yesterday, but you too can find it today @naturalmedicine. There you will find many story's from people like this.
My entry would never be to boast myself but rather this story, I hope, will boost someone elses life for the better.

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Welcome to steemit @cannabisguy420. I created a Discord chat server for veterans to meet up and help support each other. It is by invite only and we verify all veterans by DD214 or through a .mil site that verifies active duty status. If you're interested let me know and I can get you an invite, or contact me on Discord at rakkasan84#8026

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Thank you very much

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very powerful testament to the power of marijuana and indeed highlighting the power of plants to heal! i really enjoyed hearing your story- though of course it is a sober subject. i am really glad that you've found healing in the natural herb! i agree, this should be available in the hands of anyone who needs it, especially those who have served our country in this way. blessings and thanks for taking part in our natural medicine contest!

Thank you for your service and glad to have you part of SteemIt. I've RS and upvoted this post.


Thank you and my pleasure.

Your post had me rivited and I have to say, you have opened my eyes to both the realities of living with PTSD as well as the potential marijuana has for those in severe need of a readily available, comparatively inexpensive treatment.

I'm from the UK and feel we are so distanced from the day to day realities of both if these things- and this just shows the value and benefit of articles like yours. Thank you for opening my eyes. E x

This is an incredible testimony. What a journey you have been! Cannabis truly is amazing. Although I'm sorry that it has been such a rocky road for you. I guess (like me losing my first husband) ultimately tragedy turned triumph can pull someone else out of the pit. Sharing this post to @gogreenbuddy and @ghsc


Thanks for the reblogs... My story is one of thousands. A misunderstood diagnosis with so many pressumed features of the condition. Many of my battle buddies both known and unknown had a far worse experience than I.
I'm just a messenger.


Yes, I realize this, I met a woman overseas who told a similar story. I can't remember her rank but she told horrific stories of the Gulf War, life in the proverbial trenches and what a soldier actually suffers. She still suffers the mental and physical aftermath but not nearly as severely, thanks to radical natural intervention. I feel that more of you "messengers" should be heard. While yours may be a story like thousands there are thousands who are blissfully unaware......

I must say I am pretty ignorant of military life especially with active deployment - it sounds awful and not a way for human being to live. I have always been an advocate for cannabis although at this time I don't use it. I study herbs and natural medicines and can appreciate the medicinal qualities of cannabis (totally crazy that it is made illegal!) Thanks for sharing your story and spreading the word of medical cannabis for treating PTSD. I hope this post reaches many and can help alleviate some suffering!

This looks like a good service career, Good luck sir


Follow me if you will. My next post will be about that very comment. I'm glad you stopped by. I am sure you will enjoy the article.


I am following you already sir, and will surely be looking forward to your post.
I know it will be enjoyable and a good read again. Good day @cannabisguy420 thank you for responding

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What a fabulous entry, and thanks so much for your story. Co-incidentally, I've (@riverflows) have just been reading about vets in the context of neuroscience in a book called 'The Body Keeps the Score' and it talks about how unsuccessful meds have been for PTSD, as well as the science of it, which I find fascinating. It's so remarkable that this natural medicine was able to help you - I'm truly moved by this testimony. We gave you a small upvote (as much as we could!) and we'll definitely share this with our community and celebrate your story in any way we can.



Thank you. I am glad you liked it. It's a proven remedy for a lot of different things now. It's sad how over regulated something so simple can be.


Yes, we lament that about a lot of natural remedies, like lobelia, which I find amazing for lung infections (lucky I can order it from overseas in the post).

It really is a shame that weed still isn't recognized by the federal government. When I was going to school I met more than a few vets who said they found a lot of relief in cannabis for both their psychical and mental wounds.

"It is not only my hope, it is my plea that this medicine makes it into the hands of every suffering combat veteran across the world of both allies and enemies." I think you writing this type of thing is great. It will be for political forces to claim that they "support the troops" and then turn around and tell you that you can't use an effective medicine.

I am super low on upvote power at the moment so instead of giving you a worthless one, I went ahead and nominated you for a share of steembasicincome. It isn't worth a lot but it will be worth a lot more than I could give you. You should get a confirmation in your wallet (if you don't already hold shares,I don't think that they notify people a second time) in about a week.



Thanks I appreciate it.

I appreciate your sacrifice. I think that there should be a turning point in this country's mindset on cannabis use fairly soon. We can see waves of change already on a state and personal level but none of it is budging the federal government to stop this foolish attempt to perpetuate the drug war. I am glad you were helped by cannabis, although I don't use myself I've read enough research and testimonials on it for all different kinds of brain issues and psychological problems.
That being said there also needs to be some honesty like you say; it's not a panacea for it all, it will not fix a problem but allow you to think clearly to analyze a situation appropriately. I really appreciated that comment, I think cannabis and hemp is a fantastic plant but we need to be realistic that there are dangers with it and it will not fix everything.
I found your post via @naturalmedicine I appreciate that they shared it for me to see it.


I can't think of any dangers involved in smoking marijuana. It is a drug that needs no control at all in my opinion. For those who may have messed up and blamed it on marijuana, marijuana never changes who you are, so if the individual messed up, that's because the individual messed up.
There have been times when I have smoked and felt like ah... Probably shouldn't drive yet or operate that price of equipment, but even then I never had to talk myself out of it... I just didn't do it because I didn't feel like it while high.
The safest "drug one can consume is marijuana. This includes for checking ldren suffering with many ailments... Do I think we should address certain concerns towards the drug... Sure all of them. Let's he ahead of the ball. But many claims that have been made against the drug have been found to be dishonest. Once the federal government remives it from the schedule one more money can be funded towards it's research but until that day I guess universities and other science labs will have to do what they can.


I’ve written a couple papers on it so I agree with what you’re saying for sure. I do however have a couple people in my life who are mentally addicted to the high feelings it gives you, so that’s what I’m referring to. They need it to feel normal when that isn’t necessarily something that is a good thing, to need it. Trust me when I say they need it, they are not fun to be around when they aren’t smoking.


How is that any different than coffee? My wife is a nightmare when she has not got her caffine fix. I don't see that as being dangerous though, except that coffee is a natural laxative. People feel better when consuming food as well and most people get upset when they have not eaten in a minute. I think if we could get a study of dependency and any negative effects that comes with it, I would be super excited to read about it.
Shoot me a link on your articles about the subject, I am curious. Not convinced of course lol, but surley curious.

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Did the witness thing... Sounds very Evangelical but I did it anyhow lol.


Thank you @cannabisguy420, really appreciated!

That's a nice narration @cannabisguy420.
It is indeed a clear depiction of army.

I have always heard similar stories about army, but not from soldiers themselves. Well this one is from one.

Indeed it is not easy, how they even diagnose a mental disorder that actually is not existent.

You guys are so wise to smuggle in the Marijuana. I know it tastes nice for military boys like meat.

Nominating you for the Veterans community here as well as submitting this for curation because I have the same support for my military family as well as my regular one.

I've never served and tried to join a few times.

Lucky for me to avoid the war.

My 3 brothers are all USMC and the middle one lost both legs to a 40 pound IED in Afghanistan.

Supporting the warriors who have served and endured so much is one way I've gotten to help them. And both with medical marijuana and community service, to just answering the phone when a veteran is having issues with life.

Would love to have you and your wife join our team with the and share your story and help spread the message of hope to other Veterans.

Thank you for your knowledge and experience.

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I'm glad you missed out too. I feel for your brother. I never had to experience anything to that extreme. I hope he is doing well. It's a good thing your in Portland... I hope he has easy access to medical marijuana as well.
If your ever in the Detroit area feel free to hit me up any time.
I followed and I'll let @modernmom420 to do the same.
Thanks again for the support and the nomination.


His case is pretty sad. He is infavor of medical marijuana but lives in prohibition. So yeah he drinks heavy and it impacts his health. And mental state. The times he is able to come to a medical state he is able to taper down the drinking and is a human being again.

But drinking and ptsd and aggression that has no outlet? It's hard to be around him to save him from himself.


Drinking comes with so many additional burdens too. I hope his state comes to their senses.


Same here! And let's get the world changed here shortly.


Couldn't agree more. Problem is, this may take a war to solve. Not only are our soldiers affected by these policies. So are 82% of the prison population that have drug charges being for possession alone.
It's so lobbied that many of these laws in many of the states make it obvious that the government only wants money... Doesn't matter the way that they get it, they just want it. This includes slavery I guess. After all incarceration was the only one not included in the 13th amendment. And it turns out that out prison slave labor is sold to many of our leading box stores in this nation.
It is quite sad to see what we have going on here but the only thing anyone sees is foreign affairs on the TV.


Come join the movement and change in the world that we want to have.

Imagine a place where they can't censor us let alone we get paid to support the Cannabis community!


Can't complain about that lol it sounds good all the way around :)

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Great story! I have heard some really amazing things about the potential of cannabis. One source I was hearing said that these chemicals affect your brain and help you to be less connected to past experiences, separating the now from the past, getting in the way of certain memories. This seems amazingly useful in cases of PTSD.

Plants are powerful, and they give power to the people. I am a big supporter of plants, and I am glad you found one that has helped you!

One question, is it legal in the US to grow a cannabis plant? Do you know where I could check out information on that?

Thanks for baring your soul onto the blockchain!


I live in Michigan and it is legal to grow so long as you pay the right people and get the right signatures. In the United States under federal law it is still listed a schedule one which means it has no found medical value. However we had a supreme Court ruling stating that medicinal marijuana was a states right issue.
It's like riding on the edge of a cliff to grow in the states at some times. The law is not widly known and the propaganda from the past keeps about 38% of the nation still on it's tows about it. I believe over 20 states are now legal. A few of them have recreationalized where anyone over 21 can purchase marijuana at a local distributor without an ailment. But the tax rate in these states exceed 20% on the sales tax for marijuana.