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My FIRST KISS didn't happen until age 15 or so. He was hiding in our kitchen pantry and leaped-out at me when I opened the door. He took one look at my face and knew I was a drrrty girl. When he was finished with me, I felt absolutely wiped, because that was the kind of napkin he was. Ah yes, I remember Scott® so well... Scott® was one helluva napkin, putting all other brands to shame.

So, tell us about your first kiss. 😉

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Okay, chances of me doing a post are slim. He had the bluest eyes. Kissed me outside my house in the dark. The next day I was too embarrassed/chickenshit to face him. I still beat myself up for that. He was amazing, I ran away. Story of my life. Was a nice first kiss, though. ;)

I was like ?????????
who was hiding in your pantry and where was your Mom! LOLL


Did myself a favor as you suggested. I'll always remember the first time I viewed your blog and I took your advise to view another post. We will have this kiss forever on a paper towel in the block-chain.


Hey! I took a dump in your wallet! Take a trip to the bathroom to claim your worthless SHIT!


Well thanks @shitbot. So kind you to give of yourself.


awwww Thanks :D
!shit now I have to be more careful when taking your chips next time :D


I do try to get players to care about taking my chips.

Your chips are your troops. Better just to care how you equip them when sending them into battle. Equipment is the strength of your hand, your position, your bets, your knowledge of opponents, knowledge of hand equity and probability just to name a few.

Playing for free is maybe the most challenging form of tournament because most don't really care about how they equip the troops. Its free to play. Worst case all the troops are lost and the player can move on to something else with the time.

Still maybe someday Steem climbs up in value. Then we all grin taking our tokens to market that we won playing a game for free. I like that thought.

As important to me is all the great people I have met playing the game. Pleasure to meet you and look forward hearing and sharing stories. Playing the game I do enjoy and all the other stuff.

Thank you so much for the SHIT. I enjoy collecting tokens of all types. Well, until they become tokens of debt. Will stay away from those if possible.

Feel like I committed a funny fail with this comment. But its to long to delete. Will try to offer better in the future.


Dang, forgot I was commenting this in @thekittygirl post. Best case its considered a spammed up comment. Worst case its like we went to her party and trashed the place. By the way kitty.... great party!


I don't think she will mind. <I'm CRACKING UP!> Thank you for that!

Thank you for the lesson about the army, chips and caring for my troops :D I will try and more? but I can not promise you too much.

I will have to read this again when it's not 2 am.

waves goodnight to @thekittygirl and @potplucker

Lol!! You got me you dirty girl! Love This!

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This gonna be interesting ..

Oh, wow! I was cracking up! That was great! You had me really wondering what was going to happen next! Oh, how funny.

I kinda forget mine😂 but nvmd that. This is gonna be really interesting! Do tag me in this story. I'm curious to know😂

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😂🤣 Soooo clever! I think that Scott got around!
PS - I love this post and can’t wait to see what the others say.

Lol, ya got me at the end with the napkin 😂

As to my first kiss, I was quite young.... about 8 years old and she was 10, an older woman lol and it happened at a holiday camp in Devon.

I shall consider writing a post about it. I'm a bloke though and don't do romantic stories very well. Romantic poetry I can do but not fiction.

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you can do funny...I have seen it
that was the way I went loll


Write it as a poem, then! You're definitely good at that, I agree! 😃

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This is so Awsome 😂 hahaha... You got me good kitty and I can't stop smiling... Napkin... Lol
I will do my post this weekend but I'm soo nervous cause mine was very embarrassing and once again proves how clueless I am and my lack of confidence 🙈😜 but ya I will humiliate myself and do that first kiss thing... Lol

You had me going on that one, hiding in the pantry lol. It’s a good concept for a post, pretty sure some interesting tales will grow out of this

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I was 21 and since I had never kissed, I was really nervous, but she knew exactly what to do, however, I'm really glad I had a glass of wine beforehand.

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Haha good one! Sneaky Scott hiding away there lol!

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Clever, @thekittygirl ♥ My first kiss was at a Junior High Christmas Dance with a boy I had a crush on, Rich. As we were dancing, someone put a mistletoe over our heads. And, know. It was very sweet.