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Welcome to the weekly post of #mytunes project, what's this all about, simple:
sharing your own music, the music you're listening or that you love!


~ This is NOT A CONTEST, everyone wins :) ~

This week was an amazing one full of people interested in the project. Such interest resulted in a total of 13 Steems donated to this account. 10 Steems where donated by a friend of mine's that prefers to keep anonymous although I insisted I should made at least a mention. That friend denied to be mentioned so I'll keep it hidden.
3 Steems were kindly donated by @dreemsteem who also shared what I like the most, music.
Thanks and love to our donors!

You know this is not a contest so I decided to make a Raffle of 1Steem amongst all that made a valid entry

That will provide us with 13 weeks of gifting one fortunate steemian.For that I've used an online site :

Got special thanks to @fraenk who is permanently supporting and spreading the word out there.

Special mention also to #pypt which helped gaining audience, much love to you :)

Tones of thanks to those who commented, shared music, participated and supported the idea,those were(in order of appearance ):

@roguescientist84, @marblely, @esthersanchez, @madlenfox, @dreemsteem,@bluefinstudios, @drakernoise, @fraenk, @blind-spot, @sgt-dan, @metametheus

The Weekly Music List was made by all who participated and I called it MyTunes Weekly List 1 with finally 14 tracks that is worth to watch and listen to, you can find it here:

Weekly Music List #1

Liquid reward was 0.468 SBD that will be shared between all who made a valid entry (total of 10 people not counting my accounts @drakernoise or @artemisa7). The count finally throws the frightening sum of 0.047 SBD each! :P

The block info where you can check the reward : https://steemworld.org/block/34462207

Rewards has been already sent to participants.

And our weekly raffle winner of 1 Steem is :

(Who have just received her prize)

How to take part? : Coment on this post and share at least one song (or song-list) you’ve being listening to or that you simply love. It can be a Spotify link, a YouTube link, Choon link, DSound link or whatever audio-video stream platform you love.

Some tips:

  1. Every entry gets a 100% (0.02$+0.01$) vote plus a “follow” and persistent vote (100% vote 0.02$+0.01$) on their normal posts for those who make good quality comments and posts. Votes come from @drakernoise and @artemisa7 accounts. Votes and follows from the @mytunes account will be added although currently has lower value. Hope that will change on the future.
  2. Liquid reward of the weekly post will be shared and sent to all valid participants. Obviously I won't take nothing of the liquid reward, I'm more than rewarded with the author reward and your feedback :)

  3. If you want to take more fun, join the #googlyeyes fever, take part!

    👀 GooglyEyes 👀

    Remember to look at the world with different funny eyes and listen with open ears, sharing music makes a better world for everyone...

    ~ Made with 💖 for you, hope you enjoy it! ~

    Discord me : drakernoise#4841



Took me a little bit to find them as I could not remember the account's handle/name. Who would think that Sarge would like The Punk Genre ? SKA PUNK that is!

I was introduced to this group of Steemitizens on one of @shadowspub's #ramblingradio shows a while back. These guys rock the casbah !

Click The Image Below To Listen

I learned that even an old salty dog like myself could appreciate new and innovative music styles. I thought to myself at the start of the show at the time, Punk music? I don't want to listen to a bunch of radicals, communists scream (sorry still learning to be Politically Correct in my comments).

Man! I am glad I stayed for the show! Their talent is unrivaled by anything I have ever heard before! I love horn instruments especially! Check out @spawnband, I don't believe you will be dissappointed!

Woah... nice one... and they're on steem... awesome find! Thanks for sharing!!!

About ska being new and innovative, though... well, did you know that ska actually dates all the way back to the 50s in Jamaica and was actually a precursor to reggae and rock-steady? And then the whole thing with "ska-punk" had a big revival in the late 80s, specifically in GB... So I guess by now this kind of music could play in a geriatric home :P

It is a shame they don't perform here in the US. They perform mainly in Europe.

Not ready for The Old Soldiers Home yet (I was always told YET means Your Eligible Too). I think I might have a few fiesty years ahead of me!

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You came full of interesting info that I'll check when possible. It's worth my time digging into that of course.
I think age is not only phisycal but more importantly mental. You get old if your mind goes old.
@spawnband ! they sound good without saturation ( something I suffer from oftenly with other bands), will be listening to their stuff. Love the message of "not being a mental slave"... I thrrew them into our weekly list 😁

Tones of thanks to you for sharing stuff, and bringing a new band for me that it's already on Steemit.
What can I say about your delegation? It's a happy surprise for the project, hope you don't mind I mention It on the next post.
Sending you my best vibes and hugs...
Much Love ❤️

Thank you for your kind words. Those words mean a great deal. I am making it a point to start my day with your playlists.

You get old if your mind goes old.

I have been told by a number of people that I have an old soul and at times it is a blessing at other times a curse.

Whether I have an old soul or not, I know that listening to positive music does affect my emotional mood (along with a little #weed for the good and alcohol to the not so good). Life is a struggle for us all.

What does not kill us makes us stronger!

I'm not so sure you have and old soul, maybe you have an experienced sceptic one but your facts tell me you'r young in spirit.
Anyways music can sometimes lead you a bit sad or melancolic, it's not so bad to burst into tears from time to time, it frees you from bad spirits and stress, I do it from time to time...
As we share music we also spread some love and that's the only thing that will remain when our phisycal body is dead.
Keep on with what makes you feel good, take appart what makes you get sad, that's my view.
Hugs and love :)

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Hey @sgt-dan! Thanks so much for the shoutout :-) Glad you like our tune(s) and still remember us from the @shadowspub's #ramblingradio shows!!

@fraenk, yes, we've been on steem since January of last year and have had a blast here :-) Met so many new folks, it's amazing!

@mytunes, thanks for the awesomeness :-) Also really glad you like @sgt-dan's suggestion.

Cheers and all the best all!

another band you would like that is ska...
The Mighty Mighty bosstones! :) try them out sarge! :)

I got their first LP on Vinyl! When it came out for like $8 :-)

Hahahhaa that's so cool

Hubby got a CD hehehe gosh back in 1996 or something?? Lol

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I love what you do! I found so many good songs this way and as I use music in my classes, I'm constantly looking for new, good music. :)


You're welcome @geekdancing,
I also love discovering new bands and sounds and your contrib is one of those so double thanks to you!
It was added to the weekly stuff list ofc...
Thanks for coming and commenting
Big hugs and love to you ❤️

Thank you!!! I am very excited because besides of being in a place where I participate, I do it in a relaxed way and presenting or sharing what I have at the moment. It is just great.
Here is my little grain of sand. I hope you enjoy it!
one mine. IF Bread (and old but beautiful one)

What I'm listening right now:

Thanks for allowing us to share!!! <3 <3

Hi @esthersanchez,
It's so cool that you share your own performances with us!, you know already that I like very much your voice.
Your song and the others you were listening to are now on the new weekly list:
Is that precisely what is this all about, sharing freely and confortably music stuff with others.

It's a pleasure to share my musical themes and this is even better if you find people who are on your same wave! Good vibes for all of you!

Wishing you all are having a nice week😊

hehehe... #GooglyEyes :D

totally just "eyes-on-eyes" though :P krkrkr

I have been listening to this.
Disclaimer it is not in English.

It is one of the first songs I have listened to in this language. This song was originally written and sung by an 8-year old street performer in the Cox's Bazar Beach, who went viral on facebook after an onlooker uploaded the video. The meaning behind and the performer left such a huge impact that it was very soon after made into a mainstream song.

It sounds good and clean... despite I don't understand a word It provides a feeling of truth and good vibes and ,well, is not what music is about; transmiting others such feelings and soul experiences that may change depending on the audience?, that's the magic of music and extensively of art. It's of course my humble opinion.
Thanks so much for taking the time to share songs with us, very appreciated. I added It to the weekly list:
Hugs and good vibes to you 😊

Couldn't agree more. Music is not bound my language, music is a language by itself. It is the emotions it evokes that makes it special.

So this one just popped up in my recommendations and I just had to bring it right over here:

Now I have no idea about the potential cultural undertones there, maybe this is just for shits and giggles, but maybe they do have a legit mission... either way, I am all for a bit more noise and revolutionary spirit carried to the kids through music... a little more civil disobedience is always a good thing!


Undernotes, overnotes I don’t care, music is free stuff no obligation to listen to, #mytunes is a free space for people to share whatever music they want so “shits and giggles “ is a good reason, why it shouldn’t?
Thanks so much for your contribution @fraenk, it went directly to our weekly list which by the way is coming rather peculiar 🕺
Big hugs to you !

These guys are really cool! Actually came across them before, but they have a little to much Nu-Metal influence for me so never really got into them.

yeah, it's not really my kind of music either, but I was highly intrigued by that combination of style, content and origin... and I figured you guys here all appreciate some weird and different stuff, too.

Hey, Hey, everybody's here today!!! I wish everyone a good new week :))
Great list of music turned out! I also listened with great pleasure. Now another option from me :))

It's cool @madlenfox, they play nice sounds, this one seems to be a soundtrack of an animation film. Ofc It was added to the new list :
I have to find the time to translate the info in the video and understand a bit the message of the song .
It's great you share russian bands that are unknown to us normally, you know how much I love discovering groups.
Double thanks for your sharings!
Wishing you a good week ahead, best vibes and Big hugs to you ❤️

I've been waiting for the next one! This time I have for you guys a San Antonio Texas band, Pinata Protest,who I would describe as what the Dropkick Murphys would sound like if they were Mexican instead of Irish. They make some great music, I hope you all enjoy. I am still yet to see them but I hear their shows are really fun. https://youtu.be/VghHqLVew98

hah... this one is a bomb... what is that? mexican-country-ska?! I love it!

I can imagine they get the crowd quite riled up... kinda hard to not start bouncing around to this :D

Starting the week with strength, that sounds nice.
When I have some time I'm listening to It carefully to see about that comparison you pointed out...
Added to the new list!
Have a nice happy Monday 😂

Was digging a bit on what you stated and that's quite accurate lol apart from the real differences (bagpipes and age included), I can hear the nice hooliganism on both bands.
Well bands that I would select for live shows and personal parties when you need a naughty feeling to spread around.
Hugs :)

Thanks to the freewrite prompt: the sexy tango, I got myself listening to this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pPPomTPc-tg
Can’t seem to find the official music video for this though. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our tunes!! 😘

Hi @marblely, I think it's the official video that includes the full album, but it's official.
I'll add here a live version, you know I love live performances!

Thanks so much for coming and taking the time to share this gem, love it!, of course it dropped directly to the weekly list :

Best vibes and big hugs to you 😘

It's a rainy #caturday... here's some music to go along with that:

Thrown to our weekly wet tunage collection that now has some cute kitties too 🐎
Thanks for this @fraenk!

Second time I have uploaded this song today :D
I do like Otis Redding, But Playing for change does an amazing version of it.
Good to see you over at #PYPT, it's a great place to meet people!

Heya what an awesome project PFC, and this song is lovely... are you involved in some way?
Your entry was thrown into our weekly music chest with great pleasure, you can visit It here:
Good vibes and hugs to you @philippekiene

heh... I like it a lot... fits this grey and drizzly saturday afternoon right here :D

Here’s a grey but hotty day quite a dry stormy weather of summers...and it seems that is a bit of grey on cryptos too which freezes a bit the air lol, not to me though 🕺
Hugs’n love

hehehehe you're welcome :)

and i'm glad that you are getting some excitement on this!!!! happy to see that!!!

enjoyed to see that @sargento is pimping this on #pypt! hehehe

I'm more than excited, I love when people share music as It is with no reason but the pleasure of sharing our listenings, our work or whichever music we want, freely, respectivos and truely.
Music comes over all the main stream of money thinking which enslaves our minds and souls.
Thanks for coming and take the time to comment.
Big hugs and tones of thanks for your support ❤️

And it's that kind of passion that makes posts fun to read!

I will try to always come by... Feel free to tag me in a comment or on your post to remind me to share some music 😊

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Thanks for the shoutout .. come and join us next Thrusday eh>

Have to look into timezones but I'll do my best to be there 😉

heh... I just found another little gem, way more laid back and melodic:

That's "Pomplamoose", a duo of Natalie Dawn and Jack Conte. No idea who she is, be he did look awkwardly familiar... well... he's the founder of Patreon.com... who would have thunk?!

A french delicatessen, thanks @fraenk!
It popped directly to our weekly collection 😁
I think I neither know her so you know that's a gift to my constant hungry of discoverings.
Much Love to you ❤️


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Hi @sgt-an , will take a look asap when I'm free 😂

It sends me to PYPT channel but It blocks me and I cannot go to any other channel or server lol, my discord keeps telling me I’m silenced and keeps me on the modal window...

Have you tried turning off your device and turning it back on again?

I just clicked on the image and it opened a browser Discord window. I would suggest close your browser and use the Discord Application itself if you have it. It should have beemed The Ramble Server to the application.

I’m with the iPad and use the discord app. It opens the app and drives me such way...

Okay let me send you a DM mijo. Just sent you another invite.

No way it keeps stuck, I’ve reinstalled but same thing here. Will try restarting the device...

Good idea.

No way... will delete Discord app then reinstall from scratch to see if that works.
Sry it’s too late in the night here for a voice chat 😂

I also put a new Discord Channel invite link into the image above.

Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT

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Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

@sgt-dan shared this at #PYPT and I am so glad he did. I am loving M83 at the moment

. I hope you al love them as much as I do! I'm bookmarking this to make my way down the list tomorrow!

I love M83 and it's long ago in my collection so you made me really happy as I had to add It to our weekly list 😁
Thanks so much for following @sgt-dan recomendation of coming here to and feed our prrmanent hungry of music sharings.
Much love and hugs to you ❤️

Hahaha it couldn’t fit better with our logo, great tune and pic!
I sent it to our weekly vintage cassettes collection 📻
Thanks for coming and giving us some love
Hugs and ❤️ to you!

Hehe yup yup it fits so well!! Ooo! Awesome! #mytunes is growing everyday! 💗

If you all have not heard Murder By Death, you all need to. The name sounds metal or punk, but they are Americana mixed with many wide ranging elements. They have a big discography, and this is just a taste. Pretty sure everyone here will like them. They also tour N. America and Europe often.

Like them too much @roguescientist84, you knew it in advance :P
I threw it into our weekly music chest that bit by bit is getting bigger full of gems.
As I love living versions I'll put here one that may like you:

Thanks so much for your time and your love to this emerging project, sending you my best wishes and big hugs!

All right, I just cant help myself I have to add 3 more songs. First the original and then a contemporary Pagan Metal band cover of a disco classic :-p . Hahahhaa

Heh heh heh. I actually really like both versions!! And both of the videos are pretty outrageous.

A rounded perfectly builded metal theme with all you would spect, powerful but beautiful at the same time, they play good stuff.
Drove them on the road to our weekly world of songs 🌎
Thanks for being as you are and sharing your stuff
Big hugs and ❤️

Oh Lord! I couldn't imaginé that someone would cover this...though if I have to choose one out of two I"d stick this one 🤣

Omg! I thought It couldn't be possible but I failed It was and you did It lol
This song is crazy so do the dance, enegy consuming ... and girls on the chorus, and costume they are ...are...er... indescribable 🕺
Direct to the weekly surprises cave! 😆
Thanks for coming and sharing, this week's gonna be epic
Much love and hugs ❤️

Cool video and song of course, it dived through our world of weekly music fish to place itself!
Thanks so much for helping grow the list
More hugs and love to your dear @marblely :)

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