Your guide to the best attractions in the Kuching Malaysia

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The most beautiful attractions in the city of Kuching, Malaysia
1 - waterfront

Undergone Kuching waterfront to a huge renovation to reclaim parts of the banks of the river that was to constitute the area of Docking the villagers who cross the river by small boats, which now offer beautiful scenery along the Sarawak river with some restaurants and entertainment areas, there are also some historical buildings like the control tower and sculptures in the region.

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  1. the Sarawak Museum old

Sarawak Museum old is the oldest Museum in Borneo, where he opened in 1891 to showcase local arts and crafts, also featuring a comprehensive range of control of the tribal, historical information, and recent to the renewal process included some additions to the structure.

3 - The Museum sector

Provides the population of Kuching sector significantly, this has been coming up a museum that showcases the city of cats in honor of them, contains a collection of Souvenirs on the forms of sector including Hello Kitty and Matthew Flinders, in addition to a number of photos and unique exhibits.

  1. a garden full of iPod.

Park Taman iPod a year that was previously a water tank near the Sarawak Museum old, and known locally as the tank is Kuching, which is the park popular where locals gather to run and enjoy the scenery of the natural mountain .

5 - The Sarawak Museum, the Islamic

This building was previously a school called James Brooke, then later used as a teacher training studies of the Malay, and has today seven galleries offer collections of artifacts and exhibits relating to the Islamic civilization.

  1. the tua PEK Kong Temple

This amount of red color is the oldest Chinese temple in Sarawak where built in 1843, and is one of the most important landmarks of Kuching is located in the heart of the city near the river Sarawak.

7 - The University of the city of Cushing

The mosque was first built on this site in 1852 it was a wooden, was demolished later and built a place by the University of the city of Cushing current in 1968, and features of this mosque more Western architecture, Italian, middle.


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