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I am Yotaro of steemian of Japan! !

This time it will be a post of "My 2018: Welcoming the new year" contest!
From me I will introduce Japanese traditional new year food! !


In New Year in Japan, it is customary to eat dishes, called “Osechi”!

To pack Osechi, We will use a pair of boxes!
The meaning of stuffing in a hidden box means to overlap with others! !


Osechi comes from an event that came from China!
This event came to be accompanied by Japanese ordinary families and eaten in the new year! !


Well, at this year 's home, we made “Gold Osechi” !
I used a gold box made by Arita special made in Japan! !


In three boxes, we packed our special dishes in plenty!
I am very happy that I can eat such dishes from the New Year! !


I hope this year as good for everyone! !


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Happy new year Yotaro!

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Happy new year!