Show Us Your California Contest - Week 2

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Show Us Your California

Finally, the time you all have been waiting for!!!

A #SoCalSteemit Contest is here!

Since our group is local and all about building community, we thought the best way to build community is to get to know each other a little bit better.

What better way to get to know each other than to show us Your California!

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The Prizes

We have 3 SBI memberships on the table.

* 1st 2 SBI

* 2nd. 1 SBI

All entries will receive a 100% upvote from SoCalSteemit!

*if you are not familiar with SBI (Steem Basic Income), it is an upvote for life. If you only have one share, it is a small upvote, but as you accumulate more, the upvote can be substantial. Check out the @steembasicincome account for more information.

Your California.png

The Contest

We want you to show us Your California. That could be your neighborhood, a hike in the mountains, a trip to the mall or beach, a visit to a museum, a BBQ in your backyard. Whatever it is that represents Your California at the time.

It is hard to choose, right? No worries, we will run this on a weekly basis. You can show us all the different aspects of Your California.

These are the ways you can show us:

  • A photo (or more than one) with at least 50 words of text.
  • A video
  • A story or a poem
  • A piece of art the represents Your California - please add some text why it is representing California

What next:

  • Use the tag #mycalifornia and #socalsteemit on your post.
  • Drop a link to your post in the comments of this post.
  • Use the SoCalSteemit signature in your post.

If you don't have the signature yet - you can find it in our Discord server in the info section.

Deadline: Sunday at 12 PM

Your California.png


Of course, we expect and insist on original material only. For this contest, it needs to be your own photo, writing, video or artwork.

If your entry meets the requirements, we assign you a number.

The winners will be chosen by a random drawing and announced in a post on the Sunday following the publishing of this post.

Your California.png

Your Support

If you like this contest to grow - please, tell all your SoCal friends about it. Also, any donations and sponsorships for this contest are welcome.

Huge shout out and thank you to @kunschj for sending a donation to get this contest started!!

We also love for you to help the account grow with your delegation. Any amount is welcome and appreciated and helps us to give you better upvotes!

Would you like to help us support the SoCal Steemit community?

Consider joining the SoCalSteemit curation trail

or giving a delegation


SoCalSteemit Visiting Hour - Every Tuesday at 8 PM on Discord. We will have a friendly conversation.


#SoCalSteemit is building and supporting the Steemit community of Southern California. If you are from SoCal and are into creating quality content here on Steemit, we'd love for you to follow us @SoCalSteemit and join our group on Discord



This is my California. It hasn't rained lately, but the sprinklers go off, and sometimes water collects on some succulents outside the apartment building. It looks like a jewel nestled there, doesn't it?

Hey, @improv.

it definitely does look like a jewel. Those are odd-colored, at least in that light. A pink colored green. I'm not familiar with succulents so I'm not even sure what color they're supposed to be.

We've just begun to get our rain. Probably won't see the sun now until March.

Okay. Phone weather app says tomorrow we'll see some. :) Then it's the following Wednesday.

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