Curating Posts Older Than Seven Days! #MY PICKS

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The other day I announced that I will be throwing out some ideas.

HF21 - Doing What One Believes Can Be Done. Every Proactive Effort Matters.

Simple ideas that could get people thinking about how to go about the changes that are coming with HF21.

New "rules" = New obstacles to overcome.

Rather than complain about things, here I am going to explain one little idea that I was sharing around via Discord and it never really took off. Nobody went ahead with it, at least nobody that I know.

We all know that the new author rewards are as of HF21 going down to 50%.

However the curation rewards are going up to 50%.

So lets say 100% is still there, just being distributed differently.

So our governance asked for it to be and shall be. Simple as that.

Well, this actually got me thinking that there is no better time than the present to present this idea publicly, to promote it via the tools we have available here & to get the idea out there.

It isn't anything that is centralized, nor run by me or any other individual, it is again as many things that I try to get out there more of a "grassroots" type of idea.

So, the freedom of choice is guaranteed for each and every individual.


How many times have we all come across a post that is older than 7 days and that we feel deserved more than the 5 or 7 cents payout it got?

Seriously, most of us know that feeling, let alone seen dozens if not hundreds and maybe even thousands of posts out there with under 10 cents as a payout, yet were posts in which people put in their time or emotions and in many cases both.

So, what has ever stopped any of us to write a post about that post, highlighting and promoting that person?

Sure there are many different groups out there trying to help others along, but what is stopping any one of us, as individuals to do this!

See my point.

We can all do a little that can make a huge difference.

& the rewards from the post we write could go to that person.

Helping and giving is a great feeling, especially when we know that we are doing it for the right reasons.


So simply:

When you come across a post that is older than 7 days, that you believe deserved more attention than what it got.

Simply write a post about it, naming the author, saying why you believe the post deserved more attention and when you get your payout, forward it to the author of the post that your were promoting.

Simple enough.

There are no rules, there is no obligation to use any tag or anything, it is all yours, your own good will and niceness.

My choice of tags will be #mypicks.

I have this account name sitting here dead and almost useless, the name is somewhat suitable and I will probably set up some bot to resteem posts that I promote or posts that use that tag or something along those lines.

No guarantee as to what exactly I will do with this account, but I know that I will put it to good use for the above efforts.

Again, that is me.

There is no reason why anyone else would use this tag if they don't want to.


Well, it is your choice what and how and when and whose post you choose.

& as it is you, you can do things any way you feel comfortable with.

Maybe you choose a tag that you want to make a part of your social networking experience. Sure, go ahead and do that, right on, full speed ahead.

See, this idea that I am presenting here can be done by any one of us, any way that each and any one of us would like to.

No rules, no terms and conditions, no hierarchy, just you and your own good will.

How can this help as far as the up coming changes go?

Well, in many ways and it will also help prove that people are who matter. Our caring for one another, our good will, our efforts to support each other without any hidden agendas is what can make all the difference.

Through little things like this, we can definitely make a heck of a difference!

Think about it and when one day you do come across a post that you like and that is over 7 days old and only got a few cents payout, maybe, just maybe this post comes to mind and gives you the will power to make that post author smile!

Yours truly,

If you want an avatar and other graphics like my “Robotroo” contact @jimramones



yeah i also dont like that older posts cannot get votes

The idea of allowing posts older than 7 days is obviously a good one.
On one hand 7 days is totally arbitrary; why not 5 or 15? Why not let the curators VOTE for how long they think a given post is valuable and should accumulate rewards? Clearly the actual content of a post should influence its "lifetime".

On the other hand if steem is a system to allocate value, then rewards should reflect the overall value of content in the platform with only secondary regard to the age of the post.

Why that is not so, it's because it would require a realignment of the architecture. Steemit was envisioned as a "Reddit on blockchain". Dropping the link between value and content age would imply a "Wikipedia on blockchain ". Subsequently, it would also entail major code changes.

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Fully agree with what you are saying here and likewise fully agree that a 'Wiki' on our Steem blockchain would be absolutely amazing.

Don't see why it couldn't be done efficiently and 100% in line with our ecosystem once the SMTs are out.

However, getting back to the 7 day ticker, sure, it is what it is and HF21 is bringing about some changes that have brought about various views and comments.

I sincerely believe that we can all contribute to changes as individuals no matter what the government/governance model may be.

Although what I am suggesting here is not to change the code, it can add a little to the what we the people/Steemians do to make a difference in the overall experience for those among us who are sincerely putting in effort and time but without the recognition that many of us may feel is deserved for it.

Again, I am bias towards the grassroots approach, this isn't to say that it is the only solution out there. It is what I as an individual like to promote and nurture.

Appreciate your input.



It is just a UI/UX fix, which can be done without touching the architecture. Steemit is a website, they can display whatever they want without touching the blockchain code.

So what they might do is keep all apperances the same as they are now, but actually replace the posts older than 7 days with new posts behind the scenes. Those posts will give rewards to their original author, while no one notices anything.

And another problem might be ranking, as it is supposed to rank high for 7 days only. Again no problem, they just have to design a content discovery algorithm that takes age of post into account (like reddit does) and ignoring the rewards on the post after 7 days.

That's not software engineering, that's a dirty hack. It would reflect very poorly on the team, the project and ultimately on the value of steem

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Why?? The goal is not to have a currency that ranks posts correctly. The goal is to have a currency that is used everywhere on the internet.

Each website is free to do whatever he wants with it. For example, Dtube might not want to rank post according to rewards, but according to views. They can do that! It’s their website. (This is just an example, they don’t want this).

This is why STEEM is powerful. It’s easy to integrate in any web app.

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What I see is that if a front end wants to be "a Reddit" on a blockchain it can. has proven this.

What I also see is that once SMTs are released, which is next on the "To Do" list, that there is no limit to what all can be done + be powered by Steem.
No limits as outlined by you "They can do that! It’s their website".

So there really is no need for Steemit Inc. to "hack" their own UI, in fact it would probably be counter productive (as outlined by @sorin.critescu ).

Love it, see some awesome potential out there for Steem.

I don’t get your point. How would SMTs bring functionalities that are not already in STEEM? They are just copycats, they can’t have different reward mecanisms.

They might have different inflation, supply, etc but rewards will be payed out every 7 days.

Even if you can change the amount of days, you still can’t have an infinite amount otherwise the author never gets payed. So you need a finite amount of days but different posts behind a single one anyway.

The value of steem, just as any other currency, is based on an implicit social consensus - a group of people agree to coordinate their actions based on signals transmitted through a "unit of account": without talking to me, if you write something of quality, you expect me to "upvote" your content - that is the implicit "social contract", the unwritten "rules of the game.

This "game" generate more value as more people engage in it and bringing more people in requires predictability. Which pretty much means stability and precludes "quick hacks". These tend to generate mistrust: "today they did this, who knows what they'll do tomorrow?"

Stability does bring value, but your thinking is too theoretical. Steemit, Inc holds 25% of the steem supply, they will never do something crazy. And most people don’t even care or know how something is done in the code (especially when we reach mass adoption).

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Fair remark about my thinking being theoretical- I'm indeed a highly theoretical guy. :-)
I don't know about the "too" though..

I love this! What a wonderful idea. I will most certainly keep this in mind while I am working my way around <3 I also reshared because I really hope this takes off!

I love how you are always thinking outside the box and coming up with ideas that could actually make a difference.

#myfavoritewitness @jackmiller

Nicely nice 👍 and made me think 🤔 about it... Cheers 🍻 to that, !BEER

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Thanks for that, appreciate it.

Can I ask you to suggest a post that fits into the above description, lets say a post with less than 10 cents payout on it.

I'll make a post here about it and tip it via Tipu, so the author gets that too.

Just a thought, like I mentioned on the other comment here, no better time than 'Now' to start.

What do you say?

I had a couple of posts in this category when I started STEEM that really made me feel how hard this was. And that was kind of what I recalled when reading your post. Then it all flashed back to me, when you adventure through some of the new posts, especially.

People that start STEEM like I have started (wanting to do really good things initially and thinking the hard work would be rewarded) should have been spotted way sooner than they usually are and if voting for older posts would be possible, I would imagine that many posts that are bellow 10 SBD, would be now 100's if not more.

It's also true that there are a LOT of crap or should I say, things that are just social "dumps" or blogging that I do not really identify with, unless I already kind of know that person somehow... so, in everything there's a bit of personal preferences of course. But...

I would not say 0.1 cents.. to be the big average, but rather the 1 dollar... or around it. Some of those, should value a lot more! And that's a problem that destroys the great people in STEEM (which are the ones that decided to come because the found this interesting, and then because of lack of attention and value they give up). The ones that stayed on the cents level, are also a big problem, but because of other reasons. These accounts are usually from people starting up this, and for those I would prefer a different effort to be focused on them. The ones that already have some time and are worth their value need some boost to keep motivated, and that is missing too.

With this, I am not saying new people are not as much or more important for STEEM as the ones already in. They are, but a different type of incentive should be the focus for them in my view. As for example, engagement! For me, that should be the priority with young STEEMians and not necessarily the payout. Because we all know that there are many out there trying to grab the buck, impersonating stuff (I mean, not 1 or 2 or 3 accounts, tens or in some rare bot cases, hundreds of them). Having a team of constant engagement with these new folks would guarantee some natural filtering of "fake people" and would onboard NEW true STEEMians in a much healthier way.

Concluding, here is a perfect example of both situation above (lack of engagement and value) of a great post that I would value at least >10's:

And because I am also on the research area and value this kind of work, I just followed @aicoding too. I hope she kind of does not gives up, as there's already 14 days without activity.

Over and OUt!

She is still around, although I don't think using the bidbots would be wise at this moment in time, so I just sent our fellow Steemian Steem.



You did the right thing mate. Thanks for supporting people like this. Means a lot to me too.

Thanks for the link, have looked over it and I already see that there is plenty of work and effort our fellow Steemian puts into what she likes doing.

Will definitely take the time to read the post in depth and ensure that she knows what you did here.


Seems like we need another option other than decline, 50/50, or 100%. If we could just set the payout of a post to any user than it would auto transfer to them upon post payout. Like the beneficiaries does.

Agreed, those limitations are arbitrary anyway. We already can circumvent it with @likwid with relatively small fee so what's the point?

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From what I know, steempeak has that option available and I wouldn't be surprised if other user interfaces add that option too.

But there is nothing wrong with doing it the good ol' fashioned way too, for those of us who use a UI like where the option doesn't exist.

Most of us know each other in some way manner or form and actions speak louder than words.

Here is an idea, find a post that you think deserved more than the (under) 10 cent payout and I'll do a post here too along with you on your wall, that way we'll get to two audiences and I'll chuck in a few Steem on Tipu for the post.

What do you say?

Best time to start is now I guess.

Great idea, but a pity that you are taking this huge chunk from the reward pool.

This is an excellent idea! I am going to keep it in mind when I do get around to curating posts.

Mate, help me out here.

If you could recommend lets say two posts that I can write about here and I'll use up some of the potential profits from the bidbot promotion that I paid for here (usually about 3% to 5% max of the $ listed) to use TipU and Smart Steem and Minnowbooster on them, so that the authors who deserve it get that.

Just a thought.

Got one ripper of a post from a fellow Steemian, so with your two that will be three that I can do here and show the world just how easy it is to make a real grassroots type of difference.


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This is because many people are writing blog posts, but only a few people cares about other people's blog posts.
Probably the author and curation reward percentage change in the HardFork 21 (HF21) from 75/25 to 50/50 will change that.
Maybe the HF21 will help decreasing the number of bloggers (and/or the number of content creators in general), and increase the number of curators and maybe the real, human interaction with it.
If this will happen, then HF21 will be good for the Steem blockchain.

nice work

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Cool thumbnail you have there

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Its interesting

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I really love this post, it's a very great post especially for people like us who just started and a still struggling to get at most 10 upvotes, the struggle is really not easy
Thanks very much @mypicks

Thanks for the post.

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