My 2018: Welcoming the new year- 18ś Final hour of fading light / City Blowing Up the Night

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I spent the Holidays with my cat this year. To make it official we both slept through Christmas day. It could be worse. Well it was great for the Budsman (Buddy ¨The Budsman¨ Baxter Budlong. I was bored.). He had me all to himself, taking every opportunity to nag and fuss and I´m glad for him but it did not really sit well with me.

No.. Buddy sits great, I mean the solitude, and feeling like.... a ghost.

Best thing to do in a situation like this, is to get busy. Mundane chores or anything planned is too depressing for me. I need spontaneous Before & After, when one ends and the other begins withing the same hour.
Only a whirlwind transformation will do. Otherwise I might not notice the contrast.

I live in the Pacific Northwest region of the US in a place that is sometimes referred to as the Emerald City. It is aptly named.

This is where you have landed, by the way. I celebrated by filling my phone with pictures while you followed along through a sculpture park?

It´s not for the art usually, it´s the unobstructed space where a person can remember who they are and what they are part of. Not much unlike a meditative experience. It breaks the spell that everyday surroundings have on a person.


¨And then?..¨ That font character ¨&¨ is part of an installation. It rotates and just happened to line up for us. I hadn´t noticed. And in the path where the last light of 2018 landed on the water. What is that telling you right now?

How locals celebrate the New Year? I can only speak for myself, and since you are here and coming along with me, I won´t have to!

I make a point to walk- everywhere I can.

Its a way to remember what might otherwise be taken for granted.

This city, this area practically surrounds us with natural beauty when you choose to be aware of it.

You understand more along the way.
Lets go, the last light of 2018 won´t last much longer than one more hour.


2018 approaches the gate for her final departure. Golden crown of blazing glory.

We headed South along the waterfront. Landmarks are great and all but combinations of texture, reflected light and the impression that environment can have on your mind... That´s where I linger to see what it is, why it matters and where else my inquiry may lead.


Here on, I´ll try to stay out of the ¨deep end¨.

I am aware that what I am serving came out of a phone camera. Itś a theme and a strategy- ¨Doing it wrong¨, I find that I naturally do more, wrong less even when wronging intentionally.

All right, then you can handle the conversation for a while now.
Theme is about to change too btw


If you didn´t know where we are, you might now be catching on.
Almost done. Promise. For a last minute spontaneity gig. It was kinda fun.
Getting a ¨not awful¨ night shot was the challenge.


Up close, gotta say I was kind of impressed. At the effect, not the burning of money aspect. I don´t want to know what the bill looked like.


I SAVED THE WORST IMAGE FOR LAST. Got this far? Well thanks for hanging around.
Happy New Year Best and brightest for you. Spread it around.


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In Portland and doing a steemit meet-up every Sunday that I can manage...

Voting and of course I'm also following! Nice job!

It appreciates a vote of confidence, lol. Minding weekly meet ups, eh? Good going!

Thanks, itś good to know my steeming neighbors. Complementing specialties.. I´m ¨everything kratom¨ in this corner, active advocate for increased awareness / defending freedom to choose alternatives of all kinds.

Might cross paths some day in the tangible world.

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